Let us talk candidly. On how many occasions did you buy a long dress or mini skirt because you loved the color? Besides the fit, the next thing most women look for in a fashionable dress is the color. Then, later, you realize that the color you opted for when you were in your 20s looked great on you, but at 45, it does not. That is because of skin tone, hair color, and texture change as you age.

Mature Women Who Like Fashion

Your favorite shades are not the best ones for your skin tone as you grow old. Therefore, the choice of colors matters when you age and mature. The smart thing to do is when you buy new clothes; make a note of the fact that how a specific color looks against your skin. If you still like the shade you loved 15 years ago, you can choose a dress as bottom wear and not as a top outfit. For instance, a few older women look great in a bright crimson scarf. Then, a belt of the same color will look perfect with some dresses on these women.

According to an article published on marieclaire.com, women with dark hair color and skin tone should go for color highlights that have a richer, deeper tone. That is because women should dress according to their skin tone and hair color. Read on to learn more about why color choice matters for older women, who like to dress up fashionably.

Do not try to match your clothes color with that of your eyes

If someone tells you, the dress you are wearing looks awesome with your eyes. Then, watch out. What they mean is the color of your bandana matches your eyes. Matching your dress to your eyes is a blunder. If you think that the blue scarf is bringing the color of your eyes, you are mistaken. You should try to match your dress with the tone of your skin. It means how your fashion attire looks next to your complexion. These little things matter a lot when it comes to dressing sensibly and look fashionable.

Take a friend along for shopping

No matter whether you are 25 or 45, shopping is hard work. If the salesperson insists on taking a bright orange dress, think twice. The salespeople are paid to make a sale and not to make you look good if you buy that orange dress. Therefore, take a friend along when you go shopping. Your buddy will give you a true and candid opinion of how you will look in a particular dress. Your friend would stand up to the sales assistant while you take your time to make a good fashion decision and buy the dress that suits you best.

The same rule holds when you shop for fashion lingerie. You need to choose a bra color that looks best with your dress. 

Watch out for shades of red and pastels

Your skin complexion changes when you grow older. To be honest, your skin is likely to become a little redder. That is because the capillaries on your face become delicate and so break. It is natural as your skin matures with age. That is the reason why it is hard for older women to look good when they choose a dress of the same color. So, always pick attire that looks great against your skin tone.

The same rule applies for pastel shades that tend to blend with your skin tone. That is the reason why color choice matters so much when it comes to older women dressing fashionably. It is a matter of making the right fashion decision and wearing something looks good on you when you are 45 years or more.

Make sure you opt for dark shades like deep blue, black, or for that matter dark reddish-purple. You should choose these colors for your basic outfit. You can accessorize these garments with other shades, but be a little careful with red and pastel colors. If you choose the right colors, you will look fashionable and trendy no matter if you are 45 or more.

Pick dresses for first and second color

You should keep color in perspective when shopping for your new dress. Fit matters more than color. Therefore, do not get carried away by bright shades just because it looks good on a mannequin. Pick something that makes you look smart and elegant even when you are 45 and technically fit your body and style. Once you have a nice fit, you can focus on colors.

Focus on the colors of accessories

Yes, fashion accessories and their color also matter when you dress up for an occasion. Consider a couple of new colored accessories into your closet before you buy them. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, when you try a new bag, bracelet, or new footwear in different colors, first see how it looks with the rest of your attire. When you find a couple of hues that look good on you, you can shop for a new top of the same color. Then, avoid bright and bold colors and bright pastels.

Cuts and styles

Sometimes, it is essential to update your wardrobe essentials in some new styles and cuts. Essential whites, blacks, and neutrals are your best friend even when you are 40 plus. Then, you must look for subtle differences in styles and cuts even when the color is black or white. You can opt for basics coming in different styles to pamper your look and style. Choose outfit colors that are muted yet feminine. Even when you are 45, your cuts and styles matter a lot when it comes to fashion attire. Therefore, make your choice wisely.

Final words

Now that you know why colors matter so much, you can make an informed decision when shopping for attire. Who says you cannot look great when you are older.

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