In the world of digitization, learning computer skills have become imperative. Getting a top-quality education brings a significant difference between an average and an excellent software professional. The Computer Science Colleges in the UK offer excellent education in this regard. Atleast, 5 UK colleges figure among the top 25 colleges globally in Computer Science. Coupled with that, as per reports, IT companies in the UK created 11.7% more jobs in 2019 than in 2018. Also, the average rate of increment for Computer Science professionals is 10 percent compared to a 9 percent rate for other jobs in 1 year. A variety of areas of study are available like –

  1. Advanced Computing
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Mathematical Modelling & Scientific Computing
  4. Visual Computing & Robotics
  5. Cyber Security
  6. Electronics & Computer Science
  7. Information Communication & Social Sciences
  8. Network & Security
  9. Cognition & Language

Hence, along with the demand for developers & IT professionals & availability of quality education, planning for admission in Computer Science Colleges in UK will be a wise option now.

Computer Science Colleges in UK – General Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility criteria to do Computer Science Course in UK:

  • An International Baccalaureate or Relevant degree is needed with 34 points.
  • A-levels requirements: ABB, with good marks in Maths and computers.
  • IELTS requirements: Minimum 6.5 score (overall); scores less than 6.0 in any one component will not be considered.

Common admission documents required are:

  • English proficiency proof
  • Minimum required marks in Maths and Computers
  • Passport photocopy
  • A personal statement
  • A research proposal (for research-based courses)
  • References and their contact details

Types of Degrees:

1.    Undergraduate Courses: BA – Computer Science, BSc -Computer Science, BA in CS & Philosophy, BEng in Computing, BEng in CS, BSc AI & computer science, and others

2.    Postgraduate Courses: Master of Science – Computer Science, Master of Science in Visual Computing & Robotics, Master of Science in Mathematical modeling & Scientific Computing, MEng in Computer Science, MSc Software & System Security, etc

3.    Doctorate / Ph.D. Courses: Doctorate in Computer Science, Doctorate on Information, Communication & Social Sciences, etc.

Top Computer Science Colleges in UK

Mentioned below are some of the top Computer Science Colleges in UK:

1.   Bristol University

The University of Bristol is positioned at 10th place among Computer Science Colleges in the UK. The university’s BSc in Computer Science degree allows aspirants to start their careers by working in a software project. They prepare projects for their client. The aspirants planning to do Computer Science in the UK post getting admission at Bristol University can apply to a client with the help of an industrial mentor.

2.   The University of Warwick

The University of Warwick is ranked amongst the best Computer Science Colleges in the UK for offering computer science courses. The BSc Computer Science course allows students to work closely with industry leaders. It encourages them to develop software skills. Students pursuing a course here can get the real hands-on experience of the industry.

3.   LSE

The London School of Economics and Political Science or LSE is at the 10th place (country-wise) and 101-150 (globally), offering Computer Science courses. According to the university, their Computer Science program gives students a sound intellectual insight instead of only professional training. The students post completing the course can select from a wide range of career options. Thus, LSE is amongst the best Computer Science Colleges in the UK.

4.   The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester is in the 100th position worldwide for its computer science course and in the seventh position in the UK. The Computer Science course offered at the university gives aspirants the option to choose different options. They can make the selection based on their interests and specialize in areas of their choice.

5.   King’s College London (KCL)

King’s College London is among the top Computer Science Colleges in UK. It allows students an opportunity to study abroad for a year. Students can secure industrial placement and get a detailed understanding of more advanced topics, like robotics. Post completing, the graduates can apply their skills in corporate jobs. The specialization ranges from internet systems, web intelligence, and data science.

6.   University of Surrey

The University of Surrey’s Computer Science department offers two courses in computing at the undergraduate level: BSc Computer Science and BSc Computing and Information Technology. The university offers these two study programs for 3-4 years. It includes professional training, as well. Also, aspirants planning to do a postgraduate degree course can opt from MSc Information Systems or MSc Information Security.

7.   University of Oxford

The University of Oxford is among the country’s oldest universities. It now ranks 5th in the World as per QS Rankings in Computer Science. The aspirants planning to do a Computer Science course can opt for Computational Biology, Quantum Computing, Information Systems, Software Verification, Software Engineering, and Computational Linguistics. The University of Oxford’s Computer Science program helps students develop problem-solving skills and implement program design skills in a practical environment.

Besides the above-mentioned Computer Science Colleges in the UK, there are many other universities and colleges for studying Computer Science. These are the University of Edinburgh, University College London, and other

Computer Science Colleges in UK – Scope

As per various surveys, jobs in the UK for Computer Science students is lucrative post qualification from Computer Science Colleges in the UK. IT and Computer Science professionals can earn between 16,900 – 183,000 GBP on an average annually. At least 53 percent of IT professionals have earned at least one bonus. The growing demand of developers in different sectors and industries motivates lakhs of aspirants each year to opt for the top Computer Science Colleges in the UK. Some job roles after studying this course: Software Developer, Data Architect, Chief Information Officer, Business Intelligence Developer, etc.

Finally, the UK is also a favorite destination for study for Non-EU & Asian aspirants. As per the Higher Education Statistics Agency, aspirants from China and India stand at 120,385 and 26,685 in 2018/19. Software Engineers in the UK witnessed a hike of salaries by 13% i.e., 8,400 GBP recently. Hence, aspirants can consider studying at Computer Science colleges in the UK.



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