This card game had been largely obscure until the late 20th century, but now it is played by millions. Poker tables are a fixture of any digital casino library. The rapid spread of mobile technology has also caused a rise in apps, and profit potential is huge. Why not join the ranks of poker room owners? Here is a brief guide to help you.

Today there is an app for everything, including gambling. Delegate development to professionals and profit from advanced technology, high-quality graphics, and attractive features. Such is the best poker software offered on this website with turnkey solutions for the utmost convenience. Take advantage of the latest transformation of table games – this business opportunity is viable.

Rise of Mobile Solutions

You may be surprised to know that Steve Jobs did a lot to bring mobile poker into existence. It was the emergence of the iPhone in 2007 that spurred software innovation. Developers understood they could reach millions through portable devices, and unleashed their creative potential.

Just a year later, there were 500+ apps in the App Store. But in 2017, the figure exceeded 2 million! A similar trend was being observed in the rival Google Play market. It was only logical that poker and other casino offerings transitioned from desktop to mobile environments.

One of the first successful projects was Zynga Poker. What started as a social game on Facebook was later tailored to smartphones, as well as Windows, MySpace, Tagged, and Google+. Its popularity was wild, with  350+ million users by 2015.

At Present

The sheer value of the portable gaming market is expected to exceed $106 billion by 2021. Browse any app library and you will see countless poker apps. However, this does not mean the market has no gaps.

Avid players have extreme variety, but you can still find your own USP and gain a competitive edge. The crucial step is finding a trustworthy software developer. Renowned teams have lengthy experience and portfolios. With high-quality software, mobile poker can bring sizeable revenue.

Example: Homescapes

Over a few weeks, this poker app was downloaded 30 million times. This incredible rise was linked to quite a few enticing features. Here are the lessons we can learn.

  • Paid apps are less appealing to users for obvious reasons. As a free app, Homescapes had an advantage by default.
  • Users appreciate apps with pick-up nature. They want to be able to pause and resume exactly where they left off.
  • Social features are a valuable addition. Players like to track their friends’ progress and compete with them.

Value of Mobile Apps

Many poker stars we know today started with virtual variations of the game. For instance, Tom Dwan has acknowledged that practicing virtual poker makes success in the live game easier.

Mobile poker is a vibrant market, and the business model is viable. With high-quality apps, players hone their skills, while owners rake in revenue. Join the ranks of poker app owners and capitalize on the potential.

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