What is the Instagram Character Limit

Do you know most of the social media sites have character limits?

Fortunately, the character limit on Instagram is high enough as compared to the likes on Twitter. Here, you will see everything about the character limit on Instagram and the best possible length of the captions, as well as how you would make most of the small space you have.

What is the Instagram Character Limit

What is the Character Limit on Instagram?

For captions on Instagram, the character limit is 2,200, which is quite a lengthy caption for any social media platform.

Definitely, it will be more than enough to read a caption of 2,200 characters ling, and most of the people will skip it for sure. So, people tend to focus on shorter captions as much as they can.

The ideal character length on Instagram, according to a Social report, is less than 125 characters. So that when someone scrolls through the Instagram feed, it can be seen easily. If you add a caption of more characters than the recommended, then users have to click on See More. Most of the time, users read the caption that is visible and never clicks “See More.”

So, ultimately, you need to keep your captions short and simple. Undoubtedly, Instagram is a visual-based platform, so captions are highly important. Though the character limit on Instagram is pretty long, and if you try to add a short caption, it can make your followers more engaging with your posts.

When you get more engagement on any post, Instagram will direct your post out to other people.

Hashtags Limit

The character limit on Instagram is 2,200 characters, whereas the hashtag limit is different. In the case of hashtags, you can add up to 30 hashtags on Instagram, whether it is in the caption of your photo or in the comment section.

Bonus Tip: In the comment section, if you are adding hashtags, make it short once you have posted the photo to augment hashtag engagement. However, another recent study shows that you should use at least 11 hashtags to get the best engagement on Instagram.

Also, you need to make sure that you are using the perfectly related hashtags with each of your posts on Instagram. You can even Google the perfect hashtags for the kind of photo you are posting.

How Would You Lengthen The Character Limit?

If you want to write long captions, there is a way around it. Maybe for some people, 2,200 characters are not enough. You can simply write a caption as you tend to do, and when you don’t have enough space, you can post the image and finish the caption in the comments.

Also, let your followers know that the caption is not ended so that they can continue to seek it in the comments.

Instagram Character Limit for Bio

Similar to other portions, Instagram has a specific character limit for bio as well. Make your bio of a certain size so that whenever users come to your profile, they can see your username, bio, stats, and the first few photos.

For bio, the character limit is 150, and it is enough to get across the essential information.

What to include in the Instagram Bio:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Age
  • What your account is all about
  • Information related to you and your account e.g., if you are a chef, mention your skills and expertise in your bio.
  • Links to other social media networks

If you have spare characters, some users tend to choose a short quote for their bio, a link to another account, or some other data about themselves.

Well, you can, of course, have even a shorter bio on Instagram account if you really want to do it. Some users only like to mention their names in the bio.

For Username the IG Character Limit

In the end, for Instagram username, the character limit is also different. You cannot pick up a name that has more than n30 characters. Well, it makes sense, and it must not be an issue to come up with a name that suits this limit.

You are not required to add your real name to the Instagram username. You are free to add it to the bio.

Also, you have to make sure that the Instagram username is greatly related to what your account is all about. For instance, if you are a fashion account, it might look like this:

Username: @Clickstyle

Real Name: John

What do you think about Instagram Character Limit. Tell me in comment section.

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