Soldering iron can be used for multiple purposes. You may have a hobby of collecting the tools or have a heart for building electrical equipment, a soldering iron can be useful in all the cases. There are separate soldering iron kit for mobile phone repair, circuit board and similar such electronics applications.

Considering the fact that there are plenty of best soldering irons available in the market, it is essential for you to determine the ones that have scored best credits among the customers. There are many things that you can note while selecting right soldering iron for you.

The soldering irons are must to have around. Any kinds of small wear and tear happening at home can be repaired with the tools if they are handy and easily available at home. So first you need to understand the working of the tools before you decide to purchase the kit.

We would like to put forward some of the best soldering iron available in the market. The only problem with the review of these items is that there are fewer features and the functioning of all the tools are same. It is difficult to state the differences between the soldering irons. But yes, since we consider customer feedback for the kits as well, you can determine how different soldering irons are indifferent from one another.

Soldering iron composition provides the higher corrosion resistances and raises the melting point. 11% tin, 37% lead, 42% bismuth, and 10% cadmium is the default solder composition. These are combined for providing low melting point. Soldering iron components are also sensitive to heat.

We would like to shed some light on the background of the soldering irons. You will find this mundane rather interesting. The name “Soldering Iron” is rather new but the concept has been in the world since ancient times. It was first patented in the 20th century.

Soldering Iron was used for joining different kinds of metals together to form various objects. The metals, dresses, gold, and other ceremonial objects were soldered. The craft of soldering got much significance 4000 years from now when it was discovered that tin was an ideal material to be soldered.

Since then, the process of soldering has been in the world and has given us astonishing soldered objects.

Without any further ado, let’s check out the best soldering irons below.

Top 11 Best Soldering Iron Reviews:

1) Vastar Full Set 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit

Vastar Full Set 60W 110V Soldering Iron Kit

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The Vastar full set 60W soldering iron kit is made of the iron-plated tip and stainless steel. The quality of the product has been carefully considered. It has the properties of stability and reliability. The tools are used for varied purposes so it is a mandatory kit in your house. If you are in soldering various objects, building electrical equipment or soldering jewelry products, it is a mandatory toolkit for you.

The kit has adjustable temperature control soldering irons from 200-450 degrees centigrade. Also, it has got special thermostat circuit that controls and adjust the temperature as per the needs of the knob wheel on the electronic soldering iron.

There are 5 different soldering iron types available with this kit to accomplish different kinds of soldering jobs. Also with this set, there is no need of soldering station because simply plugging is all you need to get started.

The kit comes with better heat dissipation efficiency with the upgraded steel-pipe design. Vastar has used upgraded PCBA chip fixed resistor whereas other soldering irons in the market are made with coloring resistance.

The length of the soldering iron is 7.0 inch and the cable is 59.0 inches long. It takes 110V working voltage with 60W power. The usage of the product is also simple. It is suggested to clean soldering iron parts before joining them.

The soldering iron tip must be cleaned and “tin” all the faces of the tip with solder coating. The flux core solder has to be applied on the heated parts. It must not be applied to the soldering tip. Heat the solder till it melts and flows freely.

In the package, you will get 1 temperature adjust soldering iron, 5 soldering iron tips, a soldering iron stand, a pocket pack soldering tube, a pair of anti-static tweezers and a desoldering pump. The product comes with 18 months warranty.

Vastar is an economical brand for soldering irons. The products are ensured with utmost quality as the low cost never hampers the quality of the product. Since some people use the soldering irons on the routine basis, it is important to give them stronger models. Vastar manufacture models that are strong and versatile. If you are looking for budget-friendly soldering iron with the great value of money then Vastar is the brand for you.


  • Economical.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Numerous accessories.
  • High power.


  • Big and bulky.
  • Not ideal for daily use.

Tips & Techniques for Beginners

2) Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station

Weller WLC100 40-Watt Soldering Station

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Weller WLC100 40W Soldering station is high in quality, lightweight product that comes with pencil iron and cushioned foam grip with the replaceable heating element. It is an ideal soldering iron for students and DIY enthusiasts.

This machine has got all that you need starting from a soldering iron. It can perfectly join metals and create electrical connections. This machine is not for the hard-core professionals as it is created by keeping hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts in mind.

The pencil iron of the machine is made of the high quality ST3 iron plated copper tip. The comfort of the user has been given much emphasis as it has got cushioned foam grip that helps in holding the machine for longer hours. The replaceable heating element allows you to use the machine for a long time. It also encourages the durability of the product.

Why are soldering irons made of copper?

Soldering iron tips are copper core plated with iron.

  • Copper is majorly used for heat transfer and iron plating for durability.
  • Copper gets corroded easily, so its tip gets eaten away while iron will not.

This machine also comes with variable power controls that allow you to adjust the power as per your needs. With a simple turn of the knob, you can adjust the power level from 5 to 40 watts. The knob is available in the base unit. Therefore, the versatility of the machine is also encouraged as you can undertake different tasks that require varied power pressures.

On the base unit, there is also a power indicator button that indicates you to turn off the power once you are done with the task so that you don’t accidentally leave the iron on.

There is a built-in iron stand that helps in the better organization of the workspace and a natural sponge tip cleaning pad to clean the tip after each usage. This product comes with ST3 iron plated 1/8 inch screwdriver tip but this model is compatible with ST series tips that can help in accomplishing more tasks. The tips are sold separately by Weller. The soldering iron price may seem a little much but it is made of premium quality material.

Weller soldering iron is predominant in the market over many decades. Its products are UL listed which means that they are thoroughly tested and meet independent safety standards. Also, it comes with 1 year of warranty from the manufacturers.

The tips of Weller products are made with solid copper and iron plated that protects them against corrosion. It is a huge brand that manufactures best of the soldering irons.


  • Great quality.
  • Adjustable power controls.
  • Ideal for small-scale work.
  • High-quality accessories.


  • High priced.
  • Small dust bag.

3) SREMTCH 60W Soldering Iron

sremtch review

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When you really want to get into electronics soldering but you have a limited budget, then this soldering iron is going to be a perfect choice. The SREMTCH 60W Soldering Iron is priced affordably and won’t make a dent in your pocket. It is a high-quality professional grade soldering iron that takes on powerful soldering work and does a fabulous job of it.

There is no doubt that this is a great starter kit for beginners. The heating element is made of ceramic, which heats up quickly and within few minutes, you can start using it. To be precise, it takes not more than 3 minutes to get to the ideal working temperature.

What it means is that you can start the soldering work quickly and you don’t need to wait for a long time for the equipment to reach the right working temperature.

Unlike most soldering irons, this comes with a power switch. So when not in use, you can turn it off and save energy. The non-slip silicone cover gives you a powerful grip while working. With this kind of hold, you can manipulate the soldering iron according to your needs.

Another great feature with it is its light indicator. You can use it to determine whether the power is in on or off state and a temperature gauge. As the temperature of the soldering iron increases, the indicator light becomes brighter. This enables you to make out whether you want to increase or decrease the temperature of the iron and act accordingly.

You should note that you won’t get a storage bag or a box when you purchase this soldering iron.

When you consider what the SREMTCH 60W Soldering Iron has to offer in terms of features, this won’t be a big deal.

Overall, a professional grade soldering equipment that comes under the affordable price range.


  • Top quality budget friendly soldering iron.
  • Comes equipped with a quick heating ceramic element.
  • Manufactured with a power on and off switch.
  • The light indicator is helpful in many ways.


  • No storage bag included.
  • Only suitable for beginners.

4) X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS Digital Display Soldering Iron Station

X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS Digital Display Soldering Iron Station

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X-Tronic Model #3020-XTS Digital Display Soldering Iron Station is an expensive but premium quality product. The features of this product are simply remarkable as it comes with LED digital display. It has 10 minutes sleep function which means that if you stopped using the iron for 10 minutes then it will automatically go to the sleep mode.

This kit is ideal for the beginners as well as the experts as well as it can undertake complex tasks with ease. And since its an X-Tronic product, the durability and high performance of the machine is invincible.

The kit includes 75W soldering iron with heat-resistant ergonomic grip. A soldering iron  temperature range falls between 200 degrees C and 480 degrees C. There is a solder roll holder, a stainless steel soldering iron holder, and a brass sponge tip cleaner.

As far as the specifications of this model are concerned, it is ESD safe product and delivers 75W of soldering iron output. There is a toggle switch that changes the temperature display from centigrade to Fahrenheit. It is a high-end machine with various features and functions. There is proportional integral derivative technology that is often referred as magic temperature compensation technology to maintain tip temperature stability.

Also, the LED readouts display all the functions on the console of the machine. The ergonomic grip keeps the hand safe from the heat generated by the machine. Also, it comes with a self-test function with complete intelligence on overload, over-temps, and short circuits.

It has got 100% silicon cord 60 inches long starting from the tip of the soldering iron to the main unit. There is another 55-inch long power cord that stretches from wall plug to the main unit. It is a perfect toolkit for the people that use soldering iron kits professionally or seek to learn it in a professional way.

X-Tronic soldering irons are fashioned with amazing features that you cannot find in any other brand’s products. As you can see by yourself, this model is powered with exclusive features. If you are concerned about the cost then don’t be because X-Tronic products are extremely durable and promising. This model is fully functional with incredible features.


  • Best for heavy duty usage.
  • Quality making.
  • Convenient solder holder.
  • Responsive controls.


  • Heavy.
  • The sponge is too thin.

5) Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit

Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit

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Power Probe PPSK Butane Soldering Kit is best soldering iron for general-purpose electrical work. It is one of the star products among customers. The best part is that this model is cord-free so you can take it anywhere for usage. Being without cord gives you the liberty to use it anywhere, especially at the places where electric outlets are unavailable. Also, it does not require power to operate. Being cordless is one of the biggest advantages of this kit.

The size of the kit is relatively smaller but it’s finely loaded with brilliant features. Also, the machine is highly reliable and liked by the customers for its seamless working. The machine operates on butane fuel that can last for up to 2 hours. The time of usage depends on the complexity of the task. However, customers came up with a complaint that the machine gets overheated and it becomes difficult to keep it in your hand.

It is a fully electronic machine that includes an electric flame adjustment that ranges from ½ to 2 ½ inches. The flame adjustment is convenient in usage and the ignition is extremely reliable. Because it runs on butane fuel, the iron gets heat up very quickly.

The kit contains soldering tool, an injection tip, a hot knife, a heat shield, a tube of solder, roll of rosin solder, adjustable wrenches, sponge and tray, and hard carry case. It is a perfect kit for the beginners and for routine tasks. The dimensions of the machine are 10.3 x 4.5 x 1.5 inch and it weighs 14.4 ounces.

Customers are quite impressed with the Butane soldering kit, especially the butane torch. The price, quality, performance, self-ignition, easy flame adjustability, etc. are some of the factors that have impressed a lot of customers. Also, the thing that it is without any wire that is to be plugged in the electric circuit is a show stopper feature. This is best solder for automotive wiring.

The kit has been widely used to repair small issues in the vehicles. Applying heat shrink tubing to a wire on or off the vehicle. You can use this machine in any position and the flame works consistently.

Power Probe is a brand ideal for making best of the butane soldering kit. The company has the goodwill of creating quality products.


  • Cordless.
  • Long run time.
  • Easy to control and handle.
  • Economical.


  • Iron is hot.
  • No place to stand the machine.

6) Hakko FM2032-51 Micro Soldering Handpiece, Blue

Hakko FM2032-51 Micro Soldering Handpiece

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If you are not looking for an entire soldering iron kit and only the handpiece then Hakko FM203251 is the ideal product for you. It is a lightweight handpiece suitable for micro soldering capabilities and for remodeling systems. The tip of the soldering iron has the tendency to grip distance objects and circuits. This model is best suited for tight spots because the tip of the iron is too thin that it can be accommodated by the tight spots. However, this model is only for the day to day casual users. It is a simple device that does not have any industrial tendencies.

It uses short change T30 Series composite micro soldering tip that produces sufficient warmth and power that is needed to work efficiently in confined areas. The cord of the iron is burn resistant, thin and funky running grip which keeps cool even if operated at 450C for a long time. It has connector assembly and a microdevice for the jobs that have to be done in tight spaces. It has got the burn resistant iron cord. And it can work with Hakko high-end stations including fx-951, FM-203 or FM-206.

One of the biggest advantages of this model is that it comes with quick change T30 series tips. You may have to buy them desperately because it is not included with the product. This model has got SD safe design. For excellent thermal recovery, this model has got high power 48W heater with multi-layering tendencies. The device is ideal for micro-soldering applications that are done under microscopes. This slim and lightweight soldering iron upholds the high level of visibility.

Hakko is a Japan-based company, ideally known to manufacture quality soldering irons and handpieces. The quality of the products is great and durability is ensured. This is one of the brands that every customer can rely on.


  • Micro pencil.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Heat resistant.
  • Great built quality.


  • Not ideal for professional use.

7) ANBES 60W Soldering Iron Kit

anbes soldering iron kit

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If you are looking for a soldering iron to make electrical repairs on the fly, then the ANBES 60W Soldering iron would be an ideal choice. Its compact design is the highlight of this unit.

This soldering iron is easy to use. What it means is that if you get a grab-and-go project, you’ll be happy to pick it up and get the repair done. Compared to its competitor models, ANBES 60W Soldering iron is great in many ways.

The best thing with the ANBES 60W Soldering iron is that it is very simple to use and doesn’t take up much space in your tool bag. Most customers report that this soldering iron is a really good tool to work with. It is manufactured with efficient temperature management and heat dissipation capabilities, meaning that it’ll have shorter cool-downs and constant temperature adjustment based on the type of repair job you are performing.

To add to these helpful features, the handle and the screw thread of the solder head are heat resistant, and this enables the unit to last for a longer duration. It comes with a two coloured temperature dial and it allows you to choose a particular range quickly according to the repair you have to take up. Selecting the green colour dial lets you work with low temperature solders that comes under the 200 to 300 degree Celsius category. And on the other hand, the red colour dial allows you to work with the solders that are harder and falls in the 350 to 450 degree range.

This soldering iron comes with 5 different soldering tips and based on the repair job you are working on, you can pick the one that suits for it.

All in all, a fantastic soldering equipment to have in your tool bag.


  • Easy to carry around.
  • Equipped with efficient heat dissipation capability.
  • This soldering iron is super durable.
  • Comes with various soldering tips that can be utilized for a variety of repair jobs.


  • The cable often gets in the way while soldering.
  • You can’t work with very harder solder materials.

How to Tin a Soldering Iron Tip or Re-tin an Old Soldering Iron Tip

8) Hakko FX-601 w/ free 3′ solder sample and spudger

Hakko FX-601 w/ free 3' solder sample and spudger

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Hakko FX-601 soldering iron has a 3’ solder sample and a spudger. This gadget is perfect for soldering iron applications that have to be moved around. The hand-piece is sleek and convenient to hold allowing soldering to be done at difficult areas. The FX-601 is a lightweight and well-balanced piece with resilient strain relief.  The power cord is 6 ft long which includes its reach-ability.

The Hakko FX-601 is specially designed for soldering bulky irons that leave the user fatigued after long hours of usage. The FX-601 is UL/CSA approved and has a temperature sensor for control high temperatures. The long cord and lightweight nature makes its convenient for the user and reduces fatigue due to long hours of usage.

The Hakko FX-601 is a good quality soldering iron that has the ability to reach farfetched areas of a gadget due to its ergonomic nature and an extra 6ft long cord provided. The heating is consistent and efficient and requires less energy and wattage. The soldering iron has a ceramic heating element and temperature control sensors for controlling high temperatures. The element heats 5 times faster than the Hakko 456.

The Hakko FX-601 has a 3’ free solder sample and the spudger. The iron is lightweight, ergonomic, and sleek in design adding to easy usability, functionality, and reducing fatigue due long hours of use.

The adjustable electronic closed-loop temperature control has a temperature range of 464-1004 degree F and users can easily dial the temperatures they want. The heating is efficient and requires lesser energy and lesser wattage. It has ¼ inch chisel tip. Also, the device has a 3 wire power cord with an extra long 6 ft cord for easy reachability.

The American Hakko products Inc is an established company that deals in soldering, desoldering, and SMD hot air rework stations, CHP hand tools, and fume extraction system. The company name is synonymous with excellent services.

A great soldering iron with a chiseled tip, temperature control settings, and ergonomic handpiece. The Hakko FX-610 works in the most effective and convenient manner giving its value for money.


  • Ergonomic handpiece and convenient to use.
  • Long cord for better reach-ability to difficult places.
  • Efficient heating.
  • Easy temperature control with dial feature.
  • Requires less energy and lesser wattage.
  • Quick thermal recovery.


  • None.

9) UT-100Si Master Appliance Butane Powered Ultratorch-3-in-1 Professional Soldering Iron

UT-100Si Master Appliance Butane Powered Ultratorch-3-in-1 Professional Soldering Iron

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The UT-100Si Ultratorch is a flameless soldering iron which has a pinpoint torch and comes in a metal case. The UT-100 has an ultra tip soldering tip which makes the device more durable and a better heat conductor. The device serves as a heating tool, flameless soldering iron, and a pinpoint butane torch.

UT-100Si is usually used for removing surface mount components on circuit boards shrink tubing, wire connectors, soldering and soldering, spot dry, vinyl repairing, cutting materials and much more.

The UT-100Si is ready for use in just half a minute with its quick ignition feature. This device is a 3-in-1 gadget which is portable and cordless. The adjustment temperature lever has a wide temperature range up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. The user can monitor the fuel levels from the viewing window of the fuel tank. The torch has a two-hour run time and features a lightweight design and compact design. The UT-100Si is UL & GS/TUV Listed for the safety of the users.

The UT- 100Si is a portable and cordless soldering torch which is butane powered and has a flameless, self-igniting torch. The ultra tips in UT-100Si provide better heat conductivity and has twice the thickness of standard tips. There is a 3-in-1 tool where the running time of the torch is approximately two hours. The convenient slide switch ignition system provides speedy ignition. Also, it has got a sturdy metal tank with viewing window.

The weight of the soldering iron is 2 pounds and the dimensions are 12.8×2.7×2 inches. It is a gas powered product with the wattage of 80W. It comes with a yearlong warranty from the manufacturers.

The box contains a heat tool, an oxygen-free copper soldering tip, a hot air tip, a shrink attachment, an ejector, heat tool, a wet sponge to clean the tip after each usage, and a steel storage case.

The UT-100Si Ultratorch is a compact, portable and multipurpose soldering iron and heat tool that works efficiently even at high temperatures.


  • Portable and convenient.
  • Quick ignition- lights up in 30 seconds.
  • Can be easily carried in a tool box and does not require the electrical cord.
  • Used for multiple purposes like heat shrink, pinpoint flame functions, desoldering, repair, spot drying, and soldering.
  • The easy-to-maneuver plastic body that reduces fatigue of the user.
  • The UT-100Si works in 3-in-1 way. It is used as a soldering iron, hot air tool, and brazing torch.
  • Is housed within a compact steel storage case.
  • Can be used without an electrical cord.


  • Fails to light in rare cases.
  • Becomes too hot to hold sometimes.

10) 16-in-1 soldering Iron electronics kit toolbox

16-in-1 soldering Iron electronics kit toolbox

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The multifunctional 16-in-1 electronics iron kit contains all kinds of tools and accessories to meet all soldering requirements.  The Tabiger soldering welding kit is a must keep at home and at work and is great for hobbyists, enthusiasts, soldering experts, and even new learners.

The soldering toolkit must ideally be a portable kit that contains all tools to meet your soldering requirements. From fixing petty craft items to repairing computer hardware, the soldering kit finds its use in a multitude of areas. The Tabiger soldering toolkit has a huge range of application and the toolbox is convenient as users can store all accessories in a single box.

The Tabiger soldering kit is a compact and portable toolbox that contains almost all tools required for various soldering purposes. The user does not have to run errands to buy extra accessories as all extra parts are available in the toolbox. A stand that comes with the soldering iron is very beneficial when temperatures run high and the user is no longer able to hold the gadget. Even the soldering wick is easy to clean and the thermostat range is wide at 200-450 degrees. The heat dissipation is good and the device heats up quickly reducing waiting time for the users. All in all, a good soldering kit housing all required parts, and also comes at a good price.

Tabiger is an established brand that manufactures electronic items and soldering kits for home, class and DIY use. They use the latest technologies for devising tools that are efficient and high- quality. You can use this solder for stained glass, circuit boards, guitar works, stippling & small electronic works.

It has got chip fixed resistor for heat dissipation efficiency. Basically, it is an adjustable soldering iron with the adjustable thermostat of 200-450 degrees. This one is ideal for DIY enthusiasts, home use repair of electronics, application repair, motherboard repair, and computer circuit board repair. It comes with 5 interchangeable soldering tips and 4 cooling ventilation holes for speedy cooling.

The weight of the item 1.6 pounds and the dimensions are 10.6 x 5.2 x 4.9 inches. The Tabiger soldering kit is a 16-in-1 multipurpose kit that comes in a compact box, at an affordable price.


  • The soldering iron uses a Chip Fixed Resister for controlling high temperatures, as opposed to the Color Ring Resistance that other competitors use.
  • The upgraded technology in the soldering iron enables quick heating and the four ventilation holes cool up fast.
  • The thermostat is powerful with adjustable temperature from 200-450 degrees.
  • Compact kit yet multipurpose in use.


  • Great for novices, though professionals require more advanced tools.
  • Stand tips over, iron does not fit well in the stand.

11) Sywon Full Set 60W 110V soldering Iron electronics kit toolbox

best soldering iron

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This electronics kit is very beneficial to those who are DIY project makers, beginners, new learners and enthusiasts in dealing with soldering iron electronics kit. Its other applications include jewelry repairing, gadget repairing and so on. The kit is much apt for household and office based soldering and de-soldering activities.

A carry bag consists of all the tools which are arranged in a precise manner. Different colors variations are available for different tools for easy identification and picking. The soldering iron kit consists of various equipment such as knife, wire, fork, tweezers, plastic stand and most importantly, the main soldering tools such as soldering hook, needle, head, sucker,  holder and soldering tips.

The temperature of a soldering iron is indicated by the green-red scale. It also assists in selecting the right temperature before its usage. When this kit is with you, it is possible to handle and repair mobiles, watches, LED Lights, computer parts, TVs, motherboard and PCBs easily. Starting from small craft items to repairing major electronic hardware components, the soldering kit finds its wide usage.

Plastic stand proves to be beneficial when the operating temperate goes high such that a user could not hold it. Mainly, the heat dissipation is good enough such that it gets heated up quickly thus saving your waiting time.

Sywon is an established brand manufacturing electronic items and soldering kits for wide wise in homes, classes and DIY projects. Like above models, latest technologies were used for making high efficient and high- quality tools.

The weight of the item 1.05 pounds and the package dimensions are 10.2 x 5.7 x 1.8 inches. The soldering iron temperature is adjustable in the range of 200 to 450 degrees. Since it is multipurpose kit and comes in a compact box, we needn’t get afraid of its price because it is available at an affordable price range.


  • Easy Handling of leather carry bag which consists of all required accessories in one.
  • Extra 5 soldering tips are present
  • No need to buy extra parts or accessories

DIY Make soldering iron using Pencil

Types of Soldering Irons

There are different types of soldering irons manufactured in the market. Different soldering irons are created to take care of different kinds of jobs. There are some irons that emit immense heat and ensure quick melting points whereas others are made with splendid designs that only allow users to enter small openings. It certainly depends on the need of the users to choose a right soldering iron for usage. The professionals usually stock most of the soldering irons. Below are different kinds of irons-

Simple Iron

Simple iron is the most conventional form of the soldering iron operated on the power rating between 15 and 35 watts. This much power is sufficient to handle the basic electronic repair tasks. These days, even the simple irons come with adjustable temperature controls that give you the versatility of usage. The simple irons are ideal for the routine users that like to keep soldering kits for petty repairs.

Soldering Station

Soldering Stations comes with an electrical power supply, display and temperature control circuitry, and a soldering head. The head comes with tip temperature sensor. Also, these stations come with stands that hold and store the iron when it is not in use. There is a wet sponge that is used for cleaning purposes. Users can accommodate the soldering stations with various other tools such as hot air gun, vacuum pump, and vacuum pickup tool.

Soldering Gun

Soldering guns are much like cordless hand drills. It consists of wire looped tip that cools swiftly and thus it does not require holsters. Due to the rapid cooling rate, there is less possibility of any fire accidents. The soldering guns are also ideal for DIY enthusiasts as it is easy to grip and only activates when the trigger is pulled.

Soldering Tweezers

Soldering Tweezers typically comes with two electronic terminals. The Tweezers work more efficiently with the resistors, diodes, capacitors, batteries, and same niche objects. Mostly the manufacturers make the tweezers to be free standing or operated from a station. The pair of tweezers comes with heated tips that can be controlled manually. All it requires is a gentle squeeze for the device to play.

Soldering Torch

Last but not the least is the Soldering Torch that usually runs on propane gas or fuel. It is used to deliver heat in short bursts. The soldering torches are used by the jewelers in melting the metals. These torches are recommended for the experienced users, considering the safety aspects.

Soldering Irons Buying Guide

As you understand that there are various types of soldering irons manufactured, there are some ways on how a professional and a newbie should buy it. Every user has different requirement and it is best to pick a product that suits the requirement in the earnest way possible. Below we have jotted down some tips that will help you in picking best soldering iron for your use.

Cordless: There is a very good reason for why professionals and DIY enthusiasts must prefer buying cordless iron; it is because of the portability and convenience of usage. The cord usually restricts the seamless working of the user so it is recommended to invest your hard earned money in a cordless device so that it can give you flexibility for usage. The cordless soldering irons operate on gas in self-contained tanks.

Temperature Control: These days soldering irons are available with temperature controls. The temperature of the tip is monitored and adjusted as per the need. It is best to pick a product that comes with temperature control adjustments.

Tips: Different kinds of tips are ideal for different tasks. Since the manufacturers have commenced making soldering irons with interchangeable tips, it is best to pick a product that gives you the liberty to change the tips and use the soldering iron for varied purposes.

Brand: Branded products are safer than local products. The soldering irons that are manufactured by a brand are of utmost quality and ensure longevity. You could be a professional or a newbie, it is best to buy branded soldering iron and save yourself the trouble of spending your money over and over again.

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There was a time when people use to take their electronic products to the repair stores, regardless of how petty the repairs were. But thanks to the affordable and useful soldering irons, there is no need to visit repair shops. These soldering irons not only come with the handy tools but you will always find a manual that will help you in understanding the right usage of these tools. If you refer our list above then you will come across different types of soldering irons that are ideal for versatile usage.

From the DIY enthusiasts to the professionals, everyone can find the right product for them. The cost of these products is affordable and the ones that seem to be of high price are made with the premium material. These irons can help in repairing different kinds of electronics and the soldering torch is best for the professional jewelers. These torches are however not suitable for novices as they can cause fire accidents. Other than that, the freestanding irons are best suited for the new users or learners or even the routine users.

All the products that we have discussed above are of great quality and backed up with best customer reviews. Since these products are durable and packed with quality made, they have scored great credits in the industry. So from now on, regardless of the repair tasks that you may have, you don’t have to take your electronics to the repair stores and all upkeep can be handled at home. Depending on the need of the user, you can pick the products from the list above. These models come with temperature control, comes from best brands, ideal cost wise, and great in usage.

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  1. My father is a electrician and he repair mobile phones, Tv, watches and other electronic gadget. last January was his birthday. Before that birthday itself I planned to present gift to my father. yes you are right, I present Weller soldering station to my father and he became very happy.

    Thanks for mentioning the same soldering station (2nd on the list) in the list. Yes it worked like charm.

  2. Thanks Lara, This article helped me a lot to know about the detailed information about solder iron. I have read other articles posted by you but found this one more informative. Keep Sharing!!

  3. I always use the Hakko Soldering Iron when needing electronic repairs on the fly. Compared to other soldering irons, the compact design of this unit makes it perfect for those grab-and-go projects. It takes up little space alongside the other tools I typically carry in my bag.

    • However, as I was just starting out then, the button interface took some getting used to. After a few tries, it became almost second nature. Also, preset options would have been an excellent add-on to this product.

  4. Thanks you.
    This website is very helpful in a lot to know about the details information about the best solder iron. I have read other articles posted by you but found this one for more information.

  5. The SREMTCH 60W Soldering Iron is a respectable choice for people wishing to learn electronics soldering on a tight budget. It is a professional soldering iron of high caliber that is inexpensive, making it available to everyone. A solid beginner package for electronic work, this inexpensive soldering iron performs better than expected in its class.


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