Located at the wide-open Pacific Ocean, Covering hundreds of acres, San Francisco Zoo offers the chance to get close to more than 1000 of endangered, exotic, and rescued animals. Here are 9 of the exhibits and activities you can enjoy at San Francisco Zoo and Garden.

Can’t-Miss Attractions at San Francisco Zoo

  1. Enjoy a 270-Degree View of Mexican Gray Wolves inside a Particular Area of the Exhibit

These endangered wolves are 3 little guys named after famous musicians, David Bowie, Prince, and Jerry Garcia.

  1. Lemur Forest

The largest open-air lemur habitat in America and the only exhibit which allows lemurs climb trees. These engaging and active primates from Madagascar, practically leap from a tree to the other.

  1. Penguin Island

With more than 205 penguins, this Penguin Island is one of the most popular caged breeding colonies on the planet. See Magellanic penguins chicks flying at a speed of 15 miles/hour and learn how they O.K. with San Francisco’s climate

  1. Eating Breakfast with Two Grizzly Bears

Every morning at 10:30 am, the staff serve breakfast to two grizzly bears, Kiona and Kachina. These sisters were orphaned and brought to this zoo to give a second chance. Learn everything about grizzly bears, what and how much, their unique history and space in California’s ecosystem.

  1. Serving Bananas and Lettuce to Giraffe inside Their Lodge

Every day, at 3:45 pm, visitors are allowed inside Giraffe house for a closer look. Crew shares their knowledge of these largest animals while feeding them romaine lettuce, bananas, and other healthy snacks.

  1. Step into Zoo’s Aviary and Enjoy a Macaw Landing on Your Head

More than 350 species of parrots including parakeets, lovebirds, amazons, and macaws are waiting to welcome you. Parrots exist in most if not tropical regions. Unfortunately, because of the illegal trading and hunting, around 1.5 million birds, including parrots, are taken each year. San Francisco Zoo Aviary home 100s of rare species of birds in South America. Visit these colorful and joyful creatures next time you visit this zoo. Don’t be surprised if a parakeet or toucan suddenly lands over your head, because the Aviary has just a minimal barrier between visitors and birds.

  1. Up-close with Gorillas

Don’t forget to say hello to Cobby, Maggie, and Minnie, the chimpanzees brought from wild. The Jones Family Gorilla Preserve covers around 1 acre is the largest Western Lowland Gorillas habitat in the country where visitors and have a closer look at these gentle giants.

  1. Enjoy Special Seasonal Exhibits

Although open year-round, this Nature Trail becomes an interactive educational experience. That isn’t the only limited time attraction. In holidays, Zoo lighting event has many buildings there decorated with fascinating lights.

  1. Little Puffer Train Ride

This 100 years old, a small steam engine has carried many generations. Ride through the Bear Country sections and South America. Make sure to confirm the San Francisco zoo before, because it is usually closed due to weather and maintenance.

How to Get To San Francisco Zoo?

This zoo is situated precisely at the intersection of Great Highway and Sloat Boulevard, CA 94132. Nearby attractions are Ocean Beach, Cliff House, and Golden Gate Park. Ticket prices, other places nearby, timings, transportation, nearby accommodation options, and additional information about San Francisco Zoo is available online. Bus routes include 18 and 23. For Muni, you need to present the proof to get a discount. Parking is charged at $12 for holidays and $10 for regular days. For disabled visitors and senior citizens, parking is free.


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