How to smell good for a date

Perfume has been a blend of essential oils and natural essence, a recipe utilized by humans for centuries to mask our body odor, used by both the rich and the impoverished. The fragrance plays a vital role, especially when the person embarks upon a romantic journey with their partner. The way you smell on the first date can leave a lasting impression on your partner’s mind.

How to smell good for a date

The smell kinds of gives us an identity and, most importantly, gives us confidence on the dates. The rush you feel, the connection you develop when you meet a person with a pleasant fragrance is deeply rooted in human chemistry. Our natural chemicals like; pheromones, serotonin, and oxytocin assist humans in distinguishing who is attracted to whom.

There are many ways of satisfying the olfactory senses of your partner on a date, which we will be discussing in this article. This article will help you a lot in discovering and enhancing your natural fragrance to achieve a perfect date.

1. Good Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene has a significant impact on your date. Make sure to avoid eating food with strong odors before the date, such as onions, garlic, and chives. Before heading out on your romantic journey, make sure to use a good minty paste. You wouldn’t want stained teeth with bad breath, which can be a huge turn off for your partner.

If possible, keep a mint mouth spray or a mint bubble just in case you have to eat dinner on your date. The image can easily be ruined if you have bad breath, so it’s as important as the body fragrance, so be mindful.

2. Bathe before the date

Make sure to take a bath with good quality soap before you go on the date. Clean skin helps absorb the perfume you apply and moisturizes your skin overall. You don’t want a soap that makes your skin too dry nor too moist.

Make sure the soap that you use is not too strong that it adds unnecessary scent and makes your fragrance less than ideal for your date. It’s important to use a soap that contains natural oils and scents so that they complement your natural aroma.

3. Remember to apply Aftershave

After clean shaving, your facial hair makes sure to apply a good aftershave that has an aromatic scent.

The aftershave must be a good one that moisturizes your skin, and after the shave and prevents, any redness or irritation tries to select an aftershave that has natural ingredients with a good sweet-smelling scent.

In my personal preference, Jack Black – Post Cooling Gel is the best pick for the situation, which is for all skin types and does not have too strong a fragrant that turns the girl off.

In case you have a beard, make sure to trim it neatly and apply a bit of good perfume on the beard comb and comb the beard to apply the scent.

4. Add an aroma to the Hair

Apply a bit of the perfume onto the hairbrush and comb your hair with it; this will apply a fragrance to your hair. I would advise not to spray the hair directly since it might damage your hair roots and cause permanent damage to the hair.

Adding a scent to your hair will help when you are in an open area like a terrace or walking side by side in the park. The wind will dissipate the perfume from your hair and will satisfy the olfactory senses of your partner, which will help you build a good image in her mind after you leave.

5. Select a long-lasting Perfume

When selecting a perfume for dates, make sure to procure one with labels Eau de parfum, Eau de toilette, and Parfum; the perfumes have a long-lasting aroma and won’t abandon you in the middle of the date. My personal favorite on long-lasting perfumes would be “Creed Aventus by Creed for men: Eau De Parfum Spray”.

If your date is more than just a formal dinner, remain confident that your perfume won’t surrender to your body odor in the middle of the date.

Many people mistake deodorants as a replacement to perfumes; they couldn’t be more wrong about it. Deodorants have a low concentration of fragrance; the rest is mostly gas. Deodorants usually have a sporty scent which might prove to be a turn-off, on the date and risk your chances on landing the perfect date night.

6. Using a Shoe Spray

Make sure to use a shoe spray when you wear your shoes, especially if you are going sockless. The odor from your sweat reacts with the shoe material concocting a vile and gnarly odor. If a situation arises during the date where you have to take your shoes off, the pungent smell from your feet can put all your dating efforts at risk.

Basically, the shoe spray is a perfume for your feet and helps keep your feet refreshed and aromatic throughout the date. My personal favorite for selecting a shoe spray is “Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer” which is concocted using natural ingredients with a natural essence.

7. Choosing the Right Fragrance

Since this is such an important occasion for you and your significant other, it is important to give a deep thought on selecting the best fragrance for the date. Make sure to steer clear of those strong masculine scents in the market, which is unappreciated by most girls.

Instead, opt for perfumes with floral sensual and fruity scent with a tinge of herby aroma. The girl must feel comfortable and dreamy when she inhales the aromatic scent satisfying her olfactory senses. The body fragrance goes a long way in the relationship as the mind of the girl will identify her partner with the fragrance she smelled on her first date.

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