A call to action or CTA is a digital marketing term that companies use as a response or an encouragement for an immediate sale in the market. Call to action can be made using small phrases like “BUY NOW!” Well, you’ve got that right. This article is about Call to action and how to write an enticing call to action.

A call to action can be a phrase in a company in place of its sales scripts, advertising messages, or web pages to attract the audience. If you are staying around Queensland, you can look for SEO companies in Brisbane. Let’s go through the article to know more about the Call to action.  

Tips to Write an Enticing Call to Action:

Well, there are several ways to include or write an enticing call to action, but for you, we have shortlisted the best ones, which are as follows:

1. Initiate with a command:

The sole objective of a call to action is to convince the audience to do something. The phrase has to be strong and authoritative, and you have to apply action verbs, such as ‘join,’ ‘buy,’ ‘create,’ ‘click,’ etc., it has to be catchy and attractive. Creating an effective call to action can seem complex, but this article will help you make an enticing one.

2. Create with fewer risks:

You have to employ the call to action without any pressure as it promotes excellent value but less risk for your audience. You have to convince the audience that they will know more about something without any commitment. You can have a good digital marketing flow by creating an effective call to action.

3. Attracting writing skills:

You’ll notice that copywriters apply persuasive language while creating a call to action. You have to apply words so that people get convinced. Your call to action must be concise so that people want to learn more about it. Creating an effective call to action is one of the significant responsibilities of a copywriter.

4. Make it sound urgent:

You have to make it sound partly urgent. Suppose, ‘join before it’s too late.’ You have to throw a sense of urgency to click on it and get more information regarding it. You have to promote it like a FOMO.

5. Make it pop off the page:

Your call to action must include the best features, persuasive language, and great design. You can create the call to action button with bright colors while leaving the surrounding space white so that the button glows and pops up. The button should attract the audience’s attention whenever they open the page.


As we have mentioned before, a call to action is a digital marketing term; the marketer uses it to take a step and take it forward by grabbing the audience’s attention. Through A/B testing, marketers and copywriters can understand which call to action is appropriate to use and place. There are several SEO companies in Brisbane which you can look for. 

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