Burn injuries can be debilitating. Every year, both children and adults suffer from burn injuries that range from minor surface burns to third degree burns that require hospitalization and surgery. Preventing these injuries is paramount, as they can have long-lasting effects. By following four important tips, you can prevent the damage that burn injuries can cause.

Create a Safe Kitchen

The kitchen is the most common place for burn injuries to occur. One of the best ways to prevent these injuries is to make sure the kitchen is safe for everyone in your family.

  • Turn pot and pan handles inward when cooking
  • Avoid wearing long sleeves near open flames
  • Supervise children in the kitchen
  • Remove stove knobs if there are toddlers in the home
  • Place hot liquids away from the edge of the stove

For the youngest children, it is best to keep them out of the kitchen altogether, so consider installing baby gates to block their access or childproofing your kitchen as much as possible.

Create a Safe Bathroom

Children often suffer burns during bath time, so keeping safe in the bathroom is key to avoiding burns. When preparing a child’s bath, add cold water first and gradually add in the hot water until the bath is a safe temperature. Install faucet covers to prevent children from adjusting the hot water themselves.

Store electrical appliances away from tubs and showers, as a falling appliance can cause a major burn. Consider adjusting the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees Farenheight or less to prevent scalding injuries.

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Create a Safe Home

The inside of your home is a minefield of burn hazards. From old appliances to light sockets and overfilled lint filters, there are many objects in your home that can cause burns. The key is to prevent these injuries before they happen.

  • Keep space heaters away from blankets, furniture and flammable objects
  • Never leave a space heater unattended
  • Install a screen in front of your fireplace
  • Supervise children near outdoor fire pits
  • Monitor children closely when using fireworks
  • Avoid smoking in bed or near flammable objects

Throw away any old cords that are fraying or rotting. Electrical burns are common and can be some of the most severe and difficult to treat. Cover electrical outlets with shock guards if you have small children in the home. Children will often insert objects into light sockets, causing electrical shock injuries and burns.

Create a Safe Outdoor Space

Your backyard or outdoor oasis is often a place to relax, but it is important not to let your guard down outside. Securing your backyard and garage area is vital to preventing common burn injuries.

Fire pits cause more than 5,000 injuries in the United States each year, and that number is only rising. Nearly a quarter of those injuries are children. Burns often happen when people lose their balance and fall into the pit, or when children touch still-hot coals after the pit has been extinguished. To avoid fire pit injuries, use them carefully, closely monitoring children and anyone who is intoxicated.

If you have suffered a burn, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Filing a burn injury claim immediately after the accident is the best way to ensure you get the relief you deserve. Burn injuries can be long-lasting, expensive and traumatic, so you will need someone on your side to ensure you don’t have to suffer alone. Before hiring a lawyer, research burn injury experts. They will help you to file your claim. Most law firms also offer free consultations.

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