In 2021, businesses are increasingly moving online. Now, more than ever before, consumers are embracing the benefits of e-commerce, with internet sales accounting for 21 percent of all purchases. It’s a phenomenal statistic and one successful companies must be aware of. If you’re not marketing and selling online, you’re missing out on valuable opportunities, and your company may not survive.

One industry that markets with aplomb is the online casino sector. Having existed on the internet since 1996, it has had more than two-and-a-half decades to get to grips with how it’s done. What the online casino industry doesn’t know about marketing isn’t worth knowing. To be successful in this hugely competitive sector, companies have to get it right. This means seizing every opportunity that comes their way, and that includes annual holidays.

From Christmas to Easter to Valentine’s Day, the online casino sector has a strategy for every big event in the calendar. We take a look at how they make the most of special holidays – and how your company can do the same.

Themed merchandise

Before you can look at marketing specifically, you must first see whether you have any products or services you can push in conjunction with a particular holiday. It may be that you already have lots of suitable options, from scarlet lipstick to love heart chocolates.

Where your company and its products aren’t intrinsically tied to the event in question, you may have to think a little harder. For example, it’s much more difficult for an online casino to embrace Valentine’s Day than it is a makeup brand.

Yet internet provider Paddy Power shows us how it’s done. If you take a peek at their webpage, you’ll find a game titled Stacked Valentine Hearts. Newly released, this particular slot is a perfect option to push in their Valentine’s marketing.

You can bet the company developed it with this specific holiday in mind, and this is something your brand can do too. Let’s say you own an online sweet shop. While you may already have a few Valentine’s-appropriate options, you could also develop some new products for the occasion.

One of these might be a Valentine’s box, complete with red, pink, and heart-themed products carefully handpicked by you. Wrap them in love heart paper, tie with a ribbon, and offer the option to include a personalized message, and they’re sure to fly off the shelves.

While this specific example applies to only one industry and holiday, businesses in every sector can come up with their own holiday-themed offerings to capitalize on these once-a-year opportunities.

Holiday promotions

As well as creating and pushing specially developed products, the casino industry is adept at designing special holiday promotions too. These usually take the form of some sort of discount, which is made available for a limited time only.

For example, some online casinos offer a referral bonus to celebrate Valentine’s, so their customers can use the holiday to share the fun with their valentine, galentine (yes, it’s a thing:, or even just a good friend.

This is something your business can easily try, and it’s a great way to attract new customers and foster goodwill among existing ones. At Christmas, an obvious way to push this would be to state that the promotion was a treat from you to show your customers how much you appreciate their continued support.

Such a tactic is easy, straightforward, and if you go about it the right way, the extra sales you score will more than make up for your slightly decreased profit margins. Check out online slots site.

Holiday competitions

Finally, you can capitalize on the holidays by using them as an excuse to host competitions. Businesses within the casino industry are always doing this, with lots of great opportunities to win lavish prizes. While your own company might not have the budget or the connections to offer quite such attractive goodies, most people love a contest and don’t need too much enticement to enter. For example, let’s say you run a florist or plant shop.

A potential competition might look like this: participants enter by sharing your online giveaway on their Instagram stories or Facebook page. This guarantees them one entry. The prize is a plant or bouquet of their choosing up to a value of £20.

From their perspective, entering requires minimal effort, and from yours, your audience pushes your business among their online friends and followers, with the grand total of your marketing efforts amounting to just £20. It’s a win for you both. You can find more advice on running a successful social media contest via sites such as

Tell us, isn’t it time you took a leaf out of the online casino industry’s book and started capitalizing on these amazing opportunities?

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