There are many companies that have a fleet of vehicles. Managing them can be a headache, as little issues can fall through the cracks. The drivers of the vehicles are a key part in easing this burden. These people are as important to any process as management or mechanics. There are ways to include them that will help ease the minds of upper management, without adding a burden to the person directly in charge of the fleet. Here are some ideas that can help with the easy management of any vehicle in the company garage.

No drinking

People are concerned with drunk driving. That is why some companies install a breathalyzer for car ignition in their fleet vehicles. It is a little addition that gets rid of a concern that others will have. The person may not even realize they have become too intoxicated to drive, as they were just in a business meeting sealing a deal. The device allows for management to keep on top of such issues, while also saving the driver from making a mistake that could stay with them for their entire life.

Training schedule

Management has no way of knowing how well a person drives. That can be an issue with having a fleet of vehicles in a company. A company can start a training program for these people. They can also reach out to one of the many training courses already available for drivers. This will raise the quality of the people behind the wheel and be one less issue that management will have to worry about.

Drug testing

Most companies with fleet vehicles have a drug testing program in place for their drivers. One of the ways that such a program will help comes with prescription drugs. While most people never touch illegal drugs available, they do get prescriptions which have the potential to impair driving. The person can be responsible, but not know of interactions with other prescriptions. It allows for management to know what is happening while helping an employee keep their job.

Preventative maintenance

Preventive maintenance on fleet vehicles can be a large job. That is why managing this necessary aspect can be made better by the help of those who drive them. A checklist will allow everyone to know about little issues that can cause bigger ones. Lights go out, oil changes are forgotten about, but they still need to be checked. This is an area that employees and management can work together. One found problem could save hours of headaches.

Management will have fewer worries if any of these programs were to be put into place. They would know that the drivers and vehicles are kept to high standards, with little added strain for people directly overseeing the fleet. This will also help create a team dynamic, which helps supervisors know everyone is involved with. These ideas may seem simple, but they can make a big impact. It may also allow drivers to see where they can help in finding ways to ease further burdens.

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