Applying for a Masters degree in Germany – Guide for 2021


Germany is among the top destination for postgraduate study in Europe. The country’s strong economy has been a vital support for the higher education system. Several universities offering many postgraduation courses in English medium make it an ideal place to study advanced degrees. Masters degrees in Germany for 2021 can be your gateway to success with the opportunities to specialise in an area best suited to your interest.

A Master’s degree programme can help you learn real-life concepts with practical training to advance your career by leveraging a robust industry interface. An affordable postgraduate programme designed to maximise your employability with innovative learning techniques to impart quality education that fulfils the latest industry demands.

Business schools in Berlin city, the city is known as the start-up capital of Europe, offer a diverse field of postgraduate programmes. A Postgraduation degree can allow you to increase your understanding of the chosen professional domain. With a structured course curriculum, you develop a growth mindset to ensure a successful career.

These are some of the postgraduation programmes available in Germany.

  • Global MBA: Nearly all industrial sectors rely on Management to ensure proper operation and growth of the business organisation. A well-built MBA programme will develop a solid understanding of management topics like marketing, finance, leadership, and business operations.
  • MSc Digital Marketing: With businesses going online, the demand for digital marketers has increased considerably. A digital marketer is responsible for making the products and services offered by an organisation known to a large audience. The creative art of digital marketing plays an impactful role in improving the profitability of the business.
  • MA Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management: A master’s degree in these domains can help you thrive in the world’s fastest-growing industries. The skills imparted during the learning period can broaden your understanding of the sector and endow you with skills to work in a globalised business environment.

These Master’s programmes can land you a dream job with advanced skills and training. Find below the eligibility criteria to study for a postgraduation degree in a German school.

  • Minimum age of 21 years.
  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognised institution is the primary academic qualification needed.
  • Minimum IELTS of 6.0 or a PET score of 50 for English language proficiency, the criteria does not apply to native English speakers or for an individual with a background of English medium education.

A Master’s degree from a German institute can develop personal and intellectual potential with an excellent teaching mechanism of linking theory and practice. There are many courses available that allow you to choose from the area that best suits your interest. Practice-oriented teaching can integrate thinking for practical decision-making skills and applying classroom teaching into real-life situations to ensure a complete understanding of the subject.

Upgrade your career with a professional master’s degree to acquire skills and knowledge relevant to your industry demands. Germany has been home to great philosophers like Albert Einstein, Immanuel Kant, and Werner Heisenberg, whose legacy has made it an intellectual powerhouse. Sign up now to know more about the diversified Master’s programmes!


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