Top 5 Ways to Recover Damaged Hair Fast

Have you noticed lately that your hair looks dull and brittle, rather than that smooth and shiny appearance? Your hair feels dry, frizzy, too many tangles, split ends. That would surely make you sad and the first question may come to your mind whether these damages are beyond repairs or not?

But don’t you despair, with a proper look after and appropriate measures; you can easily recover the damaged hairs.

Top 5 ways to Recover damaged hair

  1. Resist hair Colours and Bleaches.

To all the ladies out there; you might have craved for that stunning Mahogany coloured hair of Katrina Kaif from the movie Fitoor or might have fallen in love with that classic coffee coloured hair of Alia Bhatt and may have tried some hair colours more often.

You need to minimise that. Reduce the usage of hair colour and bleaches; they literally damage your hair that might sometimes go beyond repair.

Hydrogen peroxide or ammonia is the most commonly used bleaching agents to colour your hair. They work by breaking into the outer cuticle layer of your hair shaft and oxidises the natural pigments so that your hair looks one shade lighter. Even some of the hair colours have these bleaching agents as a component.

Avoid using such hair colours; you can always go for natural colours like henna or tea to cover up your greys. You should use dyes do not contain any ammonia and colours your hair with a natural shine.

So now you can also get that beautiful dark brown coloured hair like Anushka Sharma and look stunning, just like her.

  1. Avoid shampoos and conditioners with sulphate.

Shampoos and conditioner contain SLS or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate which is a surfactant. Its work is to get around the dirt and remove it from there but it is a really harsh chemical. You might be surprised to know that SLS is an active cleansing agent for detergents that you use to wash your clothes. Though these products clean your hair but in turn make your hair dry, as it removes all the moisture and causes damage.

So use sulphate free shampoos and conditioner. You can always try natural homemade conditioners such as eggs and vinegar.

Try to nourish your hair with some oils. Castor oil helps to repair the keratin protein loss in the hair shaft and strengthens hair root. You might use coconut oil as it helps to nourish the hair shaft.

Just apply these oils onto your scalp and gently massage your scalp for few hours. This helps in increased blood circulation on the scalp region and thus replenishes the hair roots with proper nutrition that it lacks.

  1. Minimise the heat from your tools.

Using your curler or straightener more often is bad news for your hair. You are heating them so that they stay in a certain shape but that causes so much damage to your hair shafts. That heat is literally stripping your hair follicles with moisture and makes them dry and brittle. Reduce the use of your heat styling tools.

When you come out of the shower, just wrap your hairs in a towel as the microfibers of the towel would soak all the water. Don’t rub your hair with that towel, it’s wet and could easily break so just let it air dry. You should not use a hair dryer or if you use then be sure that the temperature is low and a minimum of 6-inch distance from your hair is maintained. Because you want to dry your hair, not cook them with heat.

  1. Precautions and self-care.

Make sure to have a haircut on a regular basis as it helps to keep your hair healthy and easy to maintain. If you ever noticed any split ends, just trim those damaged ends. Cut them loose; hair are nothing but just a bunch of dead cells, they’ll keep on growing even after someone goes R.I.P. So just take a chill pill and don’t worry if your hairs are short. At least those split ends won’t cause any more damage.

Gently brush your hair when they are wet. Otherwise, you might break them as wet hairs are really fragile and break easily. Don’t over brush your hair because it causes friction. Be gentle to remove that knot in your hair because you might end up breaking that hair follicle all alone.

Also for those who love to get out in nature, get some sun. Always try to wear a hat, because you may love the sun but its bit too much for your hair. It dries out your hair shaft making it weak and vulnerable to damage.

Those who like to swim, wear a swimming cap to protect your hair from that chlorine. That chlorinated pool water removes all the moisture and makes your hair brittle and frizzy. Also, make sure to condition your hair before going for a lap. Coconut oil can be preferred for that, as it forms a layer over the cuticle of the hair shaft protecting it from the chemicals in the pool water.

  1. Balanced diet

Everything said above can be easily taken care off. But all of this stuff are in vain if you don’t eat right. Follow a healthy lifestyle, exercise daily eat clean. Your hair speaks a lot about your health and well – being. You must incorporate some proteins into your diet; those proteins would bring the essential amino acids that are required for your body to do the damage control of your hair. Have some multivitamins because you might be eating good and clean but your daily requirement of vitamins and minerals might not be up to the mark. Due to those lacking nutrients, your hair roots are becoming weak and they are unable to repair themselves.

Let’s face the truth; you cannot fully recover the hair damage that you have already had. All these tips would surely help you to recover some of the damages and show some extra love and care towards your hair.

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