It’s safe to say that the future of travel will be very different to what it was pre Covid. The ability to move freely is more than likely going to be met with disruption, as people and businesses become more wary of the spread of the virus. But how will this affect people’s lives in the long term? Will it result in travel taking a backseat among people’s aspirations? Or will those who really want to travel, take all the necessary precautions so they are able to move freely around the world?

Testing to go through security

You may find that one of the major changes will be in air travel. No longer will you be able to breeze through immigration and customs and you may need even more than just your passport! Some countries are said to be looking to testing at the border and if you’ve come from a Corona hotspot, you may even be refused entry altogether. 

One very real prospect is that we’ll be made to wear wristbands with barcodes on (just like those out of the movie Contagion), to give countries all important information about your health. Travel is set to become more defined, with those needing to travel for business being more valid than those who simply want to go on holiday. You may even find that some of these measures are undertaken on rail travel too, even if you’re only heading on a short train journey from Brighton to Chichester for example.

Travelling to more local destinations

For the first time in known history, around 90% of the world’s population now lives in countries with travel restrictions. This astonishing statistic may result in many people now opting to stay local when they think about travelling anywhere for a break. And, if you have to travel for work, this may be changed to virtual meetings instead, at least until there is a vaccine available. 

Many of us throughout lock down and quarantine, have discovered more about the places we live and everything they have to offer. Those undiscovered nature trails and unknown oasis’ of beauty are now among our favourite spots to visit on our allowed exercise per day. Click Exceptional Villas For Some Villa Options

Your packing will be very different

You may have seen the videos online, the ones where people are wiping down their tray table and seat before they sit down. This is set to be a very real prospect for many, both on trains and aeroplane. As we’re being directed to wash our hands, use hand sanitizer and wear a face mask or face covering on public transport, you may find that on flights for example, there is a relaxation on travelers carrying liquids to accommodate this.

No matter how travel may change, it’s safe to say things will resume, but not to their full extent for a very long time. If you are travelling for whatever reason, remember to stay safe and take all the necessary precautions before you do and during your journey.

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