10 Best Bathroom Heater in 2019

Everyone needs to take a shower. It’s a fact.

Having to do so quite early before heading off to work has remained a big task to many. The culprit is the cold weather condition during this time of the day.

Usually, turning on the heating system of your home should help. But that comes at a cost. An astronomical one at that!

Bathroom heaters could salvage the situation. The problem is picking the best bathroom heater from a large amount of junk on sale. This review is aimed at making this segment of your work easier.

Top 10 Best Bathroom Heater review

1. Delta Electronics RAD80L BreezRadiance 80 CFM Heater/Fan/Light Combo


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Delta BreezRadiance heater is comes with unique design and you can decorate your space with this heater. This ceiling mount heater comes with three functions which are heating, ventilation & lighting. You don’t worry about assembling process. Because this heater comes with fully assembled though, all you need to do is mount it on your ceiling.

Due to humid condition many of the heaters may spoiled. But this wonderful heater comes with protection system that guards against getting damaged by humid conditions.

This beautiful heater comes with 26W lamp. It also has builtin thermostat which is one of the must needed features in bathroom heater. The heating module is equipped with thermal cut-off system. Unlike other traditional heater this system comes with detachable adapter which is easy to connect to power. The size of the adapter is 4 inch. The heating element has power draw of 1300W.

Delta electronics Breezradiance model has lots of security features. The case of the system is made up of galvanized steel. It doubles up the ventilator and light. If you are looking heater for small space then this heater is definitely for you. It also consumes less power. So, you can save maximum power.


  • The Installation is simple & quick.
  • It comes with detachable adapter which is easy to connect to power.
  • Thermal cut-off helps from overheating & damage.
  • It doubles up ventilator & light.


  • Not suited for large area.

2. Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater


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Lasko Products Inc. is responsible for the manufacture of this heater. The company which is located in the United States is also involved in the production of several electronic products.

Most people think heaters are big hunks of metals capable of distributing heat. While this isn’t exactly false, there are portable ones. The Lasko 754200 belongs to the latter. It measures about 20 x 17 x13cm. Apparently, you don’t have to worry about where to place the device due to its relatively small size.

This best bathroom heater has a peak power rating of 1500W though only about 1300 W is drawn at the highest setting. This is commonplace for a device of this nature. On the front of the product is an indicator light which lets you know when the heater is plugged into an external outlet. It has two different heat settings and a fan option.

It has a thermostat feature. This makes an easy adjustment of the temperature possible. You can also set the device to monitor changes in the temperature in your bathroom, so it maintains your desired heat setting.

Compared to the Nikko 168 heater, this has a much lower noise level. It is quite commendable in that regard. However, the amount of vibration is just about as unpleasant. Vibrations increase the possibility of the device tipping over especially considering its small weight of 3.0 lbs.

Sadly, this heater has no tip switch. So, if it falls, a fire accident is likely. But there is an overheat protection which shuts of the device if it exceeds a certain temperature.


  • Overheat protection
  • Portable size
  • Efficient thermostat feature
  • Low noise level


  • Vibrations are counterproductive
  • No tip switch
  • It is not great for a more significant enclosure

3. Stiebel Eltron CK Wall Mounted Electric Fan Heater


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Stiebel Eltron is a German company founded in 1924. The firm began operation with the production of boilers. Quality is what the Steibel Eltron brand name represents, and this is visible in their electric heaters.

Just like the Lasko heater, this product has a power rating of 1500W. It won’t draw a lot of power which can damage your electric outlet. This is one of the problems encountered in the junk which trail most stores.

The Stiebel Eltron electric heater is wall mounted. Yes, it limits the mobility of the device, but the space in your bathroom is better for it. You wouldn’t have to worry about vibrations since it is firmly affixed to the wall. One great thing about wall mounted heaters is the reduced incidence of a fire disaster occurring. So, if you want a safer option from the endless list of electric heaters, this unit should be worth a look.

This electric heater has a thermostat incorporated into it. An adjustable knob gives you control over the heat produced by the device. The timer function ensures for a specific amount of time (1-hour max), the temperature of your bathroom is maintained at the designed level. You can configure this to match your shower time making it more pleasant to use the bathroom.

Turning the unit on or off is as simple as pushing the switch. This comes in handy when you don’t need the heat anymore. A peculiar feature of this device called the frost protection keeps the temperature in your bathroom above the freezing point of water. This is regardless of the state of the heating components. However, turning off the device stops this function.

The Steibel Eltron electric heater is not what you would consider loud. It has a decibel rating of 49.7 to prove that. The design of this unit is such that heat is released in a downward fashion. This unit is a great buy especially if you have a bathroom with not enough space.


  • It has an efficient thermostat
  • Low noise level
  • It doesn’t take up much space


  • It requires a complex installation process

4. Pro Breeze 1500W Mini Ceramic Space Heater with 3 Operating Modes and Adjustable Thermostat


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PRO Beeze 1500W mini ceramic space heater is the excellent choice if you are looking for latest bathroom heaters. The heater using Ceramic technology which is advanced technology and ceramic heating elements provide fast and efficient heating than traditional heaters.

It used Adjustable thermostat which is control and monitor the temperature around you for optimal heating efficiency.

Pro Beeze space heater comes with advanced safety features. During the overheat, the heater will automatically turns off and avoid the danger.

The portable and elegant looking heater is really comfortable. You can take it easily from wherever you want. That is the main feature many of you looking for.

It comes with three operating modes which are High (1500W), Low (750W) and fan only modes for flexible heat control.


  • Possesses enough safety features
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Ceramic technology helps to heat quickly


  • Noise level is on the high side

5. Broan 655 Heater and Heater Bath Fan with Light Combination


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This heater is produced by Broan – NuTone LLC. It has a design template which makes it match the interior of your home. To enjoy the warmth this unit provides, you will need to append it to the ceiling of your bathroom. In fact, it is one of the few devices built to survive the moisture of this secluded space. This explains its popularity among different households.

There are few heaters with the amount of functionality obtainable with this unit. A heater, fan, and light are a mix to admire in an electronic. The Broan 655 has it all. You can enjoy a more convenient use of your bathroom with these features.

The heater has a rating of 1300W. This is quite surprising for a jack-of-all-trades type of heater. But it’s a decent attribute. You won’t need to become alarmed about the device destroying the power outlet in your bathroom.

Controlling this unit is possible with the visible wall control. Just like your ceiling fan has an extended controller on the wall, same applies to this electric heater. However, it has not one but two wall controls. This ensures you can adjust the heater, fan and the light bulb.

The one significant drawback is the cost of installing this unit. You will need the input of experts whose services are not cheap. Also, it is heavy but shouldn’t pose a problem since it would be in a static position.

Here is the following video that gets you detailed information about the product.


  • Impressive design
  • It comes loaded with more function than expected
  • Power usage is lower than similar models


  • It generates a substantial amount of noise
  • It is difficult to install

6. Panasonic FV-11VH2 Ceiling Mounted Fan, Heat Combination


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Everyone knows Panasonic. They are one of the biggest electronics manufacturing giants in the world. Their products are known to be of immense quality. And this electric heater is not an exception.

Like the Broan 655 electric heater, this unit is ceiling mounted. It needs to be hanged to dispense warm air in your non-insulated bathroom. The design of this device is one that enables easy collection of cold air and the prominent release of warm air. Innovative technology ensures the heat transfer is more efficient than you are possibly used to. You will find this convenient regardless of the size your shower area.

One peculiar flaw of most electric heaters is the significant amount of noise generated. The Panasonic FV 11VH2 takes a different approach. Its components are well oiled and engineered to deliver without acting as a disturbance to those around. Yes, you can take that shower without informing everyone you are doing so even when the device is at the highest level.

A lot of electric heaters are known to suffer rusts due to the presence of moisture. This explains why many cannot be used in damp areas. But this Panasonic model is built with water-resistant compounds decreasing the possibility of a dent in durability. Well, what do more could you expect from one of the biggest brands?

The only issue many households have with this unit is it is rather pricey.


  • Quality construction
  • Low noise level
  • Optimum performance


  • It requires some form of installation

7. King Electric W1215-W W Series Wall Heater 1500-Watt


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This is another wall mounted unit just like the Steibel Eltron electric heater. Unlike many of the heaters it is suited for large areas. If you are looking for best bathroom heater for large areas then take a look at this model. The installation also is simple. It comes with Nichrome heating element which helps to heat fast even the large area.

This device is quite the catch since you don’t need to wait hours before using the bathroom. It comes with four-bladed impeller fan. The outer case coated with powder. It has automatic switch-off system which is really great when it comes to security.

Exceedingly few electric heaters are made to function flawlessly in a bathroom. This unit belongs to that category. You are not faced with a drop in durability if the device is used continuously in this area of your home.

A peak power rating of 1500W is not something to be sniffed at. Frankly, damaged sockets are less likely to occur due to this unit’s wattage.

This Holmes heater comes with a safe bathroom plug which keeps the probability of overheating concern to a minimum. Vibrations are inconsequential since it hangs from the wall of your bathroom while working.


  • It heats up quite effectively considering its size.
  • Durable product
  • Can be use for larger areas.
  • Applicable for all areas including bathroom.
  • Auto switch off system protects from damage.


  • High power because it leads high electricity bills
  • Some people think fan may be noisy.

8. Broan 100HL Bath Fan with Heater and Incandescent Light


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This is the another best bathroom heater worth mentioning in this list. Produced to survive the harsh condition of your bathroom, this unit will not leave you out in the cold. The heater when installed hangs from the ceiling of your bathroom. Warm air is easily released within this often isolated area in a multi-directional manner. It has a power rating of 1500W.  This ensures every part of your bathroom is covered in warmth. The ease of changing the position of the device improves the distribution of heat produced.

Typical of power consuming appliances, installation of this unit requires a dedicated circuit amp. This is necessary to avoid a fire outbreak from an overheating device. Its switches can be attached to the adjacent wall of your bathroom. However, the necessary components to make this happen are sold separately.

If you need a heater fan and heat settings, this unit is worth considering. Also, it comes with a fluorescent light source for improved visibility of your bathroom.

Noise level is not alarming. And its 2.0-sone calibration is enough proof.


  • Impressive heat generation
  • Noise level is low
  • Comes with its light source


  • Installation can be quite challenging
  • Wall switch is sold separately

9. Broan Model 157 Low-Profile Solid Wire Element Ceiling Heater


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When you look at the design of Broan Model 157 heater, its completely unique and elegant. The heater looks like a ceiling fan. It can easily mounted on ceiling and also looks great at ceiling. It produces decent amount of heat. The system covers from low to medium level areas. It is he great choice if you are looking for power saving bathroom heater.

Let’s see the features of this heating system. It has 1250W heating element. It also has automatic overheat protection system which is really great. Modern heating system usually comes with this feature. Thanks to the advanced technology. It has automatic shut-off system. And also it has permanently lubricated motor which is cool feature in this heater.


  • Power consumption is moderate.
  • Automatic shut-off system helps when it needed.
  • Overheat protection helps from damage.
  • Easy to install.


  • It requires minimum 15 amp circuit.

10. NuTone 9093WH Deluxe Heat-A-Ventlite Heater with Ventilator and Incandescent Ceiling Light


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The last but not least on this list is the Nutone 9093WH deluxe heater. This unique bathroom heater comes with ventilator and light.

This device isn’t just your conventional heater. It has a fan and light source. Your bathroom is better ventilated and with increased warmth using this device. There are two categories of the lightning produced by the heater. Both enhance the visibility of your bathroom.

You will need to have it installed in the ceiling of your bathroom improving the available space. While it only takes a small quadrant of the ceiling of your shower area, the heat distribution is considered decent. Control over the unit is achieved through four function wall switch. These are usually positioned where they can be accessed easily.

Very few heaters have the well thought-out structure of the Nutone 9093 unit. It heats up space very quick. It consumes little more power because of high power and performance. The system doubles up ventilator and light for you when you take shower and need fresh air while bathing.

The four-function wall switch is really helpful when it comes to heating the bathroom, ventilation and lighting. It also comes with 7W nightlight. The total weight of the system is 17 pounds.


  • Galvanized steel house protects from damage.
  • Awesome design.
  • It gives excellent light at night time.
  • It delivers phenomenal ventilation which helps to clear the fog too quickly.


  • Noise level could be problematic.

Read more:

Buyer’s Guide for Bathroom Heater

Before you purchase an electric heater for your bathroom, some factors are instrumental to the success of such a purchase. This mini guide outlines some of this crucial attributes you need to watch out for.

Safety features

Buying a bathroom heater is a great idea especially in the cold. But how careful are you in preventing an accident from occurring with the use of such a unit is a question you will need to answer. The heat produced by these devices will not only warm up your home but can also leave your belongings in flames if not handled properly.  Manufacturers have found a way to reduce such accidents. An overheat protection, and a tip switch are good examples. Getting a heater with this sort of features is advisable especially if you have young children and pets around.


How big is your bathroom? Answering this question should throw more light on the kind of heater you need. While some units will only heat up space around them, others are capable of enveloping the entire vicinity in warmth. Your call will decide how pleasant your shower times are. So, choose wisely.

Innovative features

Changing the temperature of your heater especially when you are using your bathroom can be challenging. Imagine you don’t have to it yourself. The unit regulates the heat for you. Yes, it is possible. A heater with an efficient thermostat will leave you free from worries about monitoring the unit. But not all devices have this feature. This makes it essential you choose the best bathroom heater with your desired features. Frankly, it might cost more, but it’s worth it.


Most of the heaters in this review have their strength and weaknesses. But the Panasonic is probably head above the others. It might be pricey compared to the others, but with a truckload of excellent features and a beautiful design, it is worth the risk.

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