Water Filters

You want to have a purified water at all times. For that, you have installed a water filter in your home and you are maintaining it pretty well. But you have a couple of questions in your mind and you want answers for that.

Water Filters

Those questions may look simple, yet they are critical and they are.

  • How long do water filters last?
  • How often should they be changed?

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide that explains a clear cut answer for both these questions, then you are in the right place.

In this post, we will be discussing in detail about the general lifespan of a water filter, how often they should be replaced, general FAQs about water filters and much more.

So without talking any further, let’s get started!

How Long Do Water Filters last and how often should they be changed?

If you approach most homeowners and after some pleasantries, you ask this question and note their expressions. When did the last time you change the water filter in your home?

You can see that they are very reluctant to answer and their expression would suggest that you’ve asked a hypothetical question. But the truth is, most homeowners have little to know idea of how long a water filter lasts and how often they must be changed.

When it comes to water filters, you have to change them occasionally and it actually depends on their lifespan. We understand that it is a pretty plain answer and we’ll explain you in detail.

Why You Need to Change the Water filter occasionally?

If you don’t change your home’s water filter occasionally, there is a high chance that harmful bacteria and germs could get into your plumbing system. How is it possible?

Actually, they’ll find their way from the damages in the unchanged and older water filter and filter cartridges. If you don’t change your water filter for a long time, these unhealthy contaminants will build and grow overtime, and this in turn causes serious health issues. It’ll also make your sink and shower drains cloggy.

A cloggy shower drain causes several serious issues. One of them would be making it difficult to dispose wastage from your sink, shower and bathtub. Another fact that you need to note is that an unchanged water filter significantly affects the taste of the filtered water. And overtime, there will be a complete stoppage in filtering the water. This’ll inevitably cause more harm to your health and well-being.

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What are the Factors that Influence the Lasting Capability of a Water Filter

There are several factors that influence how long a water filter lasts.

  • Type of water filter. There is no doubt that some water filters will last for a long time than others. If you are using a sediment pre-filter, then it must be changed every few months. On the other hand, a granular carbon-based post-filter has the capacity to last for up to 2 years. Certain pitcher water filters won’t last more than 20 gallons of water.
  • The amount of water filtered every day in your home. This is a crucial fact that determines how often a water filter must be changed. The amount of water you use basically depends on your household habits and the number of members in your family. If you consume more water, then the filter needs to work more. This invariably leads to frequent change in water filter.
  • The quality of the water in your area. If the water in your area is clean, then the water filter will last for a long time. But if the water quality is poor and filled with sediment and other impurities, then a water filter needs to work extra hard to make it clean. Hence the water filter’s functionality will be used up quickly.

Kindly note: when you change the water filter, make sure to remove the previous one, clean the entire area where the cartridge is fixed, and then attach the new filter. This improves the lifespan of the water filter cartridge considerably.

How long does a Water Filter Last?

Usually, the lifespan of a water filter will be measured in months and gallons. Some manufacturers will specify that the filter can handle a certain number of gallons before it needs to be changed. And some manufacturers will say that the water filter will last up to a certain number of months or years.

According to the type of the water filter, its lifespan will vary. On average, a pre-filter will last up to 3 to 6 months, carbon filters can perform at its best for one year, and the post-filters can go on up to 1 or 2 years.

You need to remember that you don’t have to change all the elements of your water filtration system at once. For example, if you are using a pre and post filter in the water filtration system, you can change each one separately depending on its lifespan.


We hope that our detailed guide on how long do water filters last and how often they should be changed would have provided you a clear overview of the picture. There are several options available when it comes to purchasing a water filter for your home. So if you are planning to purchase a water filter, keep your filtration needs and your budget in mind before spending your hard earned money.

Want to add your thoughts about this guide? Put them in the comments section below!

FAQs about Water Filters

Why Drinking Water Needs to be filtered?

When you filter and drink the water, it is healthier in many ways. You must understand that there are countless diseases spread through water. So filtering it is essential.

A clean water keeps your body hydrated and it is responsible for many bodily functions. So neglecting to drink clean water can lead to severe health related issues.

What to Do if Your Drinking water Contains Odor?

First of all, you need to determine where the odor is coming from. Uncleaned or clogged drain can be the main culprit here. In this case, cleaning it thoroughly will fix the issue.

However, if the water itself is smelling badly, then you must contact a water solution expert to address the issue.

Common water related odors are.

  • Bleach.
  • Earthy.
  • Fishy.
  • Gasoline.
  • Metallic.
  • Rotten egg smell.
  • Sewage.
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