A few years from today Electric vehicles seemed like a virtual existence, however, with the advancement of technology and the rising global interest in climate change electric cars have not only become a reality but a need.

Nations across the world are understanding and acknowledging the need for a shift in sustainable energy to undermine the effects of climate change. One area that requires immediate attention is the transportation industry. According to scientists, carbon emission produced by vehicles is a major cause of the build-up of Greenhouse gases which result in warmer atmospheres.

Governments across the world have already begun encouraging the use of electric-powered vehicles, however, the USA is still running on hydrocarbon liquids.

Whist the USA fails to acknowledge the harm associated with such vehicles in terms of emissions, traffic, and noise, in contrast, countries such as; Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands are aiming towards an all-electric powered vehicle nation as soon as possible. Even China has jumped the bandwagon and has announced that by 2020, 20% of its vehicle sales are ought to be electrical.

As reported by Energy Agency it is thought that by the year 2030 it is likely that there will be a huge increase in the number of electric vehicles on the roads, the number may grow from 3.7 Million to a whopping 125 Million within 10 years. This huge growth spurt shows that Electric vehicles are not just becoming important but also affordable.

Many mainstream vehicle manufacturers have made their entrance in the EV market already, Toyota has announced that by 2025 it will electrify its entire vehicle line up whist General Motors has announced to introduce a minimum of 20 new EV’s into the market by the year 2023, Ford is also investing money in order to develop new Electric vehicles. Whilst companies such as Shell and Tesla are working on mass charging stations for such vehicles.

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more accessible and one of the most affordable forms of electric vehicles are electric bikes, cities such as China that are heavily congested, an alternative to cars is a major requirement and the availability of affordable, environmentally friendly E-Bikes is highly desirable news.

Auto owners are on the lookout for cheaper alternatives to cars as the oil prices are on a hike, a bike is the best alternative and in countries such as China, Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium many people carry their daily commute on bikes, the availability of E-Bikes  means not only will there be an alternative to cars these vehicles will also provide the same benefits as E cars. The availability of pedal assistant bikes means that you can even maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst protecting the environment from harm.

The sale of electric bikes is likely to increase by 2 Billion by the year 2025, considering its many benefits to health and nature. These electric bikes are considerably the most promising vehicle of the future.

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