Being diagnosed with cancer is one of the most difficult things that anyone has to go through but finding the right doctor to see you through it shouldn’t be. The diagnosis is something you may not have been prepared for, so here are some quick and clear tips so you can go into your search for a doctor with the right amount of certainty and information that you need at this time.

Not All Oncologists Are For You

Oncologists have different specializations and different career experiences that make them best suited to different types of cancer. Matching up their expertise with your cancer diagnostic is vital to make sure that you get the best and most effective care possible. You could also consider at this point what kind of treatment you might want to engage with down the line. For example, if you aren’t keen on heavy medication or are open to trying experimental practices, many oncologists will give you an idea of what they work with on their website. It’s good to find someone at this stage whose ideas and practice match up with your own expectations and boundaries.

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Look For a Personal Touch

Once their professional expertise is confirmed, you’ll want to make sure this person is someone who you can trust. The doctor you choose will become a key person in your life over the coming months and years. You could have a look on social media to see if you can get an idea of what they are like and if you could get along with them, before committing yourself to meet them.

Alternatively, using a fast people finder tool can help you easily and discreetly find out background information that is tiresome to scour Google or other search engines. Information like their current address, contact information, potential criminal history, and public records is available to you by simply entering their name into the free people search.

Check on Their Availability

For someone who will be so instrumental in your health and potentially life expectancy, you want them to be available to you as and when you need them. Taking a look at their office hours and out-of-office contact information will give you an idea of whether your schedules will match up in a way that’s convenient for you. The last thing you want is to be jumping through hoops just to meet with your doctor; find a working relationship that suits both of you to reduce stress and inconvenience down the line.

Time to Consider the Financials

It’s hard to put a cash value on health but unfortunately, we all need to sometimes. Medical expenses can be climb unexpectedly high, so factor in your oncologists’ medical costs and see whether it’s within your budget.

If you’ve found the oncologist of your dreams but it’s outside of your price range right now, there are ways to make this work in your favor. You should always speak to a financial advisor or financial planner to make sure that such plans will work for you and your specific circumstances, but there is the option of viatical settlements, also known as life settlements. This is the sale of a life insurance policy for a cash value paid out in a lump sum.

Viatical settlement providers offer different policies for different illnesses and different life insurance policies. The policy owner can negotiate their own viatical settlement contract that is appropriate for their situation and needs. It can be a smart way of making sure your medical expenses are taken care of and so as not to burden family members or friends with potential difficulties down the line.

With these steps taken care of, we hope you find a doctor and the medical care you need to see you through this difficult time.

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