Electric cars are great, but they can’t compete with the energy generation capabilities of fossil fuels. So what happens if you want to charge an electric car on a generator? That’s exactly why portable generators exist! Can I use my portable gas generator to power up my Tesla Model S P85D? Not quite… But we will give you some tips and tricks about how this may be possible in the future (no promises)! Read below for more information about using your portable propane or natural gas powered generators as charging stations.

What do you think of this idea?

The idea of using a generator to charge a Tesla may seem outrageous at first. The whole point of buying an electric car like a Tesla is to reduce the use of fossil fuels.

Do you use a gas generator to charge your iPhone?

A generator is a machine that generates electricity. It can help provide electricity when it is needed.

In the event of a power outage, a portable generator can be an effective backup power source for your home.

It is also suitable for charging your Tesla when there is no power source. If you can’t find a power source, don’t worry. Both are good reasons to charge your Tesla.

If the power goes out, you still need to walk around. If you’re in a remote area or on an independent camping trip, you’ll still need to get home. A generator is not the first choice for charging a Tesla, but there are situations where you’ll want to use it.

Tesla’s official instructions state that you can’t use a portable generator.

As we’ve said before, an emergency fund isn’t the best idea. However, in some cases, it can be a safe and effective option.

Can I charge a Tesla with a generator?

This is one of those questions that has several answers depending on which type of portable fuel-powered generator you have. For example, portable gas-powered generators are not going to be able ever to charge a Tesla because it uses an electric motor and doesn’t use the same type of fuel as your portable propane or natural gas generator! You can read more about that below though. Can I Charge Tesla With a Generator? No, but read on for solutions!

How big of a generator do I need to charge my tesla?

The answer depends entirely on which portable power source you’ve got at your disposal. If you’ve got access to gasoline then how long will it take is determined by many factors including: what size portable generator (in watts) do i need; How much wattage does the device using juice require? And last but not least, how long does it take to charge a portable generator? The answers all depend on the capacity of portable generators! How can I check the portable gas tank level?

Can you charge an electric car with a gasoline generator in your garage?

Absolutely. Just remember that charging up isn’t free and plugging into your home grid (or plugging into one at work or somewhere else) is going to save money over time as opposed to spending more than $100 per hour running a traditional power station on house electricity. Can I run a portable generator inside my apartment/house/building? No, we don’t recommend this for safety reasons (you could accidentally start a fire).

What size portable propane & natural gas powered generators do I need if I want to charge my Tesla?

If you’ve got a portable propane or natural gas powered portable power source then all you need is as much wattage as your device requires. For example, let’s say that the Tesla Model S P85D uses up to 85 kilowatts of juice when charging and we’re trying it with our portable generator. If you want to be sure you’ve found the right generator to buy to charge your electric car, use one of the lists with generators tested with Tesla, such as the one from Mike. That would require us to choose a product that has at least 85kW capacity – which there are plenty on Amazon.

Can I use a Tesla as an emergency backup generator?

Not quite! This question is asked more often than one might think so we’ll break down why this isn’t possible for several reasons: first off, these units don’t have enough horsepower (or speed) to charge portable generators (and the Tesla uses an electric motor and not a gasoline engine like traditional portable power sources). Second, you wouldn’t want to use your $100+ per hour charging station as a backup generator. Thirdly it can be dangerous if done in small spaces – for example in your garage or near open windows etc…

Can I run my portable gas powered generator overnight?

It depends on how much wattage is required but assuming there’s no fire risk then why not! This question comes up more than one might think so we’ll break down some reasons that this may NOT work: First off, running too many appliances at once will trip circuit box fuses since they’re designed with overload protection which tripping them will cause a blackout. Second, portable generators don’t have enough power to run things like the AC unit or water heater at once safely.

All in all portable generators for charging an EV is something that you can do but the portable power source might not be suitable for everyone’s needs and there are other solutions out there (for example solar panels) which would make more sense.

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