unique car numbers

Modern car plates have their structure, as well as a special digital indicators’ order. When buying a car from an auto dealer, you need to verify the VIN specified in the passport with the one that is written on the body. If you buy a used car, you also need to check the VIN code. With it, you can find out the car condition, its mileage, information about previous owners. VIN code shows whether the car was in an accident, whether it was stolen. Such a check will help you not to lose money and not get a car with a criminal record.

unique car numbers

What is a VIN Decoder?

Vehicle registration plates are not only a combination of numbers printed on a white metal plate. You can check the VIN on the specialized free service created to decrypt the VIN – a unique seventeen-character alphanumeric combination making it possible for you to lookup a license plate owner. It does not involve three letters of the Latin alphabet – O, Q, I, which are easily confused with the numbers 0 and 1. The task of the code is to identify the car in several respects. From a legal point of view, it is the engine size, body color, serial number, actual manufacturer and country of production, as well as the year of manufacture. From a technical point of view, it is a number of nuances that determine the modification of the vehicle.

Trying to change the number or letter will not work, because the color, body type or brand according to the forged number may correspond to another car or be completely absent. By a VIN coder, you can indirectly determine whether the car has been in an accident, as well as service stations actively use VIN when selecting or ordering spare parts and accessories.

Why VIN Is Required

VIN can be very useful to the buyer:

  • Checking the control character (the ninth character in the code), you are cautioned against buying a poor-quality car (fake).
  • You can find out whether a car is pledged or stolen.
  • You can find out the real mileage of the car.
  • One of the most important opportunities is to find spare parts specifically for your car.

Search for Parts by Vehicle VIN

VIN code helps to search for spare parts for the right car based on full information about it that is hidden directly in the code. In what situations can a search on VIN decode come in handy?

  • If the common name and the name in the spare parts catalog are different.
  • If there is no photo of the part in the catalog and/or there is a very brief description, you won’t know what the manufacturer has had in mind.

Code search makes the remote search easier. All you need to do is enter the code. As a rule, after this, a list of groups is suggested, according to which the details are divided. Going deeper, the buyer finds a specific part that fits the car. Sometimes the list of products is not divided into groups, but you can always use the internal search by the filter already set in the form of a VIN.

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