benefits of shower filter

You know that filtering the shower water is essential. You also know that the water you use for bathing is pre-treated with chlorine to kill pathogens and other harmful bacteria. You don’t want to take a bath in chlorine-filled water every day.

You plan to purchase a shower filter for your home. Before spending any money on shower filters, you want to know the benefits of using them.

benefits of shower filter

If this is what you are looking for, then you know, you’ve come to the right place.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be discussing the benefits of a good shower filter, general FAQs about shower filters, and much more.

So without any more delay, let’s get started!

Benefits of a Good Shower Filter

1. Gives You a Clean and Soft Skin

Did you know that your skin is exposed to a lot of germs, airborne pollutants, bacteria, and the building up of dead skin cells every day?

You spend a lot on beauty products to maintain your skin health and soft nature. Some of the beauty products include cleansers, moisturizers, and so on. You even wash your skin regularly.

But all this effort would mean nothing if you don’t wash your skin every day with soft water. It actually keeps your skin hydrated. The shower filter is your best friend to get soft water.

A shower filter has an alkaline layer that increases the PH level of the water and this in turn helps to keep your skin smooth in texture.

When you take a bath with filtered water, it perfectly removes dirt, oil, and all other unwanted microorganisms from your skin and keeps it fresh looking for the most part of the day.

2. Takes Out Chlorine and Unnecessary Chemicals from the Water

Ever thought about why everybody asked you to shower after a swimming session?

Why it isn’t a good idea to bath directly with municipality-treated water?

The answer to both questions is the water is treated with chlorine.

Municipality and pool water are heavily treated with chlorine for disinfection purposes. But the thing is, too much chlorine isn’t good for your skin, eyes, and lungs. Chlorine essentially kills good bacteria and natural oils required to keep your skin smooth and soft.

So a shower filter helps to remove excessive amounts of chlorine from the bathing water. Since it is equipped with a chlorine removal layer, it removes 95% of chlorine and other harmful bacteria from the water and makes it safe for bathing purposes.

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3. Significantly Reduces Hair-fall and Dandruff

The main reason for early age hair-fall is dandruff. There may be heredity-based reasons for this, but in most cases, bathing with poor-quality water is the key contributor.

When you take a bath with hard water, it leaves unwanted minerals on to your scalp and this gets trapped over time. It eventually causes scalp dehydration and rough hair. Also, regular exposure to chlorine-filled water damages the hair follicles that hold your hair in place.

A shower filter is equipped with vitamin C and water hardness removal layers that help to remove chlorine and hardness from the bathing water and aids in the restoration of new hair follicles.

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4. Maintains Strong Water Pressure at All Times

Hard water is full of calcium, magnesium, and many unwanted minerals that form limescale at the bottom of the water tub and also a white chalk-like layer inside the shower. This chalk layer in some cases, will be clearly visible in the outer area of the shower.

This kind of scale formation leads to inconsistent water pressure and in the long term, it results in spending a lot of money to replace shower parts. What’s more, you need to hire a plumber to fix the replaced shower parts.

A shower filter removes microparticles, sediments, and hard water salts collected in one place thanks to the stainless steel mesh present in it. The 2-stages Polypropylene cotton layer at the beginning and at the end of the filter ensures that full removal of the unwanted particles from the water takes place efficiently. All in all, a shower filter saves you money and provides you with purified water consistently.

5. Removes Bad Odor from the Water

Purchasing a carbon-activated filter to combat air pollutants and a shower filter to remove unwanted stuff from the bathing water separately isn’t an option for many homeowners. Their individual prices is too high.

But here’s some good news for you. A shower filter is also enabled with an activated carbon layer and it removes bad odor and pungent smell from the water, removes unnecessary bacteria growth, traps organic compounds, and takes out pesticides and herbicides.

6. Protects You from Serious Health Issues

There are so many heavy metals present in the water such as mercury, lead, cadmium, and arsenic. These heavy metals escape the naked eye and they can cause serious damage to your skin and eyes.

A shower filter has a heavy metal removal layer that aids in removing these unwanted minerals from the bathing water and makes it safe to use.


We hope that this guide on the benefits of a shower filter would have provided answers to all your questions. Not all shower filters will have all the layers which we’ve mentioned above. So kindly conduct a thorough check and only purchase the ones that are equipped with all of them.

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FAQs on Shower Filters

What are the Contaminants Does a Shower Filter Designed to Reduce?

The primary purpose of a shower filter is to remove chlorine from the bathing water. Most shower filters are equipped with KDF media and they’ll remove chlorine, water-soluble, heavy metals, scale, and bad odor from the water.

There are also several shower filters that are equipped with KDF 85 media, and they remove iron and hydrogen sulfide along with other unwanted chemicals and heavy metals.

Shower filters with KDF 85 are perfect for filtering well water.

Is it any good to Use a Shower Filter for Filtering Well Water?

It’s perfectly alright to use a shower filter for filtering well water. The filter will remove hydrogen sulfide, scale, iron, and other heavy metals present in the water. In addition to that, it’ll moderately remove excess sediments in the water.

If it is treated with chlorine and other chemicals that are harmful, then a shower filter will effectively reduce them and gives you clean and soft water to enjoy your shower session.

Stay tuned with us for more bathroom-related articles.

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