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Who doesn’t love food? I know I do. There is also the nutritional benefit to consider. Sadly, your favorite meal will not cook itself. The use of restaurants can be expensive especially if you desire healthy foods. The best way to attain the latter is carrying the act of cooking yourself using Best Electric Grills.

Grilling is one of the popular ways of cooking. There are several kinds of grills; the electric variety is one of the more sophisticated. But finding quality grills which are both easy to clean and portable can be a problem. This review should provide you with all the insight you need towards purchasing the most suitable grill for you.

Best Electric Grills Review

Excelvan Indoor Electric Classic Plate Barbecue Grill

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Very few grills have the cooking base this device has. This makes it desirable since you can heat up several food items at once. Time is precious especially when you have so much to cook, and this grill helps you save it.

The heating component can be the primary decider in grills. The Excelvan Best Electric Grills has a heating arrangement where heat is supplied to the fins of the gadget. This ensures every item placed on the grill is provided with enough heat needed to get them properly cooked.

Every grill surface is made from metallic materials. And this Excelvan model is not an exception. It is made of cast aluminum metal. This is durable and does not alter the quality of the food cooked on the grill surface.

One of the main problems bedeviling the average grill is having food particles sticking to the metal surface. This does not happen with the Excelvan model. The metallic surface is coated with polytetrafluoroethylene which is popularly called Teflon. This organic compound ensures the grill surface is impervious to food items. It preserves the quality of the food being cooked and makes cleaning the grill as comfortable as you would like.

Various food items require different heating stages. This limits the usefulness of a lot of grills since they have defined temperature which cannot be altered. The Excelvan grill is unlike many of these. You can adjust the temperature of this unit using a designated thermostat visible on the grill.

Also, it features a dirt tray. This acts as a hold for dirt which drops down from the grilling surface.


  • Adjustable temperature
  • Large cooking area
  • Non-stick surface
  • Portable unit


  • The finishing appears to peels off when cleaning the grill
  • Not very durable
  • It takes too long before the metallic surface heats up.

Cuisinart Griddler


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Everyone wants a grill which they can move around when the need arises. The Cuisinart Griddler belongs to this category of portable grills. It is small, compact and even has a well-placed handle to make mobility possible.

There are very few grills with the kind of versatility delivered by the Cuisinart Griddler. The different grill functions and a griddle improve its value as a product. There are only a relatively small number of food items which this device will not cater for.

The drippings from the grilling surface are known to affect the durability of this type of electronics. To forestall such a problem, the Cuisinart Griddler has a drip tray. This collects the oil deposits improving the durability of this unit.

While this device is compact, the heating surface can be expanded. During grilling, the cover can provide an additional heating surface so you can cook multiple food items without having to do so separately unless it is essential. Also, you don’t have to worry about the difficulty experienced when cleaning the heating surface of your grill since it is coated with a nonstick material. This makes it easy to remove debris of food which is a common feature of this part of a grill.

Adjusting the temperature of this unit is as easy as using the thermostat. The selector knobs for the different functions possible have the thermostat feature incorporated into each. So, depending on the food item, you are dealing with, handling the appropriate control is your best option. To spice things up, there are several LED lights in each selector knob which notifies you when your desired temperature is reached.

Aside from being instructive, recipes can make cooking fun. This product comes with several food recipes which any food enthusiast would appreciate greatly.


  • Versatile product
  • Temperature can be adjusted to suit that of your desired meal
  • Portable unit


  • The cords heats up quickly
  • Uneven heat distribution

Aroma Super Pot with Grill


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Another versatile product on this list is the Aroma Super Pot. Yes, you guessed right, it’s a pot with a grilling surface within. The grilling platform is higher than the base of the pot. This makes removing oil dripping possible. However, it remains difficult considering the structure of the pot.

Besides grilling, several other cooking methods are possible with this unit. The well designed transparent cover makes simmering and steaming possible. You can tell when the food is ready for serving just by observing the interior of the pot.

With a size of 3.2 quarts, you can cook a decent sized meal for a small household without any problems. The design of this pot gives it the appearance of a well-built model. From the die-cast aluminum to the glassy cover, all of these make it an impressive addition to your kitchen.

Regulating the temperature of this unit is possible through the use of a thermostat. Temperatures as high as 450°F are feasible with the Aroma Super Pot. Few devices are capable of producing that amount of heat. This makes heating food items like pork possible.

Sometimes you might be short of bowels large enough to serve your meals in. This super pot can be detached from its heating component so it can be used in serving. It adds to the many benefits of this product.

One of the prominent tasks associated with most Best Electric Grills appliances is how tedious it is to wash them. Sometimes, the coatings on the grilling surface of the product are known to wear off due to their inferior quality. The Aroma super pot can be placed in your dishwasher without any of such happening. Its nonstick interior doesn’t peel and makes removal of debris a smooth exercise.


  • Several cooking methods can be achieved using this unit
  • No worries about washing the grill
  • It does a near perfect job of delivering tasty meals
  • It heats up fast, and this is distributed evenly


  • Some meals might be difficult getting off the bottom of the pot. This is due to the grilling surface of the unit.
  • It heats up too quickly, and so does the cord which generates an unpleasant odor.
  • Not very durable

George Foreman Best Electric Grills (Best Seller)


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There are few companies as reputable as George Foreman in the electronics industry. Their products are one of the best, and they operate a fairly high standard. The George Foreman GGR50B Electric grill doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

When fully set up, this electric grill has the shape of a sphere. The top cover forms the upper hemisphere while the grilling surface and drip tray constitute the lower one. From a distance, the entire combination might seem small, but this isn’t exactly correct. The grilling surface is 240sq inches. This should suffice for a relatively moderate-sized household.

Most grills are built to serve outside the interior of your home. Your kitchen wouldn’t be able to survive the flare-ups and smoke common with such appliances. But this electric grill is a different ball game altogether. It has a detachable stand which could provide an immeasurable amount of support regardless of where you need it. So, whether you are looking forward to doing some indoor grilling or going the usual outdoor approach, this electric grill can take the heat.

One of the decisive factors in the purchase of a grill is the thermostat option. Many products on sale either lack this feature or have a highly limited temperature range. This puts the George Foreman electric grill above many others. Its thermostat features not just a couple of options in the temperature segment but five of such. This makes it suitable for a wide array of food items.

Another attribute of this unit is its nonstick grilling surface. Every foodie knows how vital having their cooking utensils incorporated with this nonstick property. George Foreman apparently understands how important this is. And to affirm such, they ensure the entire grilling surface is nonstick. This reduces how difficult it is to clean the grill.


  • It takes a relatively short time to heat up
  • Quality temperature control
  • Grill is easy to clean
  • The lid prevents vapor escaping from the heated food items


  • It won’t last forever
  • The elements melt away with time and can be a fire hazard if not handled with care

Hamilton Beach 25360 (Best-Selling Electric Grill)

Best Electric Grills 2019

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This is another incredibly portable best electric grills. It has a size which might not be taken seriously by professional grillers. But homeowners would be delighted with this unit. It can be used indoors without you having to worry about any smoke.

There is a knob visible on the body of the grill which makes controlling the heat generated possible. Just adjust this feature to suit the temperature you need, and the grill heats up to the designated temperature and remains there. The problem is there are a limited number of temperature settings available.

This appliance has a nonstick grilling surface. It can be detached from the base and the lid for easy washing. Eliminate fears about damage. It is built to survive the thorough action of your dishwasher.

Like many others, this grill has a drip tray for collecting food debris and ingredients which escape the grilling surface. This component is essential since you will not have to deal with a dirty cooking area after using the grill.

A segment of the lid of this electric grill is made of glass. This allows you see how your food items are doing within the grill compartment. This attribute varies and usually increases the cost of the unit substantially.

One obvious flaw of this grill is its relatively small size. Depending on how gluttonous you and your household are, this device might provide only a measly amount of cooked food.

The use of a stainless surface around a greater part of the exterior means you have to handle the grill with extreme caution.


  • Easy to wash due to the detachability of the parts
  • Delivers tasty meals and without a smoky environment
  • Thermostat function
  • Lid is transparent so you can see all the action
  • Compact design


  • Cord is rather short
  • Limited temperature range
  • Grilling surface is small

Char-Broil 17602048 Electric Grill

10 Best Electric Grills

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Forget the weird look of this best electric grills. It has some distinct attributes which puts it in the mix of things. With its 240sq inches grilling surface, multiple food items can be cooked at the same time. Also, there is a warming rack attached to the lid of the grill which is meant for specific items which can be charred by direct heating. Clearly, this is a well-designed product.

A knob at the center of the electric grill is meant to make controlling the temperature possible. An LED light incorporated around the knob informs you of the state of the unit. This helps you take caution when handling the grill under such a condition.

Unlike many other similar appliances, the grilling area of this Char-Broil model is made of either iron or steel which is coated with porcelain. The latter is known for its resistance to stain, scratch, and moisture. It ensures any debris stuck to any of the metallic components easily gets off when washed. One significant issue with this unit is the iron components are prone to rust with time. This affects the durability of the product.

Typical of this type of appliances, there is also a drip tray. This collects debris and rubbish so you can have a clean cooking environment every time. It is also coated with porcelain. The compound ensures clearing this dirty container of your electric griller is not a tortuous task.

This electric grill has two sidebars. These could serve as extra cooking space where numerous tasks can be completed. For storage purposes, these bars can be folded.


  • It uses an infrared heating component, and this translates to a reduced number of sudden unwanted temperature changes.
  • Classy design
  • Bigger cooking area
  • Grills can be detached for easy washing
  • It has wheels for improved mobility


  • Grill surface is not durable
  • Limited temperature range
  • Char-Broil doesn’t offer sufficient customer support

Weber Q 2400 Electric Grill

10 Best Electric Grills 2019

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This Weber grill is one of the more pricey units in this review. But it is worth every cent! With a dimension of 14.5 x 31.5 x 19.5 (inches), this electric grill is what you would consider compact. And it has the appearance as well. You shouldn’t have any problem moving it around though its weight is substantial.

The heating element has a 156 watts rating. For such a compact unit, this device has a large cooking area. The 280 sq inches is more than what is obtainable with other more substantial units. There are few products with the wide temperature range the appliance is capable of.

The frame of the Q 2400 is different from what you might be used to. A combination of glass and nylon makes this a product you might want to consider. The grilling surface is made of porcelain-coated cast iron. This makes washing the grills possible. The outer surface including the body and cover is made of cast aluminum. You will find out that this singular attribute increases the durability of this appliance.

One of the problems trailing many of these units is the short length of their cord. This Weber product has a 6-foot cord. You won’t have to worry about where to position the grill for simple connectivity to a power outlet.

Another significant attribute of this grill is the dirt tray. It is not built into the grill but takes its position underneath the heating compartment. This makes withdrawing this part easy. Washing is also less demanding. The grills though part of the unit can be detached without any difficulty.


  • Excellent heating capacity which is evenly distributed
  • Design is remarkable chiefly for its ergonomic handle
  • Wide temperature range
  • The Q 2400 has a near perfect construction


  • It takes a longer time to well
  • A bit complex mastering the unit’s setting

Kenyon B70082 Floridian All Seasons Portable Stainless Steel Electric Grill

10 Best Electric Grills in 2019

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The simple and small grill is best comfortable best electric grills. You can use it as both indoor and outdoor usage. It can attain 600 degree heat within 10 minutes. So, you can’t wait long for cook your foods.

The heat is efficient and heating element is directly contacted with the cooking surface so, the cooking is really fast. Disposal Drip tray is included with this grill. So, It can be replace easily. Fill it with water to catch the drips. It can help to minimize the smoking. You can also add juice, broth or any other favorable liquid to get extra flavor.

It has digital touch-pad to choose your cooking temperature. Totally 8 sets of cooking temperature available. You can choose any one of them for your best cooking. The grill turns off automatically after 60 or 90 minutes, this function is embedded for safety purpose. So, you don’t need to worry about in a hurry situation.

Grill grates and lids are easily removable and dishwasher safe. So, you can cook no worry about cleaning.

Its time to upgrade the best electric grills with this new unique model (Kenyon B70082).

Masterbuilt – Best Electric Grills

Best Electric Grills

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Similar to the Livart unit, this product has a simple enough appearance. Available in red or grey colors, this appliance doesn’t take up much legroom. Sadly, this affects the cooking space that comes with it. A grilling area of 196sq. inch is rather small and insufficient for a moderately sized household. This probably explains why the product marketing is targeted at newly married individuals and college students.

In an attempt to compensate for the shortage of cooking space, it comes with grilling pan which has tiny openings within. This goes against the general perception of grilling, and it affects the quality of food especially that placed in the pan.

The grilling fins are coated with porcelain protecting them from possible breakdown. It’s obvious how susceptible to damage this component of the product can be, so anything done to avoid or delay such is worth commending. A drip tray is included at the bottom to collect food debris. And this is important since no one likes to cook in an unpalatable area.

It uses a heating element capable of delivering about 1650 watts. You can decide the temperature range of the grilling surface using a combination of a thermostat and a gauge. The latter is made from stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged with time.

Like you might have guessed, this unit is very portable though the supporting base might be an obstruction to where it can be used. An outdoor setting could be a good place to start when you remember it comes with its cover. Regardless of the weather conditions in your area, you can afford to store this outside without entertaining fears of a possible breakdown of the best electric grills.


  • Compact and simple design
  • Temperature control is possible
  • No storage problem
  • Metallic cover keeps the heat in improving the cooking process
  • Promising customer support


  • Small grilling surface
  • Power cord isn’t quite strong
  • Not the easiest grill to assemble

Easy Street Best Electric Grills

Best 10 Electric Grills

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The last product on this list is the Easy Street model. Without doubts, it has portability going for it. Anyone who wants a portable best electric grills with a distinct appearance could consider this unit. The tabletop appliance has several attributes which increase its general appeal.

At the foot of its attractive attributes is the small grilling space. A 200 sq. inch cooking segment might be decent for a single person, but if you have friends over for a barbeque section, this is not the product for you. Its heating element has a rating of 1500 watts. Its rotisserie setup adds a little spark to the cooking space. You can carry out some rotisserie style cooking. The only issue is you will need to take out the grill fins.

Like rival products, the ribbed grilling is coated with porcelain. This protects the grill fins from rusting with time common with the amount of heat these metals are exposed to. The cover of this appliance has a glassy segment so you can tell what’s going on within the heating compartment.

To make all your ingredients accessible, the polymer side tables can provide the platform you need to avoid wandering around looking for a particular condiment.


  • Portable and Lightweight product
  • Quality design
  • The inclusion of the Rotisserie area gives it an edge over many others
  • You can regulate the temperature within the heating area through the thermostat provided.


  • Limited cooking space
  • Difficult to clean the components of this unit
  • Too many manufacturing flaws

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Electric Grill Buying Guide

A grill is a sensitive appliance which demands extra caution if you intend putting it to good use. You don’t just walk into a store and buy one. No! Proper research about the product and how it fits your need remains essential towards a long-term use of such a unit. This guide is a short piece to assist you to make the right choice by identifying valuable attributes in a grill and those which are essential.

A thermostat function

If you intend using the grill for multiple food items, this property is crucial to achieving a tasty outcome. A thermostat allows you define the temperature of the grilling surface. This makes cooking meals possible since most food items have different temperature requirements at different times if the result would be a success. So look out for the quality of the thermostat when making that purchase.

Temperature gauge

For grills with an open cooking area, this attribute might not count as much. However, products with a cover need this feature. You need to know the right time to preheat and cook. These are things the grill is capable of delivering. Usually, most units have a built-in LED light which either changes color or comes on when it’s time to alter the temperature.

Detachable components

One of the common problems experienced with the use of this grill is cleaning this appliance. A grill with parts which can be detached makes it easier to wash. You can slide in the components into your dishwasher and let it do the job for you. This saves you the time you would typically spend scrubbing.

Coated grill parts

We all want our purchases to last long enough. But this is only possible with devices adequately protected against the common enemy – moisture! What moisture can do to an unprotected metallic component is better imagined. And grill fins which are metallic are exposed to the moisture released from the food being cooked. Many products have their grilling surface coated with either porcelain or a nonstick substance like Teflon. This protects the metal from rusting and getting damaged in the long run. Also, it makes easy to wash the grill fins.


It’s always great to assemble some of the finest products in the market in a single review. These appliances all have decent attributes which should make them desirable. But just like every battle, there’s bound to be a winner. The Weber Q 2400 comes out top for us. It has a magnificent design, an excellent performance and is very durable. What more could you want?

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  1. I have used electric grill for many years (<10) with no difficulty. Easy to assemble. Easy to clean. Heats up fast. Burgers taste better than from our gas grill. It would have been 5 stars.


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