Technology is a vital tool in a digital era where people mostly depend on the functional role of the internet. Accessing information through various mediums, looking for jobs, searching different discounts on shopping apps like Amazon, and internet-based productivity tools like word counter tool are just one click away in today’s generation.

Through constant experiments and research, new and innovative trends of technology and tools are being introduced each year. Innovation is a significant advantage of most marketers as they can easily access numerous solutions, they can choose from to promote their business.

Business industries have their competitors, and to keep up with this actual truth, you must know the trends in technology as it can the primary tool to stand out among your competitors. Research results will tell you that you must invest today as technological innovation is now moving forward to build an advanced future. Check out these nine digital marketing innovations to keep you updated on how the world evolves this 2020.

Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers

Updates in the search engine industry are constant. Google is continuously achieving innovative search engines that anyone can benefit from. Now, Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT) directly create a massive impact on the user’s search results as this innovation processes complex languages that are being used. BERT instantly addresses complex searches and provides users the most accurate result.

Private Messaging Apps

Most business industries are now using individual messaging apps for better and secure communication. Renowned apps like WeChat, Viber, and WhatsApp are now gradually replacing emails. Numerous brands owners have seen the significant development of these messaging apps, and now utilizing the specific app as a convenient medium to pay the purchased products.


If you are currently viewing a particular website, and suddenly a software appears, that is a chatbot. The website of most businesses is usually using chatbots to reach an audience or prospective customers. Chatbots are interactive software programs that address inquiries and provide audience information related to the site or their business. The software is either a textual or auditory message to help users.

Voice-Powered Search Optimization

The growth in technology is very apparent in the modern way of searching. Smartphones became more beneficial because of its Voice-Powered Search Optimization feature. Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google can provide results for user’s queries, loudly read the text, or even dictate the text. These features are not just beneficial for individual users but also for digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is evident in our day to day lifestyle. For instance, Netflix and Amazons have features that help users with transactions and recommendations. It has been used in the field of digital marketing, such as digital assistant,content creation, and face and voice recognition. Artificial Intelligence can comprehend or analyze the behavior of the consumer.  It can also provide the most comfortable purchasing experience.

Omnichannel Marketing

Web users can communicate through various channels. These allow having access to different information. Most of this information is accessible through add on Facebook and Twitter platforms. Email is also a type of platform where customers can send or receive essential messages.

However, despite the innovative system of these platforms, it couldn’t fully solve most customer’s problems. Now, Omnichannel Marketing stands out for better consumer experience. It offers a seamless interaction across all types of channels. The main goal of this Omnichannel Marketing is to allow you to track the customer’s interaction with your business even if they are using a different channel.

Native Advertising

Users, when visiting a website, are exposed to different kinds of advertisements. However, in most cases, these advertisements are troubling their web experience. It annoys them, which one of the causes why they block some of the ads.

Native Advertising is a method to continue to communicate with the prospects; even most of them are blocking those random ads. They don’t like ads as what you usually encounter on various websites. They look like typical web content and are not labeled as an advertisement.

Blockchain Technology

In the context of business, this is the most helpful way of ensuring consumer security of transactions, aside from detecting and preventing fraud. This serves as a tool of most brand owners to establish a known brand and to create a customers’ loyalty.


These innovations are helping most industries to reach a wider range of customers. Some are marketing tactics that will build the most robust customer’s loyalty, ensuring that they will not fail their expectations.

We all look forward to 2020 digital marketing innovation, and hopefully, the success will continue throughout decades. Chatbots, Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers, native advertisements, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, private messaging apps, Omnichannel Marketing and Voice-Powered Search Optimization are just some of the biggest trends that will transform technology this year.


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