Historically, sleep and tech had a detrimental connection. Thus, tech is often viewed as an enormous no-no in the bedroom. Advances in the technology sector are generally great, as they enable us to be more connected and educated. However, some technology can bring us more harm in the long run.

The bedroom is one of those places where our addicting digital devices can be damaging our health. For example, it has been demonstrated that your sleep cycle can be disrupted by looking at screens before sleep. Also, it can negatively affect your memory, and damage your vision. If you’re attempting to fall asleep quicker every night, you may consider prohibiting the usage of electronic devices in your bedroom.

All gadgets are not developed equally. Though you must leave your phones and laptops alone before you slide into your comfy mattress, there are some innovative technologies that can actually optimize your shut-eye and make your evenings feel more pleasant. And since you are not getting enough sleep, you may likely invest in these innovations to enable you to sleep better:

1. Blue light filter app

One of the factors that can prevent you from falling asleep is the blue light from electronic screens. Your beloved technological devices radiate a light that influences our brain to believe that it’s already morning when it’s just midnight.

If you can’t stop reading organic mattress reviews at night, you can use the software to adjust the light coming from your screen to keep your brain comfortable and sleepy. An example of this is f.lux, a free software app that turns your computer screen’s harsh blue light into a warm dimmer orange. It is an efficient app that lets you scroll through the night on your devices without worrying that your eyes might perceive the blue light as sunlight.

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2. White noise machines

If you are residing near a busy road, it is difficult to go to sleep in a noisy setting if there are environmental factors that are out of our control. Although only because your neighbor chose to do a one-man show at 4 a.m., his private rock concert doesn’t imply sleep must also be out of your control.

Instead, you can control noise with a white noise machine. Random white noise emission of these devices can help individuals to sleep in bruised settings like hospitals, medical trials show. There are free white noise apps for your phone that can help you use the relaxing sound of rain and bells to stop undesirable noise if you don’t want to purchase a physical white noise machine.

3. Sleep Tracker

The initial step towards overcoming insomnia is to realize that this is a huge issue. If you want to know much you sleep and what kind of sleep quality you get, you can use wearable technologies to assist you to keep track of your sleep. However, if you’re suspicious about how precisely the heart rate sensor’s light can record how little you’re sleeping, these medical studies back up the result accuracy of these wearables.

Health startup Cardiogram and the University of California San Francisco discovered in two research that wearables such as Apple Watch and FitBit have the capacity to recognize an irregular heart rhythm with 97 percent precision and can identify sleep apnea, a life-threatening disease in which the affected person stops breathing in their sleep with 90 percent precision. As we sleep, we often do not see the situation when we suffer from sleep apnea.

If a wearable tracker is not available, take out your pen and paper to create a written sleep journal. Specify when you sleep and how, before and after every moment of your life, you feel. Write it down. You can still be amazed by your sleep patterns when you see them mapped, even if you do not recognize them as an insomniac.

4. Contoured Pillows

As part of a sleep set, pillows are often devalued, yet take this into account: they support the alignment of your head, neck, and spine. Your sunken and damaged pillows may result in neck and shoulder pain. This is made worse by the fact that many people in the 21st century sit on a laptop for hours, lack of activity and unhealthy lifestyles.

Contour pillows are designed to give proper support in order to prevent strain in the middle of the night. They appear in distinct shapes and sizes, so choose the standard pillow size for the sleeper type you are. For example, don’t purchase one that is intended mainly for those who sleep on their backs if you mostly sleep on your stomach.

Temperature regulation is another thing a contoured pillow can do. It is more related than anything to the foam used to build in pillows. If you sleep at the optimum temperature, you can sleep better and remain sleeping longer than you can.

If you’re in a pillow store, try resting your head on a pillow to test if you think you will give you a night of quality sleep.

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5. Smart Alarm App

If you’re like most individuals, an alarm wakes you up in the morning. Since most alarms don’t take your sleep cycle into account, they can be jarring particularly if you are in deep sleep. As a consequence, depending on where you are in the cycle, you can feel totally groggy or fully rested after you wake up.

With Smart Alarm Apps, you can easily pick a time variety when you wish to wake up. Once the alarm has been set, if you keep it beside you, the app will record your movements and sounds. Clearly, you have to allow access to this information to keep the app working. It will monitor your cycle from there and wake you in the range that you have chosen during your lightest sleep.

Fitbit Flex and Jawbone UP are some of the sleep aid apps that both will wake you up and not your partner by vibrating on your wrist. Even better if the device is conscious of your sleep cycle so that you will wake up during light sleep within a time window specified by you.

6. Motorized Blackout Blinds or Shades

Instead of putting an eye mask on, you may prefer using motorized blackout shades to avoid sun rays from first entering the space. Blackout blinds have moveable slats and less disruptive to your sleep than a mask that can pinch or slip off at night.

On the other hand, shades are a piece of fabric that elevates and lowers, creates shades, and better light insulators. These motorized blackout blinds or shades usually use a superior material that serves as a light barrier, such as mylar or aluminum lining. Through a special channel that captures the sides of the shade, they also stop light leakage by leaving no gap around the edge of the shade.

If blinds or shades aren’t going to work because of the size or shape of your windows, consider blackout material-lined curtains that will look perfect with your gray area rugs.

7. Wake-up light

Mornings are well-known to be painful for some. Unless you are the type of individual who likes spending on their phone first thing in the morning, a wake-up light will make your morning call less unpleasant.

Look for a warmer light which will ease you into the day and make you feel awakened gradually and naturally by recreating sunrise which can last for 20 or 40 minutes. The other main character is the incredible sunset function, which gradually reduces your noise and light so that you can return to sleep. A wake-up light may be doubled as a radio and contains natural sounds if you are not awakened by the artificial sunrise. Wake-up lights have become clinically proven to work when you still aren’t convinced and 92 percent of customers agree they can get out of their cozy adjustable bed frame.

8. Headspace App:

Headspace is an app that helps to reduce stress and tension. This app contains breathing and meditation exercises. You can follow the guided meditation from the headspace app before going to the bed for better and more effective sleep. From day 1 itself, you will start noticing the improvement in sleep. But if you keep practising it your sleep quality will become better.

Keep in Mind

For your health, sleep is too essential not to take the cause seriously of your tumbling and turning every night. The repair of your brain and other organ requires some sleep time. An investment in a healthier mind and body and luckily longer life is a good night’s rest. Better sleep can be possible by investing in the right technology.

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  1. Great tips about sleep. There are some other sleeping factors such as using a comfortable mattress, maintain regular bedtime routine, go to the bed early (not too late), try to eat dinner 2 hours before bed, make your bedroom temp more comfortable, use air fresher, turn off all lights, wifi router, TV, and other electronic devices.

  2. For better sleep must need to relax bed or recliner. Because while sleeping body needs proper comfort and posture fit rest. I recommended those people who have sleeping problems must try reclining chairs for sleeping. I hope it will give them the ultimate comfort.


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