Homemade food gifts are one of the tastiest and sweetest ideas for making your loved ones feel the love and care they deserve. Also, you don’t have to worry about whether they would like the present or not, because who doesn’t like freshly baked cookies?

Although everyone loves having a plate of crunchy chocolate chip cookies by their doorstep, you can make your present even more special by dressing it up with one of the following fun and cute tips for packaging homemade food.

To follow these creative food packaging ideas, you just need a bit of that cute wrapping paper, an empty jar, and some ribbon to add more love!

Top 8 food packaging ideas

  1. Decorated Pringles Box

Everyone has an empty Pringles box in their house lying somewhere with the hope of reusing it someday. Now is the right time!

Take out that empty box of Pringles and send it to your friend with some cookies in it. But not the simple way, instead you should minimally decorate that bare box first, or your friend might get confused. You can easily camouflage the real identity of Pringles cans by using some pretty wrapping paper and ribbon. This packaged tube looks not only cute but is also a very unique idea for keeping your cookies from crumbling before they are eaten.

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  1. Box from One Sheet of Paper

No need to invest in those pricy cookie containers that will just go in the garbage after the cookies are finished. You can make a box of your own by just using a single piece of 12×12-inch scrapbooking paper or cardstock.

This not only looks innovative and unique but is also cheap, so you won’t get sad about it being tossed away in the garbage. Moreover, the paper box looks even cuter and more colorful than some boring cookie jars. You can add some colorful buttons or a ribbon to make it look even more adorable, and your own cookie box would be ready in no time at all!

  1. Clamshell Packaging

Cookies or any other tasty homemade treats won’t look impersonal anymore if you focus a bit on the presentation. However, the easiest way of all is placing your treats in a clamshell packaging container.

By doing so, you won’t have to worry about misplacing the lid. Also, clamshell packages don’t require much decoration, just add a bow or a gift tag and your tasty treat is good to go!

  1. Cellophane & Ribbon

One way of treating your office friends with homemade food is by presenting them with your tasty cookies.

However, you don’t have to make a box for each pack of cookies now, I know you have got a lot of colleagues and don’t want to waste your time doing just that.

For this, I have an easy and cheap idea for packaging your cookies within minutes. For this quick and easy way of packaging, you would require some ordinary cellophane paper and, of course, ribbons.

Now prepare your yummy cookies and roll them up into little bundles with the help of cellophane paper. For finishing it with cute details, just tie on some pretty ribbons, add a gift tag, and you are good to go!

  1. Brown Lunch Bags

The plain brown lunch bag idea is a total steal for all the minimalists out there, wishing to package their treats this season. Just take a plain brown paper lunch bag, put the cookies in it, and cleverly fold it, closing the open end of the bag.

To add some fun to the plain bag, take out that ribbon you never used, or add some cheerful decorative tags.

You can also add some colorful buttons, colored tape, or pompoms to make the brown lunch bag utterly unrecognizable. Moreover, this one is easy to dispose of and won’t be a burden on your pocket at all!

  1. Cardboard Boxes with Ribbon

If you are a perfectionist who wants everything to be unique and perfect, the cardboard box idea is perfect for your giveaway treats. You can easily make your friends feel special by loading up basic cardboard boxes with their favorite treats.

Then wrap up the plain cardboard boxes with big bows, and add a sprig of fresh holly to make it look even more special. You can also wrap up the box in a cute piece of decorative net fabric, tie it with a ribbon on the top and add a gift tag for an appealing look. Get all of it without worrying about your wallet too much for an over-price gift box.

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  1. Cookies In A Mason Jar

A jumbo-sized mason jar is perfect for holding your cookies, especially if you want them to show through the container. Glass jars look sophisticated and delicate while they are cheaply available at the same time in the form of mason jars.

But don’t give it away just like that! Make the jar even more presentable by adding a sticker label and patterned lid. You can also tie half of the jar in decorative net fabric, leaving the top half as it is. Or, you can spray paint the bottom half of the jar, and add a bow on the front by the lid. Moreover, a jar is a good way of keeping your cookies from crumbling and making them stay fresh before they are eaten.

  1. Paper Envelopes

This idea is for your colleagues whom you want to present with that big gooey cookie you recently made. Instead of giving away a bunch of cookies, your special single cookie would also be enough. The main thing you worry about is how to give a single cookie without feeling embarrassed. I’ll show you how.

Make one giant, gooey, really tasty cookie, and package it in a paper envelope. You would just need a piece of paper to make an envelope out of it, and a ribbon to tie it up. You can also add a gift tag on the top, or finish it simply by writing your wishes on the top with the help of a golden/silver marker. In this way, you can present your cookies with honor and make the receivers feel utterly special.

These are the 8 best innovative food packaging ideas. You can do it yourself for your loved one.

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