Technology has transformed our lives by creating amazing tools and resources that make life more efficient and fun. Smart Building is one that is using technology to control the operations of the homes such as security, air condition, heating and smart Building Lighting system. Intelligent lighting holds the key to creating a better environment for people and reducing the consumption of electrical energy.

Smart Homes

Modern homes now have remote controlled devices and appliances which are all connected through the internet. These are some of the ways in which Smart Building Lighting system has improved the experiences in smart homes.

  • True Cinema Experience: Enjoy your latest movie series on Netflix and adjust the lighting in the living room to your preference at the comfort of your couch.
  • Presence Simulation: The feature enables you to remotely switch on the lights even though you have travelled to confuse strangers or any intruders.
  • Let the Light be your comfort: More often when we are about to go to bed we have to check whether all the lights have been switched off and confirm which ones need to be left on for security. We also have to switch on the alarming system. Smart Building lighting system allows you to do all that without leaving your bedroom.
  • Light turns itself off: Automation allows some of the utilities rooms used in the house to switch themselves off. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about switching off the lights with wet hands for example in the kitchen, bathroom or the laundry area.

Smart Lighting 

Smart Building Lighting systems makes use of automation in modern buildings and it’s the main focus of LED iBond. Most smart home owners are now keen on how the Lighting system has been setup because it affects how they do life.

Lighting in Different Rooms

Lighting in the modern world is no longer just about providing light during the night it’s much more about the experience and the ambience. Most people want to be in control of the Lighting system in their homes. Light up your rooms in different ways as described below:

  • Ambient and Non-Direct Lighting for Kitchens: Non-direct light mimics the natural light and works perfect in kitchens for easier navigation in the evenings.
  • Smart Light Bulbs for Living Spaces: Smart Bulbs are not as boring as your regular bulb, they can do so much more like dimming, changing to different colors and some can even play music for example the Playbulb Color.
  • Bathrooms. Shine a light above your shower to give you a better experience while freshening up.
  • Security: The lighting system can be connected to the alarm system for security.

Benefits of Smart Lighting in the Home

It is crucial to focus on how lighting has been structured in every room as this determines the overall productivity. These are the benefits of smart lighting.

  • Saves Energy: The motion sensors will automatically switch on and off the lights depending on whether a room is occupied or not as well as sense an oncoming object like a car near the gate. This saves energy since none of the lights will be left on without use.
  • Personalized Scenes: Customizes your lighting system in the home to suit each scene for example you can have a Good morning scene that slowly lightens up the room as you wake up.
  • User Convenient: Smart Lighting makes your life easier and much better by controlling the lighting even when you are away to give an impression that you are around.
  • Set the Mood with Color:  Another advantage is that you are able to change the color and shade of your lighting to either stimulate your appetite, help you read or give you a calming effect.


There are various ways on how Smart Building lighting system can be done at home. Make a choice based on your preference and usage.

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