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No matter how healthy you are, if you don’t have quality sleep during the night, you won’t feel good when you wake up the next day. And if you are a hot sleeper, then along with the drowsiness, you will feel a powerful irritation towards everybody that you come in contact with throughout the day.

Not a nice feeling to have. Isn’t it?

Elegear Cool Pillowcase lets you be super cool and dry and have absolute restful sleep the entire night. Also, it feels smooth and comfortable to wrap around you during the summer season without weighing you down.

This is great news for you if you like to sleep in a lightweight comforter.

Best Arc-chill Cooling Pillowcases from Elegear - Review

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This Elegear Cool Pillowcase comes with a comforter and a spot to secure your pillow, making it a perfect one to snuggle under in those horrible cold days or in the hot summer days. You see, on one side of this pillow case, it is made of special Japanese silk fiber and that feels cold when you touch it. The fiber is smooth and from the first look itself, you can safely say that it isn’t going to observe anything and will remain cool for a long time.

It looks sleek as well. On the other hand, the other side of this pillowcase is made of cotton. But the cotton feels super smooth. When you touch the cotton area, it feels warm and it is great for cuddling with your favorite person on the colder days.

On hot days, you can use the cool side to chill out, and on cold days, you can use the other side to stay warm. If you want to have absolute value for your money, then this is your best friend.

Even if you have insomnia, it will aid you to fall asleep quickly. Many customers from England tried this pillowcase during the recent heat wave and were significantly satisfied with its performance.

In the package, you will get a couple of pillowcases and a duvet in the range too. The average pillow case that is made of garment will have 0.2 cooling sensation value. But the Elegear cooling pillow case has a 0.4 cooling sensation value.

This is significantly higher compared to all of its competitors. It performs with superior quality when it comes to reducing the heat from your body and keeping you cool and dry.

It also takes the unwanted moisture from your body and hence, you can remain cool and dry for a long time. With this pillow case, you will be actually sleeping in an actual cooling comforter rather than a damp one.

The pillow comes in 6 different colors and 5 various sizes. What it does is that it gives you ample choices to choose from when it comes to getting a matching pillowcase with your room color. With a wide range of choices, you can select the best pillowcase that suits your family members. As we’ve mentioned earlier, if you want to have a warmer temperature, then you can put the cotton side of the pillowcase next to your skin.

Likewise, if you want to have a cooler temperature, then you can put the silk fiber side next to your skin. The pillowcase is lightweight, meaning that you won’t feel any heaviness when you are sleeping with it.

So, if you are looking for a high quality pillowcase that is made of high quality material and priced affordably, then the Elegear pillowcase will be your best choice.

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