Need to maintain your vehicle engine in good condition? The very first thing is you have to change the engine oil for every 3,000 miles. And we should change the oil filter for every 10000 km for a petrol engine and 15000 km for a diesel engine. If we maintain the above condition most of the engine problems will be solved.

What is Oil Filter?

Generally, the engine oil flows from the reservoir to Engine through Oil Filter. On because of this, the unwanted contaminations like dirt or any other metal particle can be filtered by the Oil Filter. Oil Filter plays an important role to protect the engine from these harmful particles. To avoid a lack of engine performance the Engine Oil and Oil Filter should be maintained over the regular time period. Here are some signs to identify the Bad Oil Filter.

oil filter

Signs of Clogged or Bad Oil Filter

1. Engine Sputtering

While filtering the contaminations repeatedly, at some point the clogged oil filter lower the flow of oil to the engine and because of low lubrication engine may increase friction and it heats up rapidly. And thus results in the Sputtering of Engine. This is one of the serious issue and it will cause engine damage. So we have to change the oil filter as mentioned time period.

2. Low Oil Pressure

For smooth driving the pressure of oil is most important thing. All cars have the oil pressure warning lights on the dashboard, if it blinks on sometimes there occurs low oil pressure. If you get the warning continuously thus results in serious engine issues. In some other models, we have to check the oil pressure gauge in the car dash while driving. If it drops to low, we need to check the oil and oil filter as soon as possible. If we continue to drive in low oil pressure it may leads to complete engine failure. And have to check with your mechanic to maintain the pressure of the oil.

low op

3. Leakage of Oil

Leakage of engine oil is due to clogged filter and high oil pressure. Clogged filter may cause leakage of oil and this leakage can spread to any other part of the engine and finally comes out through any hole or screw areas. It will also cause serious damage for the engine. So if you notice any leakage, take your car to the mechanic and check the filter whether it is clogged or damaged.

4. Metallic Sound

An insufficient oil for lubrication in engine may results in Metallic Sound. Due to clogged filter the engine may not acquire sufficient oil so that sounds like grinding. The two pistons and metallic components inside the engine needs better lubrication. Here the clogged filter does not allows oil to the engine and thus results in grinding sound. So it’s most important to check your oil and filter in every Service.

5. Overheating of Engine

Because of the clogged oil filter, the unfiltered oil flows into the engine. This contaminated oil can cause heat to the engine. If this overheating cannot be controlled by the oil and cooling system it leads to overheating of the engine. If overheating can be noticed, have to check immediately with the mechanic before it causes a serious damage.

6. High Fuel Consumption

The Bad Oil filter also results in High fuel consumption. Because of the clogged filter, the dirt particles are not removed from the oil and it becomes dirty motor oil. Because of this unfiltered motor oil the engine have to work harder than usual so it may increase fuel consumption. If you noticed any high fuel consumption than usual, it’s time to check whether your oil filter is clogged or not.

7. Dark Smoke Exhausting

If the black or grey smoke from the car’s tailpipe will indicates the oil or fuel burning issue. Here the sludge oil makes the heavy duty for the engine and it heats up and thus results in oil burning that will exhaust in the form of smoke via the tailpipe. While driving if the burning smell is heavy which clearly notifies you to replace your clogged filter and contaminant oil. And this issue can be resolve by well trained mechanic to remove because it also damages your catalytic converter.

dark smoke

8. Bad Performance

Everyone should maintain the performance level. If not, it utterly disappoints us while driving. And the clogged oil filter is one of the common reason to low performance level. Sometimes if you accelerate your car nothing will be happens, only the engine sound will be there. It affects the pick-up of your car while driving. In this case, you have to check with your oil filter, air filter and fuel injector with mechanic.

9. Engine Stalling

When does stalling take place? Normally, while driving the acceleration consumes fuel to the engine via oil filter. If the filter is excessively clogged it doesn’t allow filtered oil to the engine. Some amount of unfiltered oil goes to the engine and it will cause Stalling. The excessive clog results in loss of power and a warning can be notified on the dashboard as low oil pressure. In such times you have to check your oil filter with the mechanic.

Moreover, above are the signs of Bad Oil Filter. If you have faced those symptoms you have to check and replace your oil and oil filter immediately. And it will save you from the various damages from the essential parts in your vehicle. Especially it will save the Engine which is heart of your car!


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