It may just be the most beautiful time of the year. For a few magical weeks Nature throws her annual fashion show in parks and gardens near you. Brilliant reds, browns, yellows and oranges glow with hallucinatory intensity as the low- slung sun smacks them full on.

Leaves swirl in shafts of golden sunlight, the sky is the clearest blue you’ve ever seen and it’s warm enough to linger all afternoon, drinking horchata at that café by the lake. Mornings have a nip and the air gets chilly at night, but the days can be delicious. This is a season to be celebrated. Stash those summer clothes and revel in a cosy, colourful Fall.

How to Stay Glam in Fall ?

  1. Fall Patterns

Listen to the catwalk chatter about patterns for the Fall and your head will spin like a Sycamore helicopter. Sidestep the tie dye, the giant floral, the neon butterflies, stick to perennial patterns, Argyle, Paisley, Plaid or a timeless black and white Houndstooth.

  1. Sunglasses

Fall is the time of year when you really do need those sunglasses, that low sun shines straight into your eyes. They are also the perfect accessory with which to reinvent your Fall style. If you’re a sunnies newbie…Do such people even exist? Then go with the tried and tested, Aviators and Wayfarers look great on just about everyone and with brands like Ray Ban you can customize them to your heart’s content.

  1. Be weather appropriate

If you don’t feel great, you won’t look great. So, being too hot or too cold is a problem. Fall is changeable, when you go out in the morning it’s chilly but by lunchtime things are starting to warm up. You got it, it’s layer time. You need garments you can open up or take off, accessories, hats, gloves and scarves that you can stash in a bag. You’re done with those sandals and flip flops, you need close toed shoes, sneakers and boots. Switch your silk and rayon for something a little more heavy duty. Neither underdressing nor overdressing are stylish options.

  1. A transitional coat

This is not the time for that great big faux fur number you fell in love with last January sales. In fact, if you’re on the shortish side you should steer clear of full-length coats entirely. Fall requires something above the knee. For a modern take on the eminently practical Macintosh take a gander at the Everlane Mac Coat. There’s a beautiful simplicity to this lightweight waterproof, which its makers describe as ‘transitional outerwear perfected’.

  1. Embrace Fall colors

You shouldn’t be so well camouflaged that you are indistinguishable from the trees, but you do need to ditch those summer pastels because what looked great on the beach looks really jarring in Fall. The opportunity to wear warm yellows, oranges, reds and browns is part of the pleasure of the season.

  1. Dress cosy

Chunky knitted sweaters, puffer jackets. Ok, so it’s not that cold, but isn’t it great to be cosy.

These are the 6 useful ways to be glam during fall.

Which is your favorite tip among 6. Share your comment below.

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