A Guide To Gift Ideas For The Whole Wedding Party

Although wedding planning can be fun, it’s exhausting to try and remember all of the little things to get done before the big day! Choosing gifts for the wedding party can be exhausting, but by following this guide, you’ll be able to tick this off the list once and for all.

A Guide To Gift Ideas For The Whole Wedding Party

Before heading to the shops, make sure you check out some of the great online options. That way, you’ll be able to get everything delivered straight to your door, without the need even to go outside. Most of the ideas in this article will be suitable for everyone, meaning you won’t need to organize separate gifts for each member.

Gifts for the bridesmaids:

Finding the perfect gift to show your appreciation for your bridesmaids can be tough. You want something that shows your thanks but is also usable. Depending on your budget, there is a range of different options that would be suitable for all your best girls.

Personalized jewelry is always an excellent option for your bridesmaids, and would be considered one of the most popular. You could opt for a bracelet with a special message, or maybe a necklace with their name. You can even find different styles and prices, meaning you can work them into your budget with ease.

If you have a little extra money to spend on gifts, a spa treatment or voucher is a great way to show your thankfulness. You can choose between massages, pedicures, manicures, and facials, to help them unwind after your big day.

Other great ideas include a personalized gift basket, subscription box, or a gorgeous tote handbag.

Gifts for the groomsmen:

After choosing the bridesmaids gifts, thinking about the groomsmen as well can be daunting! Luckily there are great options available online, and you can even get sets that all match together, like you, can see here on Groomsshop. Try and think of what you and your friends enjoy doing and choose a gift that represents your favorite activity.

If you and your friends enjoy camping and the outdoors, think about purchasing a set of personalized pocket knives that make a useful and sentimental keepsake. If you and the boys are sports fans, you can even get customized footballs and soccer balls.

If you are after something worth a little bit more, you could sign them up to great subscription box, there are different kinds available, and are generally delivered each month. Want something that you can all do together? Try getting tickets to your favorite game or show.

Gifts for the flower girls:

It’s important not to forget the little girls that have spent time helping you make your day special! There are gorgeous options available that will be a sentimental gift that they hold onto forever.

For older girls, try matching the bridesmaids, by getting them a unique piece of jewelry for them to look after. You can never go wrong with a signature necklace or bracelet that they can wear proudly. If your flower girls are a little younger, there are many gorgeous dolls and teddy bears that you can have personalized.

Gifts for the guests:

Don’t forget small gifts your guests can bring home with them after the wedding. If you want it to be memorable and unique, try getting a couple of personalized bobbleheads. These are mini figures that look like you and your partner. To create your own bobblehead, contact a manufacturer and provide your pictures they will use as reference.

Gifts for the ring bearers:

Your little ring bearer has one of the most critical jobs on the big day! So, it’s essential to show your thanks with a special gift they can cherish forever. If you search around online, you can find some tremendous personalized shirts and teddies to commemorate their time as a ring bearer.

If you don’t want to give a material gift, you can even spoil them with tickets to the zoo, movies or theme parks so they can enjoy a day out for all of their hard work!

And there you have it! Keep calm, and enjoy your wedding! Remember that there is always help and support waiting for you, and you’ll soon be ready to enjoy one of the best days of your life. Spend time with your loved one, and remember that you’ll get through this together!

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