Where to Find Inspiration to Write

It can be so easy for writers to get caught up in the pressures of writing and the frustration of writer’s block that they forget inspiration is everywhere. The best stories often come from the strangest and most random places. If you’re struggling to find ideas, or can’t seem to move your current project forward, you probably don’t need to look far. Try the following things and see if anything hits you.

Where to Find Inspiration to Write

7 Ways To Find Inspiration to Write:

1. Go Outside

It can be as easy as going outside. If it’s warm and sunny, take a walk in the park. The sunshine and fresh air will clear your head and make way for new ideas. If you’re someone who is fascinated by the rain, sit by the window so you can watch and listen.

The serene repetition of the rain or the beauty of a bright, clear day can be enough to inspire something new.

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2. The BookStore

If you’re writing a book, the bookstore is a great place to find new ideas and it will give an inspiration to write a book. Not that you should blatantly copy anyone, but being surrounded by stories and images is the perfect place for the imagination to run wild.

You don’t even have to sit there and read anything. Try studying some cover art and pulling ideas from that. If you’re in the middle of writing a fantasy, look around the fantasy section. The covers will no doubt have exciting, magical imagery.

If the images aren’t doing it for you, crack open a few books and do a little reading. Go through a few scenes and see what jumps out at you. Not having any context or fully understanding the story will help you make sure you’re not outright stealing anything.

3. Find New Music

Everyone knows music can be deep and moving. For many, it speaks to them on an emotional level. It can improve your mood and fill the silence. Music can also be a fantastic source of ideas and inspiration. The poetic lyrics often tell a story or create an image for the listener. Pay attention to the details and have fun with them.

The best way to do this is to find brand-new music you’ve never listened to. Your favorite music may be amazing, but you’ve heard it all before. It’s already left an impression on your mind. Find something new and let it speak to you.

4. Writing Prompts

There is plenty you can do to help yourself think of new ideas, but sometimes you still get a little stuck. When this happens, you can look for pre-made ideas with a writing prompt generator.

With a writing prompt generator, you’ll find a number of ideas. They can literally be anything. They can be single sentences, quotes, abstract ideas, etc. Some generators are entirely random while others are more specific.

If you’re a romance author short on ideas, look for a romance writing prompt generator for a better chance at finding ideas you can use.

5. Record Your Dreams

For something completely original, you can turn to your own subconscious. Our dreams can range from completely mundane to absolutely wild and insane. Make a habit of recording your dreams whenever you’re able to remember them.

You can keep a “dream journal” of sorts. Put it close to your bed and try to write down your dreams as soon as possible after waking up. Sometimes the details begin to get fuzzy if you wait too long.

It may seem like a chore at times, but when you’re lacking inspiration, you’ll thank yourself for it. Even the craziest things may come in handy down the road. Or, the plain, simple, boring details might be the perfect addition to something you’re working on.

Dreams are a curious thing that we still don’t fully understand, but they can certainly be interesting. Use your own mind to your advantage, especially when what you come up with is weird, out there, or different.

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6. Meditate

Meditation has a host of proven health benefits, both physically and mentally. It’s a good practice to start regardless, but it can help you find inspiration at the same time. It can have a similar effect to getting outside and going for a walk in that it clears your head.

However, meditation takes things a step further and helps you direct your focus. You can choose to meditate on your work specifically and in doing so, new ideas may form.

7. Don’t Wait for Inspiration – Go Find it

If you’re stuck, don’t get discouraged. There is plenty you can do to get unstuck. Between the beauty of nature, the wonder of music, and the genius of a good quality writing prompt generator, inspiration is everywhere.

If none of the above methods are working for you, try sleeping on it. Take in some information, write down a few ideas even if you don’t like them, and take a break. Step away from it for the day, get a good night’s sleep, and try again in the morning.

These are the 7 ways to find inspiration to write a book or novel. What is your favorite comment down?

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