Sports bets on the 2022 World Cup can now be placed


There are about seven months to go until the 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup, which will be played in Qatar. The tournament, which will open on November 21 and end on December 18, will have a big difference this year: the attention to sports betting. This is because never before has an edition of the World Cup been in the midst of such tremendous growth in this market.

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One of the proofs of the greater prominence that sports betting will have in this World Cup is that you don’t even have to wait for the beginning of the tournament to start playing. It is already possible to place bets on the World Cup. The leading bookmakers in the world are already offering some markets to choose from. Here are some examples of the selections that can already be made with an eye on the world’s leading soccer competition.

Growth of sports betting

Since 2018, the year of the last World Cup, we have had immeasurable growth in the sports betting market worldwide. The tournament, which was held in Russia at the time, has already had an exciting highlight for this industry. However, this time around, for the competition in Qatar in 2022, we should have an unprecedented relevance for sports betting.

Countries like the United States, for example, that have never before had such flirtatious sports betting legislation will be immersed in the competition. In other words, worldwide, we will see massive growth in the number of bettors.

We should have a record number of options available to bettors, both for the games and special markets, such as the choices involving, for example, the possible winning team. In addition, the investment in advertising by the bookmakers should also be something never seen before. Finally, websites specialized in sports betting tips should be intensely involved in the coverage of the competition, with daily news and live scores.

The World Cup and the sports betting market

With the groups for the first round of the 2022 World Cup already defined, bettors are already starting to search for content that will help them place sports bets on the biggest soccer event in the universe. Studies on the teams, who are the favorite teams to win the first matches, and even specific characteristics, such as the best attacks and defenses, are already sought after by those who want to invest in the World Cup competitions.

It is at this moment that sites specialized in betting tips gain prominence. Content that brings this information, with a specific look to the sports betting market, has been growing more and more. What is already common in other major competitions, such as live scores with odds and statistics in real-time, should receive even more attention and greater demand.

Everything that will help the bettor to profit with sports betting on the World Cup should get extra attention in the coming months.

The bets that can already be placed

Even though there are still more than six months until the start of the World Cup matches, it is already possible to place the first bets on the competition. Some bookmakers are already offering special markets for the tournament. Among the most common choices, you can already invest, for example, in who will be the champion of the competition or who will reach at least the final.

Among the more specific sports bets, we have markets that indicate who will be the top scorer of the World Cup, who will advance to the round of 16, and even who will be the leader of the groups. And of course, as the last three qualifiers for the tournament are still to be determined, it is also possible to place bets on the playoff matches. In other words, for sports betting fans, there’s no doubt that the World Cup has begun!


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