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The Ideal Family Home Size and Layout

Raising a family is one of the biggest tasks in life. It requires a lot of planning upfront, especially if the little ones are on the way. Probably one of the...

How to still celebrate your friends birthday in lockdown

The global lockdown that has been implemented to help slow the spread of coronavirus is something we’ve all had to learn to live with over the last few weeks and months....

How to Live a Safe Lifestyle (Financing a Secure Home to Personal Safety)

Watching the news everyday can put some scary thoughts in your head. Burglaries and home invasions can make you worry for your personal safety, especially if you’re living in a highly...

How to Show your Father he means the World to You

With Father’s Day arriving at the weekend, we’re all being presented with a chance to show our dads just how much their efforts are appreciated. This year, of course, things are...
The Importance Of Intimacy When You’re Disabled

The Importance Of Intimacy When You’re Disabled

There are many challenges to overcome when you have a disability. One that doesn’t get talked about much is how to be intimate. When faced with so many challenges, intimacy seems to...

How to Care For Your Parents when They’re Getting Older

In the UK, most of us will end up having to help our parents out as their get into their autumn years. As loathe as they might be to admit it,...
5 Signs You're a Serial Monogamist

5 Signs You’re a Serial Monogamist

If you’re not familiar with the term serial monogamy, it’s a good time to get acquainted with it; it just might apply to you. Simply put, it’s the practice of having...

Movie Night with the Family – Pizza, Juice, and Friendspire

Finding a good family movie to watch is like finding a crossover between Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Baby Looney Tunes or finding a “not so R-rated” mix between Barbie: The Swan...
How to smell good for a date

How to smell good for a date?

Perfume has been a blend of essential oils and natural essence, a recipe utilized by humans for centuries to mask our body odor, used by both the rich and the impoverished....

Everything You Need to Know to Throw an Amazing Engagement Party

After your significant other finally pops the question, all you want to do is party! True love and commitment are definitely something to celebrate. Although someone else might be throwing you...

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