Top Ways to Create a Cosy Living Room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. Whether it is unwinding after a stressful day at work, catching up on our favourite TV shows or spending time with our friends and family, the living room is the focal point of any home. However, many of us struggle with adding those finishing touches that transform the space from just another room to a cosy and inviting place you want to spend your time.

Top Ways to Create a Cosy Living Room

We have created top tips to create a truly cosy living room:

  • Add some candles 

Candles are a great way to create a cosy living room. While electric lights are essential in providing bright light, when you are trying to relax, that brightness can often be quite harsh and uncomfortable. Lighting some candles can help create a warm and inviting atmosphere, while to further that cosy feeling, you could use scented candles that will fill the room with a delicious aroma.

  • Invest in comfortable furniture 

Soft and comfortable furniture is a must have addition to any cosy living room. When you can settle down and relax on a comfy sofa, chair or pouffe, you will feel your cares and stress begin to leave your body.

The right style of furniture will also be able to help you create more moments of intimacy. Clustering your sofa and chairs together will create a cosier environment that allows everyone to communicate together and chat with ease.

  • Have a log wood burner

Although not suitable for every home, if your property is able to have a log wood burner installed, then there are very few methods better at creating a cosy environment. From the flickering light and crackle of the fire to the warmth it produces, a log burner can completely transform a room and make it incredibly inviting.

Sitting back and watching those flames dance through the stove glass door can be truly mesmerising and helps to create the perfect cosy cottage feel.

  • Add rugs and throws 

A cosy living room should be somewhere you can unwind and relax any time of the year, and adding throw overs are a fantastic way to help you create that cosy environment. Not only can they become a focal point when visitors enter the room, but on those cold evenings, you can wrap them around you to keep you warm and cosy.

Another important addition you can make to your living room to improve the cosiness is to add a rug. This is very important if you have hard flooring, as this can get cold and uncomfortable, particularly in the cooler months.

  • Add cushions

To take your soft sofas to the next level of comfort, then adding cushions is essential. The right style can not only help to add a splash of colour and design to your interior, quickly and easily allowing you to transform the aesthetics of any room. Not only that, but cushions can also help provide support when sitting or lying down, allowing you to get even comfier when cosying down in front of your favourite show.

  • Incorporate wood effect furniture 

The key to creating a cosy atmosphere is to utilise warm and inviting furniture and colours. Dark wood effect furniture is the perfect choice for anyone looking to establish a cosy living room. From tables to bookcases, wood effect furniture is able to transform the appearance and atmosphere of any home.

Everyone’s idea of cosiness is different, so when designing your perfect living room, you should focus on the furniture and aesthetics that make you feel at home.

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