How to choose the shower head

The often overlooked but important component of every bathroom is the showerhead. Your everyday routine might be drastically changed by making the right choice. Whether you want a dual head, rainfall style, or portable wand, there are many different kinds of shower heads in the market. but how to choose the appropriate showerhead? By using these recommendations, choose the showerhead for you among important factors like price, mount style, and water pressure.

Different types of showerheads

There are so many showerhead alternatives available that it could take longer than thought to select the perfect one for your tastes. There are a variety of shower head types available, including fixed, handheld, dual, rainfall, sliding bars, and body spray.

Fixed shower heads

Most homes have the classic kind of fixed shower heads. They are around 80 inches high and fixed to the shower wall. Although the power and pattern of the spray are often changeable on more recent versions, fixed shower heads provide a constant water flow and pressure. Finding the ideal wall-mounted fixed shower head to complement your bathroom’s décor is simple since they come in a variety of designs and finishes. The main disadvantage of these traditional shower heads is that they can only be adjusted to one height.

Handheld showerhead

A flexible hose connects handheld showerheads to the wall, allowing them to be removed. With the handle, you may control the water stream without twisting and turning as with a fixed showerhead. A wall bracket retains a handheld showerhead while not in use.

Dual Shower Heads

If you want a fixed and handheld showerhead, try the dual showerhead. Two shower heads on a single arm or diverter valve provide you the versatility of a regular shower head and a handheld wand. These feature tall vertical wall mounts for both shower heads. One showerhead is usually wall-mounted, while the other is hand-held and removable.

Shower Heads Sliding Bar

A sliding bar shower head adjusts to multiple heights along a wall-mounted bar. Dual shower heads are common on sliding bar shower heads, with a handheld showerhead that may be used independently. A sliding bar showerhead offers the most versatility by combining fixed and handheld showerheads.

Panel or Body Spray Shower Heads

A shower panel or body spray shower head has multiple nozzles mounted to the shower wall vertically or horizontally. These showerheads spray gently and luxuriously. They may be adjusted to massage certain body parts. Combine these showerheads with others to customize your showering experience.

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Things to consider while buying a showerhead

When selecting a showerhead, there are several factors to take into account. When looking around for the finest for your bathroom, have these in mind.

Spraying patterns

The patterns and intensities of the spray produced by various shower head nozzles vary. You may choose a showerhead that best meets your tastes by determining the shower pressure you like and where on your body. Additionally, many showerheads include nozzles that can be adjusted. Wide, targeted, rinse, and pulsing are some common spray patterns. it also helps in relaxing the body ultimately making your day and shower better

Mount types

An adjustable sliding-bar showerhead is the greatest option for families with members of different heights. A handheld or dual shower head is a useful choice if you have pets or young children. So you should look properly while you make a choice about mount type as it is the most important of all the factors.

It should complement the Décor

Another thing to think about is making sure your shower head complements the other finishes and fixtures in your bathroom. Showerheads are a long-term investment, so make sure the finish matches your bathroom for a consistent look that will withstand upgrades. Shower Heads are available in many different metal finishes like bras, nickel or silver, etc.

Water flow

To offer you total control over the experience, certain showerheads have a water pressure option. Bathing infants and anyone with sensitive skin benefits from switching to a milder spray. For filth on dogs, in hair, and on the shower walls, greater pressure will be required. so one should consider these things as for whom they are installing and what are their requirements at the end

Should be environment friendly

Considering how much water is used by showerheads, selecting wisely may help the environment. Look for shower heads that have received the Environmental Protection rating and certification as it is an important factor.


Depending on the product, showerhead prices might vary widely. Simple fixed wall-mounted shower heads are affordable and long-term. The more expensive versions are those with more bells and whistles and personalization or customized options. In the end, selecting the ideal shower head for your bathroom will depend on how much money you can afford to spend compared to your household’s tastes and demands.

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There are many different kinds of shower heads, including handheld, wall-mounted, rainfall, and dual/multiple shower heads. Every kind has benefits of its own. Before selecting a kind, take your preferences into account. In this article, we have tried to cover the important aspect one should consider while choosing the shower head, especially for the ones who love showering over any other thing like a bathtub.

When making a purchase you should also take the shower head’s water efficiency and simplicity of installation into account. Always get water-saving shower heads that have a star rating of three or above. Additionally, ensure the shower head you choose is simple to install.

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