How to Win at Slots The Best Gambling Strategies and Tips

Those who have recently entered the online gambling world must have heard about online casino bonuses that pop up in Facebook ads, Google ads and various other sites. Most of the online slot bonuses are offered to attract the new audience but there are bonuses for existing players also to keep them connected with the game.

How to Win at Slots The Best Gambling Strategies and Tips

These online gambling bonuses are generally in a form of signup bonus, free spins, daily bonuses and various other forms that are offered as a marketing practice of the gambling company. If the player’s luck wins him some extra cash in the games, he or she is encouraged to deposit their own money and try their luck once again, this is the real motive behind online slot bonuses.

How online casino bonuses work?

Mostly, online casino bonuses are tailored for newbies who haven’t deposited money in a particular gambling app before. The gambling companies offer these bonuses hoping that the player will then deposit their own money and keep playing the games.

However, gambling companies also offer referral bonuses which are kind of affiliate network, as when someone joins and deposit money in the gambling app or site from your referral link, you will receive a bonus which can be used for playing slots.

Some gambling companies also offer daily, weekly or monthly bonuses so that the player opens the app or site regularly and keeps playing.

Types of Slot bonuses

Various types of slot bonuses are offered to the new player on registration, first deposit, welcome bonuses, playing for a continuous period of time. There is a guide to online slots bonuses, out of which, we have picked up the most offered slot bonuses, below.

  • No deposit

For players who are short on cash but want to try their luck in gambling, no deposits bonuses are offered by gambling companies. A player receives a bonus when it registers an account for the first time on the site, either free spins are allotted or gambling cash is credited in the wallet which can only be used for playing slots, the player cannot withdraw it.

  • Welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses or deposit bonuses offered when a player deposits money in the account for the first time. A part of the deposit amount is credited on behalf of the gambling company to retain the new customer. But there are certain conditions such as the player cannot withdraw the money unless he plays some slots.

  • Loyalty bonuses

Players who are regular in the app or site often receive loyalty bonuses in the form of daily bonuses, weekly bonuses and other forms. The bonuses include free spins, discounts on the next deposit or additional play credits.

Types of Online Casino Games


Some casino sites offer online blackjack bonus to the newly signed up members to help them start earning real cash. Blackjack players have to first work on their skills before investing their own money in an online blackjack game, this sounds risky therefore online casino sites offer credits to the newly signed up players.


Bingo is a worldwide famous game with more than 100 million players around the world. Bingo bonus is a sum of money that is offered by Bingo sites to the new players which can be utilized to purchase bingo tickets. These bonuses usually offered in a form of signup bonus, daily or weekly rewards.


Those who haven’t played poker before must not be familiar with the bonuses offered by the online poker sites, that are made for new players, offering them bonuses, signup rewards and more. Some poker sites also offer loyalty bonuses to their existing customers which helps the poker sites to retain its customers.

Final Words

Online gambling has already taken over the world by storm, and due to an increase in the number of internet users, a lot of people are getting familiar with the term online gambling. The online casinos have various on-going offers that are especially for new players who are awarded real cash upon registering an account or adding money for the first time.

Some online casinos also offer bonuses to their existing players which is a marketing technique to retain the player and keep the online casino profitable. In this article, we discussed various types of slot bonuses and some games like poker, blackjack, and bingo where online casinos offer bonuses.

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