cooling pads

The short answer to this question is Yes. According to various tests and reviews, the laptop cooling pads reduce both internal and external heat up to 5 – 20 degree celsius.

Many of the laptop comes with internal cooling fans. Then why do we need to buy external cooling pads?

cooling pads

External cooling pads are more targeted and specific and it helps to reduce the heat maximum. Due to reducing the size and weight of the laptop many of the laptop manufacturers remove the internal cooling fan system. And also a cooling component in the laptop is very less. That’s why using the external laptop cooling pads is the best advice by experts.

Do laptop cooling pads increase the performance?

Yes, by choosing quality laptop coolers we can reduce the heat as well as increase a significant amount of performance.

This is not extremely high. But 2 – 5% performance will increase. This makes huge difference if you are playing games or editing videos.

Many of the laptops shut down due to overheating issues. Old laptops are producing maximum heat both internally and externally.

So, if you are worried about overheating laptops then you should buy a good quality laptop cooling pad.

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Which type should I buy?

You can go with external power supply cooling pads. It does wonders on your laptop.

Cooling pad working with USB power supply is also working fine but not up to the level of external power supply cooling pads.

So, choose wisely.

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