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Future moms should enjoy while they can and sleep as much as they want because once the baby is born, they can forget about sleeping. Pregnant women are not only eating for two, but they are also sleeping for two, which is why quality sleep time should be high on their priority list. So next time when you think about treating yourself, instead of sweats, check out the offer of mattresses and sleep-related products.

How To Sleep Like a Baby During Pregnancy

The sleep pattern of a pregnant woman affects the development of her baby. And since during pregnancy, many women experience difficulties with their sleep, this is a topic many women should pay attention. During the first trimester, many women feel tired and sleepy due to the higher production progesterone hormone. But, as the pregnancy progresses, getting those 8 hours of rest at night will become an impossible mission for many. If you are sleeping poorly, you should tell your doctor because sleep deficiency has been linked to complications with delivery and preterm birth, and sleeping less than six hours during the first trimester increases the risk of getting preeclampsia in the third trimester.

Common Sleep Problems in Pregnancy

Many future moms struggle with back pain once their baby starts growing, they cannot find a suitable sleep position, their feet are swollen, suddenly their mattress does not seem so comfortable, etc. That is because, during pregnancy, the body is going through specific physical changes, which can be quite demanding. Cramps and pains in different areas are common sleep disruptor. Since many women struggle with their sleep while expecting, they should make an effort to create a comfortable sleep set up, including a proper mattress and a pillow. Among usual sleep disruptors, we have to mention causes such as stress, nausea, restless leg syndrome, worrying, heartburn often trips to the bathroom, and increased heart rate.

Sleeping Tips

If you are willing to try enhancing your sleep without investing in a new mattress or pregnancy pillow, you can start with some simple changes that will increase your chances of getting some rest.

  • Fried foods or spicy and acidic food can induce heartburn, which is why you should avoid eating them. However, if the heartburn is already a problem, try sleeping with your head elevated on the pillow.
  • If you struggle with nausea around bedtime, snack a few crackers before going to bed.
  • If your anxiety or worry thoughts about parenting are keeping you up at night, take a childbirth course, or listen to an audiobook that will prepare you for the upcoming changes.
  • Relax, practice some breathing exercises or enjoy a warm bath, create a pampering ritual as a bedtime routine.
  • If you are sleepy and tired during the daytime, take a nap to compensate for a night of poor sleep.
  • Light exercises are recommended unless your doctor advises against them. Exercising daily for at least 30 minutes will increase the blood flow, it will improve your mood, and it will be easier to fall asleep at night.
  • During the third trimester sleep on your left side and avoid lying on your back for too long. Side sleeping will not hinder the blood flow to the baby and uterus.

Sleep Equipment

Today it is so easy to find sleep-related products tailored for the needs of future moms. And to be honest, pregnant women do not need much excuse for shopping. Although they mainly shop for their unborn child, they are allowed to treat themselves once in a while. This is why pregnancy is a perfect occasion if you are in need of a new bed. Here are our suggestions for the things you should consider when looking for the best mattress for pregnant ladies.

  • Choose a mattress with a memory foam top layer because it perfectly cradles and adjusts to your body contours
  • Consider mattresses with dual firmness if you and your partner have different needs and firmness preferences
  • Beds with a higher profile and reinforced edges will make it easier to get up and sit down
  • A mattress needs to be supportive, which means that sleep surface has to be flat and a bit firm so that the spine can be aligned, and backaches alleviated
  • Cooling properties are another important factor since many women report sleeping hot during pregnancy
  • Pay attention to the level of motion isolation, since it is likely that you will be getting up during the night to drink water or go to the bathroom

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If you are satisfied with your bed, or you want to buy a new pillow too, then try some of the popular U-shaped or C-shaped pregnancy body pillows. These pillows are designed to wrap around you and hug your body. While regular pads support our head and neck, these pillows are perfect for targeting different painful body areas, and they will also correctly support your growing belly. Placing a pillow between your knees will put the pressure of your hips and lower back. These pads come in different sizes and shapes and do miracles for your sleep.

Another useful purchase that could serve you well even after the pregnancy is the adjustable bed base. Doctors often recommend pregnant women to spend a few hours during the day with their legs above the heart, to stimulate the blood flow. Adjustable bases allow you to rest your legs up on the lower end, and you can adjust the top part to support your back and even sleep in this position, at least until the third trimester. Couples with different preferences can seek for the bases with split options.

Sleep While You Can

Many pregnant women tend to exaggerate and worry too much, especially if they are expecting their first child, and everything is new to them. But sleep difficulties can be harsh and impact negatively on the mood and performance, which is why women should take it seriously and avoid the chance to develop sleep disorders. There will be plenty of sleepless nights after the baby arrives, so before that happens, try getting as much regular sleep as possible to prepare for the upcoming life-changing event.

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