How to wash a sleep mask

When it comes to sleep, it’s not often that adults experience undisturbed rest. Chances are that the sudden noises in the background, even a snore or two from the person sleeping next, can wake them up. And that is why you need a sleep mask to get undisturbed sleep.

For example, using a sleep mask can prevent sudden light in the foreground from disturbing your beauty sleep. Moreover, having disturbed rest, when your brain is in the REM phase, can lead to insomnia, and other sleep disorders including a drop in your Melatonin levels. And a mask should come in handy, apart from filtering out any ambient light in the foreground.

Essentially, it’s not something that covers your whole face. It just covers the eyes, as you head off to sleep. The rest of the article covers the why and how when cleaning the sleep mask, irrespective of what material it is made from,

Why do you need a sleep mask?

A sleep mask can stimulate complete darkness, thereby enabling you to get some beauty sleep. Of course, the best way for you to get some sound sleep is complete darkness but that is always not possible.. Dispute your best efforts, the ambient light of one kind or the other filters through the blinds,

And that’s where the sleep mask or the eye mask kicks in. It manages to protect your eyes, and your brain from being disturbed by its REM cycle. It manages to do this effectively by blocking any external ambient light altogether

Advantages of a sleep mask:

  • Blocks light: One of the least invasive methods to improve your sleep is to block out the light altogether. You would be surprised as to how sensitive your eyes can be, even with your eyelids closed. Controlling the ambient light is one of the least invasive options to ensure you get your beauty sleep.
  • Helps to minimize distractions: When it comes to wearing a sleep mask, right before you hit the bed, helps you to minimize distractions. Apart from blocking light, it helps to prevent any visual stimuli from disturbing your sleep.
  • Helps with your insomnia: If you suffer from Insomnia, using a sleep mask can help with the same. By wearing one, you are essentially giving your brain a subtle signal that it’s time to sleep. Various studies have shown that these sleep masks are quite effective in controlling and regulating your sleep.
  • It can help relieve headaches: If you tend to suffer from chronic headaches, a simple visit to the doctor should make it apparent that it is the visual stimuli – the main cause. Using a sleep mask effectively takes care of all the visual stimuli as you retire for the day. In time, you should be able to effectively prevent any headaches from occurring regularly or even its intensity.

Cleaning your sleep mask:

If you are wondering why you need to clean your mask, then you need to read on. The mask is something you are bound to wear over your face, daily. As it is, it is subject to the various secretions arising from your body, especially your eyes and nose. And that’s just one of the reasons why you MUST clean your sleep mask regularly.

Dry clean it:

When it comes to cleaning your sleep mask, irrespective of the base material, dry cleaning is a good option. Masks are often made of various materials such as cotton, silk, and even in a few options, wool. When the base material varies, dry cleaning the mask is the best option, when it comes to cleaning the sleep mask.

Before you dry clean your sleep mask, check it for spots. Try using a spot remover on these areas and see if you can remove the same. And then, head over to the nearest dry cleaner and give your mask to be dry cleaned, at least once a week. That should do the trick.

Washing it by hand:

If the sleep mask is made of delicate fabric as in Silk, it is better to clean it by hand. Use a gentle fabric, and wash away the marks and spots on the mask. First, pour the cleaner into a bucket of lukewarm water, and rinse the mask in the same. Soak it in there for an hour at least. Now, gently remove the marks and patterns on the mask and wash it. This should help clean the mask effectively.

Using a washing machine:

When it comes to your washing machine, the first thing you need to realize is that you can clean your sleep mask, using the same. Pour the cleaner into the washing machine. Now, you can also add some fabric softener as well as comfort to the same. Put the mask in the machine. Make sure you choose the option “gentle wash”, as this will help to gently rinse and wash the concerned fabric. It should also help dry out the mask.

These are some of the effective methods by which you can effectively wash a sleep mask without much hassle. Good luck!

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