What is Mippin Mobilizer ? & Its usage


There are many websites stuck if you open it on mobile phones. That is why Mippin mobilizer came to solve this problem.

What is Mippin Mobilizer?

Mippin Mobilizer is toll which help to solve your un-responsive web-pages on mobile. This is simple and easy tool which helps to solve many problem. The Mippin mobilizer have good name in the industry. Rising tool which helps to show your website awesome on mobile phones.

How to Use Mippin Mobilizer?

The usage of mippin mobilizer is really simple. What you need is go to the website, give your website’s RSS feed url on the page.

After that you need to give the required details and signup in the website.

It gives one code. You need to install the code on your site.

It will show the live preview when you start customizing. This is the best tool for real time customization. You can see the results from there.

After hive save button the things came to the end.

You can see your site fully responsive on the mobile devices.



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