Your Digital Fingerprint: 5 Shocking Things Google Knows About You


You wouldn’t voluntarily give out intimate details of your personal life to a large corporation. But when you use Google’s web services, you are volunteering up a host of private details to one of the world’s largest tech firms. Google tracks everything you do through its devices, search engines, and other digital products. Using your … Read more

Ways to Recording Information Easily and Reliably

Ways to Recording Information Easily and Reliably

Note-taking One of the earliest and most widespread methods of information capturing, there’s not a single person out there that didn’t write down notes at least once in their lifetime. Whether it’s by hand or with the help of a keyboard, it can be pretty time-consuming and distracting. Still, note-taking has its respective pros and … Read more

Devices to Enhance Your Security Measures


Smart homes are gaining popularity for their efficiency and convenience. People who lead busy lives can check on children or pets, raise or lower the thermostat and even close a garage door that they left open, all while away from home. However, these conveniences don’t come without a price. Hackers use advancements in technology to … Read more