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At one time, the idea of living in a smart home was something you only saw in movies and talked about how cool it would be if it were possible in the future. Today, smart homes are a reality and not only for the rich and famous. Anyone in today’s modern world can live in one of these high-tech homes; you just need to know what the best inventions to buy are and how to use them.

Smart Home Innovations and Trends to Watch For

After years of design and going through the strict stages of product development, the smart home trends you should know are ready to be listed below.

Robots in the Home

This futuristic trend started with lawnmowers and vacuum cleaners, something that many people scoffed at but now can’t live without. Now that there are so many advancements in AI, the sky’s the limit on the robots that can help you out in your home. Domestic robots will be able to perform daily tasks so you don’t have to. From cooking to cleaning and from providing companionship and healthcare, there isn’t much you can’t use a robot for in the near future it seems. Some of these robots are so realistic, it’s pretty scary don’t you think?

In-Home Healthcare Grows Smarter

In-home healthcare has been effectively taking some of the stress off the healthcare field for quite some time now. Now the invention of health wearables makes it easier for patients to get the help they need by being monitored by smart home devices. The data collected by these smart home devices will make it easier for healthcare professionals to monitor and help their patients, without a face-to-face appointment being necessary.

Smart Homes Will Actually Become Smart

This thought could be a little bit scary for fans of futuristic horror movies where the smart home takes over and rules the family living in it, but smart homes are slated to become smart through the use of machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and a ton of other technologies and products. From refrigerators that use the “see” vision to let you know what’s inside and then make the order themselves to a few things that haven’t even been released yet, smart homes will continue to become smart in 2020 and well into the next decade. So watch for the releases of smart home products in the future.

Networks Will Be Faster So Homes Can Be Smarter

With the global rollout of 5G and then the release of Wi-Fi 6 technology, networks are getting faster and faster. This means that homes will become smarter as the internet progresses. This is because smart home devices will be able to connect faster via more powerful networks, as well as have better access to processing and data resources in the cloud. This takes a lot of the work off of Americans and will make going smart with your home appliances even more popular than before.

Invisible Charging

The biggest issue encountered with smart home devices so far is the need for them to be charged, which means wires, plugs, and other unsightly things in your home, or batteries that constantly need to be changed at the worst moments. Now there are chargers that can be embedded directly into smart home devices to help with invisible charging and even more are coming down the pipeline in the future as well.

These are just a few of the smart home innovations and trends that will make the year of the smart home. From invisible charging to smart homes becoming smarter, there’s a lot to look forward to, so be ready.

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