Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) and Cloud Storage Services

All businesses have crucial information that needs to be kept safe. Most of this information is in the form of documents such as invoices, staff contracts, financial reports and books. Traditionally, businesses used to store these documents as hard copies. However, paper documents prove to be risky because once your data is lost through theft or fires, you lose it forever. When that happens, businesses will most likely shut down or take too long to recollect the information.

Fortunately, businesses no longer need to rely on paper documents to store crucial information. Today, there are two types of storage. They include virtual data rooms (VDR) and cloud storage services. The most common cloud storage services include Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive.

The two types of storage have a lot in common because they rely on similar technology to store files. For instance, both platforms allow you to store your files in a virtual cloud. What does that imply? It means that you can access these files from any location. However, you must have a stable internet connection.

Interestingly, both types of storage have adequate storage space that can handle plenty of important files. They are also quite convenient because if your analog files are destroyed or lost, you can access your backed up files on the virtual cloud and restore them.

Another interesting feature about VDR and cloud storage services is that they allow you to share files conveniently. You can share a document or folders with your employees, investors, shareholders and other parties that have the right to view such files. You also won’t need to worry about unwanted persons viewing the shared files because you only grant permission to those you want to view the document(s).

That feature comes in handy when you are working on a project with individuals who are in a different location. Anyone involved can access the document and complete any of the pending tasks. The feature, therefore, not only saves your money but also spares a significant amount of time.

Benefits of Virtual Data Rooms

As much as cloud storage services and virtual data room serve similar purposes, they have some differences. To begin with, cloud services do not have tight security measures when compared to those contained in virtual data rooms. That means that VDRs can perform complex transactions more securely as compared to generic cloud services.

Below, we take a close look at some of the advantages of the virtual spaces while comparing the features unique to each.

Data protection

One major advantage of virtual platforms is that they offer excellent data security. However, you must know that the data protection measures of a virtual data room exceed those of a cloud storage service. How is that? Well, VDRs offer data security on multiple levels, thus preventing any leaks. Cloud storage, however, does not implement such measures.

Convenient data storage

Both VDRs and cloud storage services have plenty of storage space where you can back up your data and not risk losing it. However, data rooms have larger storage spaces as compared to cloud services. In fact, if you need to store a lot of files, you can buy unlimited storage space on virtual data rooms.

Better contro

Ultimately, virtual data rooms give you better control of your data as compared to cloud storage services. VDRs provide you with excellent insight, thus allowing you to know all that is going on in your data rooms. Moreover, the feature lets you identify the people that access the rooms. This feature is not equally elaborate on a cloud service.

Besides, a VDR allows you to control access to your room(s) seamlessly. It allows you to control and prevent the disclosure of information to certain users. Additionally, you can control an influx of users much easier.

Comfort and support

Another advantage of virtual data rooms is that they are quite convenient to use, especially since most of the projects undertaken there are cross-national or costly. The platforms provide you with reliable customer support so that any issue that may arise gets handled promptly.

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