reasons to have bathroom exhaust fan

You want to maintain your bathroom. You don’t want your bathroom to be smelly, full of unpleasant odor and provides a bad experience to both you and your visitors. You find out that installing a bathroom exhaust fan is the way to avoid this situation.

But you are looking for a comprehensive guide that explains thoroughly about the reasons you need to have bathroom exhaust fan. If this is the case, then you’ve landed in the right place my friend!

reasons to have bathroom exhaust fan

In this post, we are going to be delving deep into the various reasons you need to have a bathroom exhaust fan, tips for installing a bathroom exhaust fan and much more.

So without wasting any time, let’s jump straight into it.

Reasons You Need a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Do you know why you need to have a bathroom exhaust fan installed in your bathroom? The obvious reason being that it will remove unwanted moisture from your bathroom. This is its primary purpose.

But a quality exhaust fan also helps you in maintaining your bathroom perfectly. It removes all kinds of bad odor from your bathroom and keeps it smelling fresh at all times.

Apart from that, there is a massive benefit to installing a bathroom exhaust fan. It reduces and eliminates fumes that get released from the bathroom cleaning agents.

What it means is that it adds to the safety of all members in your home.

How? In your home, you may have members with breathing and lung related issues. Fumes from the cleaning agents you use in your bathroom is a serious hazardous for their health. By eliminating these fumes, you are actually helping them in a big way to stay healthy.

When you remove the unwanted odor and fume from your bathroom, obviously the indoor air quality improves. Also, if you take out the unpleasant odor with a help of the bathroom exhaust fan, it eventually provides a clean atmosphere for the next person.

A quality bathroom exhaust fan will reduce the humidity in the area significantly. Humidity reduction is important to keep your bathroom well maintained. The excessive moisture will damage the wallpaper and paint considerably overtime.

Your bathroom walls won’t appear nice to your visitors and in some extreme instances, the bathroom doors will warp. You don’t want this to happen to your bathroom and nobody wants that as well. Right?

Another problem with not having a bathroom exhaust fan is that it will aid in mold growth. If you let it grow, then it will be very difficult to get rid of. So, having a bathroom exhaust fan is crucial.

It eliminates airborne contaminants. Usually, every bathroom is cleaned with overpowering chemicals. When you inhale it directly, there is a high possibility to incur a variety of health issues. The people who may get affected quickly will be children and elderly. So you can avoid this scenario by having a bathroom exhaust fan.

The fan removes the buildup of molds in the air and slows down its growth.

It’ll get rid of foggy mirror in your bathroom. When you turn on the bathroom exhaust fan, apart from removing all kinds of unwanted smell, odor, humidity, it’ll eliminate water viper and moisture from your mirror and walls.

With a proper ventilation system and an exhaust fan, your bathroom will be pleasant for everybody in your home.

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Tips for Installing a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The first thing to find out when you plan to install a bathroom exhaust fan is identifying the area where there is more moisture. Our recommendation is to install it over the sink or close to the shower.

In a large bathroom, you can fit the fan between the shower/tub and the toilet area. But in a small bathroom, just fixing it in the center is absolutely fine. If you have your toilet area separate from your showering area, then you need to install another fan for that particular spot.

You must make sure that the exterior vent louver functions properly. It must close completely when the fan is not operating. This prevents cold air from getting into the house when the exhaust fan isn’t running.

Connect the fan with a flexible hose or a metal duct and it should reach to the outdoor louvered cap. This’ll prevent indoor heat from getting out. It is particularly helpful during the winter season.

You don’t have to seal the gap entirely beneath your bathroom door. When you leave a gap, it actually helps the air to flow out that is exhausted by the fan. And it’ll also help for the replacement air to come in easily.

Kindly note that if your bathroom has a high ceiling, then you need to purchase an exhaust fan that has higher capacity.

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We hope that our guide about the reasons you need to have bathroom exhaust fan would have answered all your questions. And the installation tips would have been useful as well. Even though there are a lot of options available when it comes to purchasing a bathroom exhaust fan,  you should always keep your needs and the budget in mind before you get one for your home.

Want to share your thoughts about this guide? Put them in the comment section below!

FAQs About the Bathroom Exhaust Fan

How Long You Need to Run Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

It is a good practice to turn on the exhaust fan as soon as you switch on your shower or a tap to take bath. Turn off the fan 20 minutes after you’ve finished bathing. The reason for this is to keep your bathroom away from moisture and mold growth.

Is it a Challenging Task to Replace Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan?

No. Replacing a bathroom exhaust fan won’t be a challenging task. It is simple and doesn’t involve a lot of work. You can use the already existing connection and wires to install a new fan.

Just make sure that you purchase a same sized fan that you are replacing in order to avoid adjusting the ceiling hole. Also, give out all the necessary connection and check twice to avoid mistakes.

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