You have used Instagram photos to improve brand awareness. You have succeeded in it too. Then, you are wondering how to leverage Instagram videos to take your brand to the next level. Worry not. We have the answers for you.

Use videos that your followers would love to see. For instance, if you are selling gift products online, show your customers using them. According to an article published in HuffPost, marketers used YouTube marketing for many years. YouTube was dominating the market for decades. The situation has changed in the last couple of years though. Today, Instagram videos and stories are giving YouTube a tough challenge.

If you have a business, you can leverage Instagram videos and earn numerous likes and comments. The most compelling reason to use videos for B2B or B2C marketing is that they are not costly and offer great rewards. When it comes to Instagram videos and stories, it is the best way to create an impact on social media without creating a dent in your wallet. It will help you connect with your targeted audience with a consistent Instagram video strategy that keeps your audience engaged as well as informed. Read on to learn more about some of the best ways to leverage Instagram videos to take your brand to newer heights.

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Embrace timeline videos

Your Instagram videos will play up to 60 seconds, thus making it easier for your prospects to learn more about your brand and products. You might be wondering how. Well, you can highlight your merchandise in a sexy, cool way. When attracting the attention of your followers with videos, surprise them with some stunning footage. It is the best way to drive video engagement on Instagram.

You may be wondering whether a 60-seconds video will do the trick or not. Yes, you can grab your buyers’ attention with a one-minute how-to video. There is no doubt about the same. However, you need to use the best and most relevant content in the video to keep your followers hooked. You will be surprised by the results. For example, if you are selling a coffee maker, then create an engaging video showing how coffee making is a breeze using your kitchen appliance after you come back from work.

You can post short commercials on Instagram with a touch of humor, inspiration, and emotion. It is one of the best ways to promote your products in a creative way to a niche audience.

The next way to create compelling videos is with subtitles and text overlays to tell your brand story. People who see your videos from their workplace may not turn on the sound of the video. If the message is not comprehended with muted audio, people will not show interest in your commercial. Therefore, use text overlays to help users get a hang of your message. Use subtitles throughout the video to let your targeted audience follow any narration that plays along with the commercial. Use the best narrative, editing techniques, and footage to grab buyer attention. It will help you buy real Instagram likes and take your brand to the next level and increase your fan following.

Use Stories video

Did you know that approximately 250 million or more active users view the Stories feature of Instagram daily? The stories have a span of 24 hours, thus creating a sense of urgency. You can share limited-time deals and offers that are time-bound thus exploiting people’s love for discounts and deals. Integrate a limited-time deal in your story. Post such offers to keep your targeted audience guessing. Post your Instagram story offer in a way that will highlight your discounted product that can be redeemed within 24 hours. It will make people come back to your post for availing of the deal. There is no doubt about the same.

The next strategy is introducing your employees behind your brand. Once you have grabbed the attention of your fans through stories, think beyond deals and discounts. Add a human touch to your business by introducing the people behind your brand and products or services. For instance, let your team members share a video about how they help your business in introducing your products or services in the market. You can post a brief how-to video as to how you manufacture a specific product.

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Display your products in action

Use the Instagram Stories feature to display your products in action. Create a stunning or engaging visual that will give your targeted audience the look and feel of the product. Highlight any noteworthy features that will simplify your buyers’ lives or solve their problems.

When it comes to Instagram Stories, they are real in-the-moment visuals and interactions. The video must be unscripted and a natural or unprompted representation of your merchandise. It will pique the audience’s interest and they will take an interest in your products.

Include an influencer to tell your brand story

Today, there is no need to attach a popular face to tell your product or service story. Even if you want to use such marketing tactics, you need to have enough funds to hire a celebrity to do the job. With the advent of social media, particularly, Instagram, you can connect with influencers or popular faces in a range of niches.

A celebrity or industry stalwart will take over your story which will help in introducing your content to your targeted buyers.

Use hashtags and captions

Use the most relevant hashtags so that your potential customers discover your content. Though a few types of research show that a post with 11 hashtags performs better on Instagram, but you should not overdo hashtags. Do not use more than 3-5 relevant hashtags. They will not help you in any way or be misused. Do not post your content with a paragraph of hashtags.

When it comes to your Instagram video captions, write descriptive copy that resonates with your targeted audience. Your followers should know what your video is trying to communicate in a lucid, succinct way. It will also spark your followers’ curiosity.


Now that you know about these tricks and tips use them to boost your brand and improve sales. Good luck!

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