What are the Benefits of Using Massage oil.

Who here owns a car? Most of the people who are car owners take good care of their cars. Taking them to services at a regular interval, oiling them and greasing them so that the mechanics work smoothly, etc. but when it comes down to taking care of your own body (which is no different than a mechanical car), why are you easily tempted to pay little attention to the body.

What are the Benefits of Using Massage oil.

Our body works more than that of the mechanical machines. We do take care of the basic needs of the body such as taking food, drinking water, doing daily exercise, etc. However, we are not taking good care of the stress that our body is accumulating on a daily basis.

A good body massage is what you need to squeeze out all the stress and fatigue out of your body. Abhyanga is what ancient people used to call full body massage therapy in Sanskrit. They use some of the best massage oils that have their medical importance as well.

A full boy massage has its own set of benefits, the enumeration is given below:

Improves Blood Circulation

Blood vessels are spread all over your body. When Abhyanga is done, your body is stretched, twisted, patted, punched, tapped, your muscles are forced to move in an unexpected manner. Blood circulation increases when you undergo full body massage also helps to stress relief. Your skin is stimulated that generates heat and massages the nerve cells and the Blood Vessel from the inside of the body.

When your Blood vessels are massaged from the inside, all the blocked vessels are unblocked, and the blood starts to circulate more freely. When the Blood Circulation is smooth, all the toxins in your will ooze out of your body. Your metabolism will be healthy, your skin texture and color will smooth up.


Exfoliation is the process of removing dead cells from your body. When the full body massage is in the process all the dead skin cells are removed in the process, giving you fresh and glowing skin. Removing the dead skin cells also makes your skin more sensitive to the surroundings.

Abhyanga helps you clean up your body and maintain good health. Places like navel, knees and behind the ear are the areas that are forgotten while maintaining the basic cleaning. All the dirt accumulated during the past weeks can be removed.

In addition to that, it also helps you to have bright and glowy skin.

Activate your Nerve Cells

When your body is under the massage therapy process, your skin experiences tapping, slapping, twisting and stretching. All these processes help your Nerve cells to activate themselves and regain their consciousness.

Body massage can help you to improve your senses. When all your nerve cells become active, it improves your skin sensitivity. And when your nerve cells are in the top condition, your body efficiency also increases.

Helps to relieve body strain

There are some pain that embeds themselves inside your body muscle and it is very difficult to get away from them.

Suppose you had a long working day, you are tired to the point that you do not have the energy to move an inch. To get rid of that kind of stress, you need a full-body massage. Full body massage help to squeeze out all the muscle pain, and stress from your body.

If you are facing any chronic pain or any inflammation, massage can help you to get rid of them.

Makes your Skin Healthy

Who all hates pimples? What a silly question I am asking. Nobody likes their face to be ruined by the unexpected facial guest. What can be done to stop them in a natural way? Let me give an inside tip that I have personally used and had a positive effect.

A good body Massage can help you to Exfoliate skin, massage the oil glands (prevent pimples from coming), and make your skin look fresh.


A good body massage can bring out a new you. You can rediscover yourself. Full body massage is also known as Abhayangam. Full body massage does not only help you to reduce your stress but it also has its benefits. I have handpicked some of the benefits and have listed above.

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