How to choose the top online gambling club

Most gamblers, both beginners and experienced ones face the same problem – how to choose an honest casino for the online game? This issue will always be among the most relevant and important for each self-respecting player.

Below you will find detailed instructions, as well as important criteria for selecting reliable gambling establishments that will help you make the right choice and be satisfied with your decision.

How to choose the top online gambling club

Instructions: “My first steps in search of a casino”

The guide below is a simplified version of the long and laborious process of choosing the right online casino. Each step can be complemented depending on the individual preferences of the player.

STEP 1. Make your casino list

Priority should be given to the most rated and popular projects. The inclusion of new online casinos in this list will significantly increase the risks of falling into a “scam”.

STEP 2. Intuitive positioning of the casinos in the list (BY PERSONAL CONFIDENCE)

If you are going to make your “top” list of online casinos, do the ranking according to the rule: the less the gambling establishment is advertised, the higher it should be on the list. Obsessive advertising is the first sign of an unscrupulous casino.

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STEP 3. Check the gambling sites visually and evaluate the quality of website appearance

Find out the daily traffic to the site and write down the numbers opposite the corresponding casino brand. Evaluate usability, the speed of the game in demo mode, the number of games and other important parameters. For each of the criteria, set the corresponding points and enter the results in the table.

STEP 4. Highlight the most favorable conditions of each casino

The presence of tournaments with a large prize pool, jackpots, honest bonus programs for beginners, promotions and other bonuses of the casino will provide you with a long, and most importantly interesting game.

STEP 5. Read carefully about deposit and withdrawal rules

The number of payment services, convenient currency, withdrawal dates are some of the important factors when choosing a gambling club online. The presence of significant restrictions in the payment process should cast doubt on the integrity of the online casino. On the other hand, do not confuse with the verification process. This is due to sending copies of an ID and other identity documents to the casino financial service.

STEP 6. Learn feedback of real players

Players rarely share their joy of winning with other gamblers. Most often, reviews have a negative emotional connotation or are used by casinos themselves as a cheap way of advertising.

STEP 7. Calculate the score and make your choice

As a result, you are most likely to have one, maximum of two options for a good casino. This should be the right choice in the world of gambling.

Additional criteria for choosing an online casino

With the search for information on each of the following factors, certain difficulties may arise because the casino’s legal addresses are located abroad, so the player must have the necessary level of knowledge of a foreign language (however, as a rule, most of the foreign legislators have English on their website as a default language).

Term of Work

In the modern world, it’s no secret that long-term work with your customers is the key to the success of any company, especially when it comes to casinos. The longer it works, the more likely it is that a long-term policy is being pursued, which means that every player is valued.

And vice versa, if the institution organizes suspicious mergers, often changes its name – it is logical to assume that they have something to hide.


Using licensed software imposes a certain framework in the operation of the casino:

  • Firstly, the purchase of games from the most eminent developers, such as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, and others, will cost a big sum of money. These investments will pay off after a certain amount of time and, of course, subject to trust from a large number of players. All this is achieved not only by a fair attitude to all gamers but also the most important thing – by honestly allowing them to win.
  • Secondly, developers monitor the actions and policies of the Internet gambling platform – this directly affects the recognizability of the developer and the attitude to their games.
  • Verification is a separate and complex topic to explain. There is no universal way to make sure that a casino uses licensed software, so an ordinary user may have difficulties with this issue.


It will be ideal if you find information on the website of the online gambling club about the availability of opinions from independent audit companies. This implies that periodic tests are conducted for honesty, responsibility, and fairness concerning the players. Plus, there must be a link to the company which issued a license for the legal conduct of online gambling activities.

Support Service

Before moving on to the game, test the interaction with the support team. The presence of live chat or a high speed of response to your email is a sign of a good and responsible attitude towards you.

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