Writing has become more than a hobby. Many people before spent time writing in the way of expressing themselves as a form of art, such as poem and songwriting, or short stories and novel writing. However, as time went by, writing has become a profession. Many professional writers find a lucrative job in writing content articles promoting the company products or services.


Others earn a large amount of money from writing any research-related documents. Many people’s lives have been significantly changed because of making writing as a profession. If you have skills in writing, you can start a writing career anytime. To help you take your first step, read the details below to know the different writing tools that you should start using.

File Converter Tool

When you choose writing as your career, you might have different clients to whom you deliver your written articles to. You may also be directly connected to the company or business owners who requested you to write promotional articles. In this case, you need to be familiar with different file formats for your documents before sending the final outputs to your clients.

Hence, you have to start using any file converter tool. As its name implies, it converts your existing documents to a particular file format based on how you use them. When you write an article using a Word document format and plan to attach it to your email, it’ll be better to convert it to pdf format. PDF will compress your file so that it’ll become small, and be suitable for email attachments.

If you’re making detailed inventories or organizing data and information into a more logical and comprehensible format, it’s best to use Excel in generating spreadsheets. Before attaching the spreadsheet file in your email, it’ll be better to convert Excel to PDF. Pdf technology is ideal for any email attachments. It also makes your pdf files easier to share with other devices and do online uploads than files in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Therefore, if you want to start a writing career, a file converter tool is one of the essential writing tools you must be familiar with that you should start using.


In the business of writing, it’s punishable by law if you’re caught and proven of copying someone else’s writing. Your written articles are your intellectual properties. Hence, someone will be charged with plagiarism if he or she will take your written works or ideas as his or her own. Thanks to Copyscape and this unlawful practice will be avoided.

Copyscape is a writing tool that provides online copyright protection used for searching for any instances of plagiarism and content theft. It has a smart system of plagiarism detection. It offers you a premium subscription that requires payment. However, it’ll surely provide you with security and assurance, proving your written work as your own, and others are originally drafted by the writer.


Professional writers must write perfectly. However, it’s a bit challenging to write articles without any errors or mistakes. People who have been writing for a long time sometimes don’t have the confidence to produce any written outputs faultlessly. Hence, Grammarly is created to help writers feel positive about what they write.

Grammarly is a writing tool that will help you identify erroneous parts of your writing. It could be spelling, capitalization, correct use of punctuation, proper verb tenses, and other English grammar errors. The tool also provides you with smart suggestions that you might consider better than what you’ve written.


Writing isn’t an easy job, but it’s challenging for people who enjoy doing it. If you also find writing as an exciting activity, you might have the heart of a writer. If you think you have the writing skills needed to produce quality written articles, you may be qualified to become a professional writer. To help you take your first step, remember the common writing tools discussed above. You can also explore other writing tools available online, depending on your current writing skill level. Be familiar with these tools and start using them when you write. Start your writing career, and enjoy writing your first draft as a professional one.


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