Mass production has revolutionized manufacturing from the day of its application. The assembly line method is the driving force behind mass production. It allows items to flow at a steady pace to different stations, which perform appropriate actions. This flow helps calculate the variety of manufacturing parameters like production rate, number of personnel needed, cost, etc.

Conveyor belts are what carry the items along on the assembly line. These tough belts are capable of withstanding the grueling conditions of the factory floor. They help transport items and provide a platform to work on them. Their advantages have moved them beyond the factory floor and into places like airports for luggage handling.

Their long-lasting nature has opened a thriving second-hand market. Suppliers like American Surplus offer a range of used conveyor belts that will be a good fit for any application. They offer certain advantages over new ones that make them a compelling buy.

The reasons to go for used conveyor systems, supplied by agencies like American Surplus, are as below:


Conveyor systems are not easy on the pocket always. The costs vary by the type of material used for it, length, design, etc. New companies with modest budgets can find it difficult to stretch their budgets to accommodate a conveyor system that’s newly produced.

A used conveyor system solves this problem with ease. The asking rate for any second-hand system is always lower than a new one, meaning a low-budget startup can purchase it too. They can also serve in places of high belt attrition as cheap replacements. Frequent replacement costs can be reduced with used conveyors in such systems.

Proven Track Record

New buyers can be apprehensive about purchasing a system as they might not be sure of its capabilities. New ones could even have manufacturing defects that could hurt production with replacement delays. Used belt systems can alleviate such concerns.

The fact that it has been used guarantees that it is up to the task demanded of it. It is possible to find one used for the same purpose. The system could very well be under the manufacturer warranty period, providing you a safety net.


The biggest concern behind used systems purchase is the quality. Strenuous usage over the years will have caused some wear and tear on the belt and associated connections. It can be a tedious task to inspect the entire thing before buying.

Quality used conveyor suppliers come to the rescue here. Their business experience allows them to figure out the flaws at the moment of purchase from the original owner.

They’ll have inspection protocols in place to ensure that you will avoid purchasing problematic systems. They could even have safety ratings associated with each product that will display what kind of flaws are present and their impact on performance. It will also give you an idea of the system’s longevity.

On-Hand Customer Service

Sometimes, your conveyor belt needs might force you to import one from far away. That manufacturer might not have a base in your market. For any problem that arises, you’re forced to communicate with them and ship the entire system over if needed for repairs. This process will add losses from delays and miscellaneous costs.

Used system suppliers will be at your beck-and-call to process any complaint you could have about your purchase. They will easily replace yours with a new-used one without much delay as they will be relatively close. This proximity also ensures easy communication since the same regulations will apply.

The business runs so long as the machinery keeps moving. Used conveyor belt providers like American Surplus are the link between a smooth operation and profit.

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