A bathroom may seem like the least important part of the house until you want to take a relaxing shower or bath or comfortably fix your appearance in the mirror.

Then you realize that every bathroom deserves to be treated with equal care as the rest of the house. Adding simple yet tasteful decor pieces can really lighten the place up and make it feel more luxurious and fancy. It’ll simply be a unique place for relaxation after a long and stressful day. A little eye candy goes a long way to calm the mind.

10 Best bathroom styling Ideas: 

1. A shower curtain

Not only will a shower curtain make the place feel cozier, but it will also add much-needed color to your bathroom. You can choose from a ton of different designs to fit them into your vision. A shower curtain will also make the place look less empty.

On another level, shower curtains make showering more comfortable because they help retain the heat around your body. Yet another benefit is that they stop water from splashing around and keep your bathroom from getting wet.

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2. Artwork

Who said that artwork is reserved only for bedrooms and living rooms? Your bathroom can benefit greatly from a few hanging pictures being hung on the walls or leaned against empty surfaces. This can give it style and personality.

There are a lot of cheap options for artwork, and you can opt for simple framed pictures, or otherwise invest in a more sophisticated piece. You can even make the art yourself.

3. A good quality showerhead

People underestimate the positive effects high-quality shower heads can have on their showers. If you want to treat yourself to a real spa experience, splurge for a showerhead with adjustable settings. Additionally, for a more versatile and luxurious showering experience, consider exploring handheld shower head kits. These kits not only add a touch of sophistication but also offer practical flexibility.

This can double as décor if you opt for a fancy shower head that shows more style than just metal. The only danger here is enjoying your showers too much to get out of the bathroom.

4. Some greenery

Spice up your bathroom with a little bit of greenery and make it feel like a natural and inviting environment. You can add fresh flowers for a splash of color, but if you want to introduce a feeling of peace and tranquillity, opt for green and minimalistic plants.

Not only will this leave you with more oxygen, but it will also add some class to your bathroom. Don’t worry about maintenance either, there are plenty of houseplants that don’t need much attention.

5. A big mirror

Where better to put a big mirror than the place you can make most use of it? Since this is where you spend your time pampering yourself and going through beauty routines, it’s essential to have a mirror that can support that. A magnifying makeup mirror mounted beside the big vanity would be a perfect combination, it makes it easier to do facial care like applying makeup, mask skincare, or shaving.

A mirror can also make the place look brighter as it will reflect light. If you lean it against a wall, the room will appear to be more spacious.

6. A towel hamper

A creative yet easy solution for towel storage is to buy a hamper or basket where you can store them. Clean towels will become easily available to household members as guests as well as make the place look more pulled together.

Simply roll up your towels and stack them up in the basket or hamper. If you get a see-through one, you’ll achieve a better visual effect and truly make this practical piece of décor into art.

Use Mizu Towel world’s first bacteria-detecting towel. It’s color-changing strips detect residual soap, dirt, sweat, and bacteria metabolites. While its proprietary technology allows it to dry 3x faster than the average towel. Mizu is manufactured using the very same artisanal crafting methods native to Imabari, Japan – the haven for the world’s softest towels. Mizu towel is perfect for you to stay clean and healthy.  

7. A sink tray

If you’re tired of your sink always having soap and toothpaste stains on it, perhaps it’s time for a sink tray. This elegant yet affordable piece of décor can save you a lot of cleaning time. If you want to up the class level in your bathroom, a sink tray can do that, too.

Class is all about details, and this can be your key feature to bring your bathroom from drab to luxurious. Sink trays are also universal as various styles allow you to pick the right one for you. If you really want to show off, you can even add some fresh flowers to your sink tray.

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8. A bathroom mat

A floor mat designed for the bathroom can be just the thing to refresh the drab and uniform style most bathrooms are confined to. You can choose from many different shapes, sizes, and patterns to fit your needs and wants.

On the other hand, floor mats can be extremely practical and even prevent injuries. The premium floor mats will surely stop you from slipping when getting out of the shower. What’s more, it will help your floors stay protected and clean. You can visit Victoria Plum for more bathroom accessories. 

9. Scented candles

If you aim to create a sort of sanctuary where you can be yourself and easily unwind from the day you’ve just had, scented candles are your go-to decor. They’re cheap, widely available, and introduce an intoxicating scent that would set anyone’s mind at ease.

Even unlit candles serve the purpose of good decoration. They can add color to an otherwise boring environment, thus making your bathroom look even more stylish. Light them up when you’re bathing to enhance the purifying effects of your bath salts.

10. Wicker baskets

It’s always hard to find good storage room for bathrooms as standard closets and cupboards make the already small space look borderline claustrophobic. Still, you’ve got to store your creams, soaps, and other beauty products somewhere.

Why not buy a few wicker baskets? They’re cute, take up little space, and can store a lot of things. There’s also the freedom to add more baskets if you need more storage space or reduce their number in the opposite case.

Bonus tips:

11. Install Glass shower door:

A glass shower door is something that most people don’t use because of privacy. Most of us saw those kinds of glass doors only in movies. If you are building your bathroom from scratch then try this. Installing those kinds of doors with mat finish will give elegant look to your bathroom. 

12. Use Brass hardware:

Using brass hardware in your bathroom will give awesome look to your bathroom. Many people don’t see this often. You don’t need the complete renovation work. Changing the hardware to brass is only enough to change the appeal of the bathroom. 


As you can see, a lot of thought can go into a bathroom to make it more comfortable and appealing. Your most intimate moments are spent in this room so there’s no reason why it can’t be furnished with style. These decor pieces can prove to be practical as well as beautiful so you won’t have to worry about wasting your money on useless things.

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